Ibanez SR300
Ibanez SR300

SR300, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 8 reviews )
 2 reviews25 %
 4 reviews50 %
 2 reviews25 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Edzo the psycotic cyrcus clown02/17/2002

MGR/Edzo the psycotic cyrcus clown's review"Ibanez SR 300"

Ibanez SR300
I got this slightly used for $350 with everything. I was looking for a good deal for my first bass and the guy suggested this over a new washburn POS for the same price.

Its simplicity, Design, Durability, The great deal I got on it

Thin frets, tuning keys loose tune easier than other basses, not much power in the pickups

It is well constructed with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard i dont know what the body is. the pickups are weak and you dont get much volume. two tone knobs and one volume

Although I got a great deal onthis i wish i had got the Fender instead which is what i would reccomend if you have the dough but if not i highly suggest this over the horrible knockoffs (JAY TURSER Etc.)

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Tom6446's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super price / quality ratio"

Ibanez SR300
2 active pickups Ibanez
tone knobs, volume boost, ...


Mache very comfortable, low light enough that does not break the back after 2 hours of rehearsal., Easy to use and to find a good sound.


Great for rock and metal through active pickups. I play to resume the metalcore metal and Neo granted in drop C on a Marshall MB30 amplifier which allows for much modern sounds.


A very good bass for this price range, ideal for beginners and enthusiasts not wanting to spend too much and still do Plaiz

jjdin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" correct"

Ibanez SR300
see previous review


nothing special to say not very heavy instrument good grip embarrassing thing a growing gap between the strings between the nut and the bridge that can be embarrassing; question grip
some problems with the bridges that have a tendency to unscrew spontaneously resolved problem with nail polish
Holds good agreement in any case
fairly easy to adjust but still requires a fairly high action does not curl


Bah this is the good way
go anywhere, anywhere with a good preamp that I think distorts the sound rather than comply with his departing a bit aggressive
I changed a bit electronics, I defrettée I put ropes flat labella there best but it's still an entry-level instrument


I for one and a half since I start playing after a long break, it remains an instrument of early and initiation and low relief, and the whole is relatively robust
Not on the choice again with the experience for a few more roros I orienterai to a squier vintage example

anthonyb1282's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good low"

Ibanez SR300
Low Indonesian
24 frets maple neck rosewood keys.
2 active humbuckers Ibanez.
4 knobs (tone, a master and a 3-band eq) which unfortunately require to be fixed more securely.


This is the highlight of this low: it is super nice, the neck is super thin and easy access to acute. It is light and gives a good sound regardless of the style with the eq.


The concern is not the quality of the sound itself but rather the fact that the handicap versatility: it is a good bass in all styles, but it is exceptional nowhere. I play in a rock band and I went to a Fender p-bass, more typical but I kept and still plays bass on this, because it is in the best styles.


I use it for a year and I am very satisfied. Its versatility is really excellent and allows you to vary the sound in seconds. Unfortunately it is also a handicap for this low suffers from not having a true characterized although it is very correct.
I use it in addition to my Mexican precision (much better for the Rock but not the same budget) for the pieces drop D or alternate tunings and I intend to keep it :).

A choice I do not regret.

Pianistiquement's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A perfect bass for me!"

Ibanez SR300
I think she's Korean manufacturing, only high-end Ibanez basses are manufactured in Japan directly. But that we do not care a bit, anyway, right?
I have no idea what kind of bridge, the type of neck, 24 frets I think, 2 microphones, not the maximum settings that you can find a low but not bad for beginners.
Otherwise, active bass.


I am a pianist for 30 years, and it was some years that the idea running through my head that put me on electric bass, an instrument which I like particularly the lineup on keyboards.

Having a good friend bassist professional, I called to get some advice on this first purchase after I decided to take the plunge.

Handle, ergonomic ... You all know how that happens when you try to buy the instruments acoustic or electroacoustic, or pure electric. You test, you test, then at some point, there is one for which you say "he is! That's how it went for my choice. The feeling that despite the very little you can get out of the instrument (I had hit only 2 or 3 times in a low repetitions), it is with him that it comes out best.

Its handle, I found it very accessible at once. Shape and weight fit me very well, and the colors Pearl White (Pearl White) was elected the outset of my heart all pitit sensitive.

The head of the radius bass made me spend a dozen guitars in the hands, and it took only seconds for me to tell me that I could stop testing.

Verdict, bass ideal for me as a beginner.


Yes, I love the round sound, very variety, and I use it with a Marshall amp (rather than domestic, MB15), the lowest since that point, I perceived a low work to see if my desire to touch this instrument was not rather than just a fantasy. I only use very little impact in the immediate future, I work mostly technique.


I'm at least an hour everyday since March 23, the day I took it to the store. It's a bass that allows me to progress very quickly, I am doing covers more correct, it is not tiring, is beautifully tuning ... A choice that I would not change a single comma.
I put only 9 because I look forward to soon move to the 5 string, I think, so always take an Ibanez, but SR 605. Finally, we're not there yet, it will be for the season!

Good music at all!

nassif1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A very good tool!"

Ibanez SR300
View previous opinions ^ ^

Wholesale: Manufacture Asian, 24 frets, two Ibanez active pickups with some great 3-band equalization controls ..


The handle is super nice, fine, and giving access to a remarkable treble.
The shape is perfect (although it tends to lean a little forward at a game sitting) and the bass very (very) lightly.

As for the sound checks fumbled once we give that one seeks, and we move easily from one to the slap sound normal!


The bass is very versatile and can get out of vast possibilities of sounds! Mine is currently playing on Line 6 amps generally, and the sound is niquel for rock / metal but it provides just as well in the books a little more funk and more!


I've had it three months now and it suits me perfectly, I tried a Yamaha RBX before, and a Jazz bass Jim Harley brand, the Ibanez wins on all lands ..

The price for its quality is very good, and it is a choice again without hesitation!

SLblack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR300
Country of manufacture: Korea 24 frets ... seen in the previous review


The handle is it nice? It's EXCELLENT Ibanez handle it easily takes speed and it is very enjoyable. Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)? Exelente level weight and shape, it is neither too heavy nor too light, you will feel good again avec.En I stayed with without having sore shoulders or anything, and my little super-ness is also found in weight then (voila what to tell you what is not heavy compared to the fender) Access to acute (last string) Is it easy? yes like sitting upright, the handle slides really well so its even easier. Do you get a good sound easy? Bah lot of settings are possible in this price range is the one I tried which has the most patate.Apres I think she has a ring.


Are they suitable for your style of music? Well yes for music with a round, but hey I confess that I prefer the sound of the SR700 which has more character but that's another lol.Mais price range for its price I think it is not What kind of evil sounds you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)? Round sound with any settings lol, bah want it very versatile, which allows you to find later. (To know what type of sound is good) With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s ) do you play in? I played with the tone port GX Line 6, so it is with different amp simulator and it effet.Et yeah not bad is it going.


For how long have you been using it? I use it for over a year and I still have fun with when I want to play with sounds round (which is rare but it happens anyway). With some effect the sound has a bit more character (with some effect I can approach the bass sound of Running Out by Muse (get closer I say let's be clear approach, but enough to believe it n_n)) Did you try many other models before getting this one? Not at all lol and I put in for 300euros lol, I went to the Ibanez GSR200 of yet, but the store had none. But wanting a really low I'm going to see models and above all among the model that the seller advised me, telling me this is a good ibanez a handle that slides well and versatile sound, I buy. But no regrets it is well above the GSR200. What thing do you like most/least about it? Most is how versatile is it's perfect for beginners. Bah uh I would ask him more character when the same but I suggest you start by changing the strings. If you are not a beginner, otherwise play with the original (while they are still good) What is your opinion about the value for the price? Well, if you enfaite to find at least 300euros unpeu you made a great business, occasion.Parceque playing bass with versatile you are and you start wanting a particular type of sound. Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ... Yes, without regret I broke out with this bass and I again I played with less but if it was a refers to the same budget so I take it back. SR300 and today has nothing to do with the model image is the old models, Ibanez change their models every year to improve (or not lol) but in any case the model that I 't is more uninteresting than the old model of today is different it has a switch that replaces one of the volume pot.

kaolong's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR300
Low factory in USD per Ibanez. 2 bars DXP microphones for Classic and dxj bars for Treble
classical type of bridge and the strings do not fit into the handle. 2 volume knobs for the gain of the microphone and knob of Bass, Treble. (Or 3 pots)
22 frets neck.


Handle fairly enjoyable, relatively thin and can pais. we do not have a mug with cramp!
well you get chopper Most recent internship freight even if you do not use them much as the sound leaves a little DSIR in the treble.
in terms of weight, a will, I did a lot of free concerts ressotir with loose shoulders.


Trs good for beginners! and even more, it's a versatile, but I think that has played better in the rock sounds. a bit messy in the precision, but a real pleasure for s'clater Live. Personal I was looking for a bass with one of his "characters" not versatile bass that "sings". I now have the Schecter C-4. this is the best quality price to me given t hear and play. is low which is my style and learn rock Funk (Rock has all the style: pop, hard, metal, and roll ...)


has been 4 years since I played with. for beginners it allowed me to familiarize myself to the world of bass as well as different techniques: Finger, slap, tapping, ...
it is a good tool for Discoveries, I recommend starting the above for an affordable price. it's not a super low but its place in a rock band. not bother to put strings of patients as elixirs, no strings boomers will rev fine.
dbutent as I would do the same choice.