Ibanez SR600
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All user reviews for the Ibanez SR600

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 3 reviews60 %
Audience: Beginners
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez SR600"

Ibanez SR600
I found this guitar in a pawn shop in Vancouver, BC. I was looking for a second fretless bass to leave at our cabin. It was dusty, dirty, and had a few minor scratches. The electrics and neck were like new. Got it out the door with a Fender gig bag for $200 Canadian.

This bass is fretless and after it was set up with new D'addario flatwounds, this bass came alive. I thought it would be a great second bass, but I find myself playing it as much or more than my fretless Fender Jazz. This puppy growls, its light, and the neck is beautiful. It has some minor scratchs on it so I'm not afraid to really play it. Even if I paid full price for this bass, I would say its a great bass that has character and offers a wide range of sounds.

There's not much I don't like about the bass. It is a lipstick red colour, maybe not the colour I would have choosen, but it's a real pretty and eye catching bass. I've had tons of people ask me about it, more than are interested in my Fender Jazz, maybe because of its colour, although I've had lots of questions about the sounds I can get out of it too.

It has a bolt on three piece maple neck. The P/J style Ibanez pick-ups are great and it has volume, blend, and tone controls. Two per side black Gotoh tuners and an Accu-cast B25 bridge. The quality seems good and as mentioned, the neck is to die for.

This is one fine bass. I'm not sure what the most similar current model would be in the Ibanez line, but probably the SR800. I would buy this bass new and not miss a nights sleep over paying new price

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frederica3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it"

Ibanez SR600
Ash body
Channel SR4 5-piece jatoba / bubinga
Scale: 34 "
24 frets Medium
Oval abalone markers
Flat Black fittings
Accu-Cast B20 bridge
Bartolini MK1 3-band EQ
2 Bartolini MK1 pickups
Color: Natural Flat
cover included


The neck is perfect, fast, fine, smooth, stable
Ergonomics is amazing, the bass is VERY light, well balanced both sitting and standing.
Access to acute easy until the 24th fret
Sound, not the sounds are plentiful and easily accessible thanks to the active 3-band EQ.


It should have all styles of music, I use it with a pedal BOSS GT-10B, a Fender Rumble 25 at home and a Fender Rumble 100 in rehearsing,

The équailser on méduims and very interesting, the slap sound, maybe a little "modern"


I use it for just over a year, after having had an Ibanez SRX, a BTB5 strings, and various ATK300 a low-end bass.

I think this is my bass, and for long!

zsyrf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It has everything a great"

Ibanez SR600
Frne body, 5 piece SR4 jatoba neck / bubinga, pitch 34 ", rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, Accu-Cast B20 bridge, Bartolini MK1 3-band EQ, Bartolini Pickups 2 Mk1, natural color.


The holding of the instrument is perfect. It really changes the type MODELS Precision and Jazz Bass, it's not heavy and I really like it in the end. A little difficult to get used to beginners, I felt not to be, but it's more Submitted qu'agrable.

The neck is super fast and trs end, it's a real rgal for the game

The mcaniques are good, without being excelentes, they hold the tuning well though.

The bridge is solid, I regret the abscence of a thru-body system.


The active electronic trs effective. Trs easy to use. We have to find the sound you want. A big plus for medium paramtriques with a switch to select the range using frequency drives (250/600Hz).


Trs good low mid-range.
There are other brands just as well for more.
I am delighted that investment. I remake my choice even without worry.

memphiskol's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR600
Made in Japan
22 frets
3 microphones, including a double
Volume, tone and micro switch
Maple neck I believe ...


Channel pleasant enough, although it is a little too thin for my taste (I have big hands) and access to treble is fairly easy, it can be accessed by keeping almost the same position at the beginning. The weight is excellent, not too heavy / good balance, does not sting the nose too, but still quite uncomfortable level of play, the game is pretty hard on the finger, and slap is outlawed
The sound is quite good and round, but it depends on the amp, but overall, we see that we are in an early end ...


This bass is well suited to what I play (rock and blues) but the slap Ayany already tested it, I quickly stopped her because you get a harsh and ugly enough ... With a pick, I find that the sound goes even better: it is therefore preferably designed to rock
I play on an amp Behringer BXL 900, which gives me satisfaction, though with his overdrive, it would make it better.


I use it for 2 years and it has never disappointed. It is ergonomic and reliable, this is what makes its strengths, but it is quite difficult to control and maneuver. The price / quality ratio is quite interesting, it is a low-end start, ideal for beginners or novices, but after this stage, it is better to buy another ...
Looking back, I opted for an Epiphone Thunderbird IV, but hey, at the time the budget was not there you ...
Finally, if you like simple and effective low (and cheap!), Go for it!

Zanzibar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR600
This low has the be built in Korea or Japan ... I have no more precision because I bought it used.
It's a 24 frets, the neck is stocky, the body I do not know ... They are three controls: volume, tone and balance (micro select). There are three microphones.

There are several versions of this bass:
1988 / 1989 / 1990 / 1995
For the first 2, I do not see the difference, however for version 90, the microphones are T changes and that of 95 wood body and appear different finishes and controls .


The handle is enjoyable trs, trs end to the head, Access in acute is very easy is to tudi;)
She is not heavy trs is not a fender!

Ergonomics gnrale seems to me pretty good ... nothing special trs It does not default rvle obvious.

Do you get a good sound easy? trs good question. Say this is a low-end issue when it got APRS ... But I'll come back later.


It should rather what I do. The range of sound is large enough for the microphones. It will sound dry to the low trs medium which can be even dull affair ... It got as I said.
I do not play on an amp but through a DI and then into a table and a PC. I use some effects in software ...


In fact, I'm not a bass player, I have a friend who bought 150 to spare them acqurir a Fender Precision.
I record layouts and naturally I wanted to put the bass.
I manage to have a sound with. Not always the one I want, but without amp and directly into a table, I'm not sr have the best combo!

Anyway for me guitar, I find that it is enjoyable to play and since the time it not too bad day ... Except for cabling that must be redone because compltement oxides. ..
In short, I do not believe me I intend to spare and spend time on it to find a sound that really suit me ...