Ibanez SR800
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All user reviews for the Ibanez SR800

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 3 reviews33 %
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moosers's review

Ibanez SR800
The Ibanez SoundGear Series SR-800 is an electric bass guitar in the beginner to intermediate range of instruments. I don’t own this bass, but one of my best friends and former band mates has it, so I’ve heard it a lot and have also played it a lot myself. The SR-800 has got 24 frets, along with both a neck and a bridge pick up. It’s also got an on board equalizer right on the bass, which is a pretty cool feature. Although this is a fretted instrument, a number of years ago my friend took the frets out and made it a fretless.


The feel of the Ibanez SoundGear Series SR-800 is definitely more than adequate. It isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s easy enough to play for sure. Of course professionals and more experienced players will be looking for a more fluid feeling neck, but it’s easy enough to play up and down the 24 frets that I can’t complain too much about the feel. Using the pick up parameters is very simple, although the EQ isn’t something you’ll find on many basses. A manual isn’t necessary at all here…


The overall sound of the Ibanez SoundGear Series SR-800 isn’t the best, but is adequate for the price range that it’s in. I wouldn’t record with it, but for practicing and getting started with a bass, it sounds just fine. You’ve got a good amount of control over your sound between the EQ and the two pick ups, although I like the sound of the bridge pick up a bit more for whatever reason. Now that this bass has been made into a fretless, it has a lot warmer and free sound…


For a lower end bass guitar, the Ibanez SoundGear Series SR-800 is a really good deal. It’s definitely a bass that I’d recommend for a beginner, or for a player looking for an upgrade from their student level instrument without having to spend too much money. I definitely like this bass a lot more since my friend made it a fretless, but it was a good bass to begin with for sure. I don’t know if they still make these basses, but the price of one new a few years ago was more than reasonable. Definitely a better instrument than the SR-100 for not too much more money…

Pat.Rick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Almost perfect"

Ibanez SR800
It was manufactured with Korah.
The plastic bridge was replaced by a model in OS.
The neck is fretted and contain 24 boxes. Key maple and the handle of it even ... I forget.
Micro are the EMG, which I do not know the exact reference that I have wanted to know.
The electronics is provided by the EQBIIs and has the following buttons.
Volume 1 (single)
A scale (micro or Micro Acute severe)
1 knob Grave
1 Acute knob
knob for a dual medium (a selector Frequency converter, and another to adjust the level.
The Vari MID.

I had mine equipped with a battery slot on the back of the bass almost underneath the bridge. Basically the battery is housed in the compartment reserved to the electronic bass guitar, disassembled it takes to change the battery. (Not practical if the battery loose in service.


The handle is adjustable, with Fretes size moyene earlier nice overall.
very end, the handle is rounded above, flattened and gradually as the have up to aquamarine, to provide proper access to the last box.

Prices are not related to performance. It rivals and surpasses much bass honnereuse. In short it is the right choice. I'd like to find it by 6 Strings.


It should have all the style, R & B, Ragga, Zouk, Reggae, Salsa, Bossa, Jazz, and so on.
This bass has a particular sound. Until then I never found it. I think electronics has much to do, because if there is a severe lack of power (compared to "Bartolini" sound suits me much. I have given dear for the sound of that on my current 800 SDGR SDGR 506.


I use it for good 12 years earlier.

I have tried many other low and never found a sound that in rappoche.

Ceq ue I prefer the sound remains. if not for the fact that prices are it is impossible to mieux.Le only gripe is that the model that I possess, in many manufacturing default. Bridge the tailpiece, damaged Certain frets (ratrapé mieu at by a luthier), the wood used, with imperfection ... Finally I just think it was an end of line. Despites all, I am never part. I hate to see a model without default manufacturing.

This is good.

Hokuto_no_Kain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
* Ibanez SR800 THE
* Origin Japan, year 1989
* Basswood body
* Maple neck painted
* Rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets
Pickups P-* SO (neck) and LO-J (bridge)
* Equalizer EQ-BII (active), 4 knobs
* Tuners Gotoh Japan
* Omni-Adjust Bridge, 4 Strings

This model is equivalent to the left of SR800, I believe:


Aah, the bass left handed, when you see the range more than starving in specialty shops, find a quality model is almost like looking for the Holy Grail. However, I found this model Soundgear in a barter-foo for a pittance (and almost new as well).

Regarding the use, therefore, the first round: the painted (colored black and rather thick) drew first attention: we almost expect to handle "sticking" to the finger having the thickness of the varnish but it is not, it's very comfortable, especially since it is rather thin. 24 cases but we do not care a bit, I rarely exceed 15 degrees on the low box, and again ...

Mics: not enough perspective on the world of bass (lefty requires), I am careful not to express an opinion too settled. Except that it was through the active electronics pickups that are expressed, see below.

The bass is well balanced for standing play, its weight is in the standard. No, the only thing that bothers me is the microphone 2 part side neck: this is where I'd like to wedge my thumb to stabilize the hand, the gold screw is quite prominent, the shot is not super comfortable . Cons by the thumb hold all alone on the bridge pickup, but the strings have the same resonance at this level.


Active equalizer: although it is somewhat dated. EQ-BII Ibanez has since been replaced by the EQB-IIIS or other Vari-Mid 3 if I really follow. But whatever, it's quite efficient. The 4 knobs allow (1) adjust the volume (2) how the balance between neck pickup / bridge (3) boost / cut treble (4) boost / cut bass. Everything you could want in terms of sound can be configured by mixing it all: low cloud or strong presence, treble discrete, or rather round or somewhat slap, anything is possible, depending on whether you want a low of accompaniment or instrument that comes out clearly in the mix.

Now one thing is certain: the return to Eq passive is now impossible after trying it! The "mere" slap walking up, you feel at ease in all areas, the sound is rich and versatile wish.

Regarding the finger-picking, bass reacts sharply depending on whether we attack the string with the finger or the fat that puts a little fingernail. It does not tolerate for very nearly, every nuance of your playing will be faithfully transcribed by the gear, it's very subtle. Of course, the knobs can refine or enlarge it all at your convenience.


Clarification, I am primarily a guitarist, the bass I use mainly for my home studio recordings. Compared to my musical style, I only play metal (Steve Harris / Iron Maiden as an ideal in terms of sound and technique on bass), and for once this Ibanez SG800LE meets all my expectations.

I started on bass at the time with a right-hander Jim Harley that I extended the bridge to the drill to move the low E string (that is, sexual misery in the lower left at the time). This low asset I have kept for years and years because it had a sound remaquable (like what Jim Harley is not that some shit). But that's it, I finally found a worthy successor. The beam SoundGear it, no doubt about it.

djenseys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
Other comments reflect the features of this bass.
The main concern is that indeed the battery is located in the housing electronics. This is a major concern in case of breakdown on stage!

I bought mine used 10 years ago for 2000 francs, with my first salary! It was red, with a (very) thick varnish, very robust ... Who jumped because the previous owner had had to drop.

But this defect was compensated by an electronic redone, and a change for Bartolini pickups.

For that price I turn 10. Although this basis is in the 15/20 years and at the time it was argued in the € 1200 / 1500 uros, exclusive of changes.


I completely stripped, since it is raw wood, good quality, I oiled for a natural finish.

At the handle, it is nicer than the thick varnish (one of the few instruments with a neck as thick paints and varnishes). It is now faster and more pleasant to the touch. Channel 3-piece, very rigid and it has never moved.

This is the highlight of this low, it is very thin and the action is very low.

The ergonomics are great, fairly light weight and well balanced. No worries about access to acute.

The sound is nickel, Bartolini are very detailed. They may lack a bit of roundness, which is largely offset, fortunately by electronics. That might be the weak point of my instrument.


Super versatile, all styles suit him.


A very good instrument.
Timeless, either in style or sound.

Canth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
TBL Ibanez SR-800A (ash body, clear lacquer blue), made in 1998 in Japan.
Three-piece maple neck with graphite reinforcement, rosewood fingerboard, 24 medium frets and bridge Acucast B20.
Micro-P AFR and AFR-D assets. Preamp Vari-Mid 3 (a pot of balance microphones, a volume pot, a pot on the Equalization of concentric treble and bass, a concentric pot for the equalization of mediums and the selection of the filter frequency)


The handle is fine, really nice. The first time I took it in hand, I realized it was for me. Access to the last fret is OK but a little difficult for the strings and the middle. In terms of shape and weight, I find it perfect. It is comfortable and well balanced, easy to play.
The only problem is the cavity that hosts the mail: it is small and fairly charged. The battery replacement requires open and it takes a little fight with the son, the battery and the preamp to properly close it. I would have preferred a second dedicated to the battery cavity.


The couple preamp / microphone allows a very wide range of sounds, making it a very versatile bass hard to match. The amp uses a classic design based on op-amp. It is very easy to modify it to get another report. The sound is very clear, very Péchu, very heavy. We are very far from the "twang" characteristic of a Jazz Bass pickup. The next "boom" of micro precision is exacerbated. An happiness for rock, reggae, hip-hop, ...
I think a lot of bass players do not really like that kind of sound, very different from the bass 'traditional'. It is imperative to test it before, it will not suit all tastes and styles.


I use it now for five years, and I love him as much as the first day, if not more. For me it's the perfect bass. She is beautiful, it sounds and is very comfortable. I love it.
However, it has two defects at the origin: the two pickups and electronics are active, it does not have passive mode. If there is no battery, there is no sound. Above all, the bridge pickup (AFR-J) is poor: it has a weak sound, lack of dynamics, precision and grain.
I corrected these defects by changing the micro-AFR J by Seymour Duncan SJB-1b and adding a SPDT switch that sends the microphone is to the balance knob (before electronics) or at the volume control (after the mail). The sound is much better, and in case of flat battery (or if I want to switch to full liability for optimizing the rendering of my bass distortion for example), there is only switcher.

I give it 11/10.
j'arrete demain01/02/2007

j'arrete demain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
Picro PB + JB
active 2-band (bass, AIUSA)
volume and balance


Handle very practical end, painted on the back
good access to acute
very slightly lower


His bold and accurate, but not sustain
ideal through the mix but in velvet, never aggressive


I have over 10 years
light with sound
I would do this choice for a 5 string, that's why I sell it ....

Pat.Rick's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
- Manufactured in Kore
- 24 frets, micro-MG E are simple with an acute type and a double precision
- The bridge is? In any case there is an opening that allows you to change the strings very easily
- 1 volume, 1balance, a button doule bass / treble, a double button vari-med for medium (1bouton to select the Frequency converter and lautre to fit)
- Handle is vic by four screws with adjusting rod in the head. The Silet is plastic, rosewood fingerboard (I think) and there are mechanical overlays nacrs.Les Gotho oil bath. Trs dove above the handle saplani lergerement extent that one goes in acute but is still very much dove
- The battery is housed all the electronics of the guitar, which is not practical to change the battery as it is absolutely necessary to unscrew the plate for access


- The handle is so small, small hands (like mine) will feel at ease right thereafter.A Once set, the handle is very enjoyable and we can deliver all kinds of activity chorus Ultra fast, slap and tapping the same!!
- Access to acute is perfect until the 22nd cargo is perfect, and the last two are a little harder to access anything even when available.
- Ergonomics is good and the bass is light and equilibren Thurs assi or standing
- Sound good but the volume is low (especially for a low active), but it ratrape well with all the adjustments you do what you want (I have never seen even on ca !!!!!!) an amplifier SHIT sonne.Mais that it said a lot of button also says a lot of trouble to find the son.Je does not say that it is taking on Symple head but my old Fender Precision that I have 2 buttons and to find his pants symple is 1 / 2 second Sufi, while the one must juggle IBANEZ regardless seconds before raprocher of his desire, I really do not short but it must know
there is a defect pointed out. I thought I would not be the only pleindre me of a manufacturing defect at the frets as tendense Most recent internship have a curl with a setting pointu.Ce problem can be repaired by a good luthier as "Olivier Kaufmann" (in Guadeloupe and now in NY)


- I'm an average musician who plays music very varied. It goes from Ragga, Rega, Compa and zouk in Blues, Jazz, Funk, Jazz fusion through the beguine rock and all this is that it plays as well variet.Et perfect glue is a versatile cela.elle " qu'trial "with all these reglages.j 'fond of slapping and tapping the stype Stanley Jordan, and frankly I took my foot with it. (For that price can not beat )!!!!!!
- I play on a small 20w Ibanez amp, or vieu Road 220 (+ 25 years) and currently on a peavey amp keybord 160 (not the deluxe) and yet it sounds a lot even when dessu . jOperation 8080 Zoom pedals.
- Is obtained earlier and bold percussive sound anything trs variable, it allows sculeter the sound you want, you can get very serious or very round rock if you want. Do not necessarily expect my Sonnora such as "Yamaha TRB6P" the other one is in a CATEGORY and has crystal-clear sound and end at will with a rich harmonic sustain. Elas no it is not for the SR800.Mais FLEXIBILITY is much larger than his last so-called + performance, its sustain is correct.
- J'aimme the fat and powerful sound with very Resonance can parasite.Ce I hate is that his time with a nickel and balance for me, there are resonnace in chorus, solo, and especially slap ca Menerva because I'm a fan of the JCUSH speed and dislocate some note perciste and if we do not stifle them properly.
Conclusion do not Demende too either! 3000 is a low fr and opussieres. we should ask him too much either, because I put it in the category of + 7000fr is by comparing it to such low level that I blame her lack of energy and these resonances ups.


- I use it for 7 years and I do not part with it
- What I like most is the sound. Because I can play on any amp I'll be at ease even when taking the time to find the right setting because in some cases it is necessary to compromise in terms of Frequency converter to push the amp to its limits volume.Ceci level is impossible with a Fender bass or other broad band without equalization / what hate is the lack of dough is not cruel jokes is horrible but ...
- I try romement low before the HT especially powerful model + (Warwick, Ibanez, Tobias, fender etc. ..) that's when I realized she was made to continue moi.je still have my test shop and I do not regret the SR800 anything I actually wanted the SR 900 Ht indisponoble so I opt for SDgr 800 is at the top. if we love we love
- The ratio quality price is its major advantage that you can not beat that price has
- Now I do not regret my choice though I did not try the 900 Sr is a idantique Diiron the wood species utilis.je tells me that it is for can be best revl

Off topic:

I must state that it is far more original. I made a change maker "Oliver Kaufman" (which is EXCELLENT anything terribly stupid to carractère) I change the painting and notament nut tailpiece of a Shaller that allows me to choose between a desire to Acerta the strings. Change the location of the battery and made accessible.
he also set my sleeve and shrink my frets acute. this subject I thought I'm not the seul.me pleindre of ca. in + I'll assume a ct closeouts because the paint was thoroughly Nik original tailpiece and the original bad fix these are points to check before HT. I concluded by saying that despite all these defects of origin I do not regret my hachat so if you do not fall on one end of the series ....

slow_pulse_boy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
MODEL bought in 1989.
Channel 24 cases.
A micro Jazz bass in the bridge position, an inverted micro Precision in the neck position. Rglages of Origin: bass, treble, balance microphone (with the 3 + ZrO Crant volume gnral. The electronic is only active (dead battery = more bass!). No serious because once we got to his credit, it's hard to do without.
The mcaniques are of excellent quality for the same bridge (bridges individually adjustable on mine).


The handle is trs end but it is painted and covered with a varnish rather pais: sweaty palms abstain.
The notches trs pronounced the table makes Access in acute infantile at least until the 20th box, APRS which the handle (s'paissit screwed.
The instrument is very well balanced and lightweight.
It's been 15 years since I possde this bass, and my luthier (which is nevertheless anti-Ibanez) is blown through the holding of the handle: it hardly moves and even a tendency lgre recover plutt that "make the big belly." So I have a wonderfully low action. I had the opportunity to try the lower and more Chres rputes, I rarely find as comfortable.

Sound is the major weakness of this instrument. It is certainly versatile, but:
<ul> The microphone has an acute volume much lower than the serious, more if you have the misfortune of the finger or mdiator while in office, we hear "poc" who, themselves, have a good potato :-(
The treble knob only adds breath beyond the zero-
The knob is serious too powerful, it's almost like a second volume. We must therefore use a trs rglage end, which is not always easy, and / or do not touch this rglage </ul>
So we end up with an instrument capable of producing a range of sounds impressive, but only 2 or 3 are REALLY useful.

I rsolu the problem by raising a kit and EMG from a configuration a volume + 1 tone with microphone. I put a note and I dfoulerai a little note on the "sound" because now I have another bass! But it gave me a cot 1500F bass was worth the original 4000 ...
NB: Another SERIES emerged since the original o mics are said to be much less catastrophic.


I use it mostly studio rptition so DIFFERENT several amps, or at home on a Trace Elliot 130W combo. I have always used many effects on the bass, especially the chorus or flanger. The only criticism I can make the sound (with my new pickups) is a relative lack of roundness in the bass.

With the only serious micro, I get a powerful sound dominant rock / new wave, as well as a sound slap, in which case the Tone knob allows me to act primarily on the fire, making them balance is well over the thumb or ultra-slammin. Excellent!
With both pickups together, I add The definition of the sound at dtriment some loss of power that allows me to bring out the nuances of the game
I almost never use them for the acute micro alone: ​​he gives her a trsmdium which I rarely useful.

I would put 8 in relation to the sounds obtained with my EMG.


This is my deuxime low. Previously I had a copy of Precision.
J'apprcie therefore primarily the versatility of the instrument, even if the quality of sound is obtained Ingala.
This bass is lgre, comfortable and solid trs (handle, mechanical), brief counsel for those who do not have to dmnageur shoulders and hands as a pianist. And in addition it is beautiful.
In the era when I bought the competition in this price range n'tait not what it is now (Hohner, Aria, Cort taient a tone below) c'tait So one of the best quality-price.
I do not regret my purchase of the era. Now times have changed and there are probably better for 600 euros. May be one day j'achterai another bass but I do not resell that the!

hushben's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR800
Like any sles ibanez made in Japan
24 Freight
easel very average (not separated bridges)
The hack and electroniquze is completely borked
the handle is painted and lacquered (very comfortable even for narrow por June 1st string)


The neck is super enjoyable
and acute super accessible
the weight is correct

the sound is not great because of the violin average


Very versatile as all SDgr
I play with a Trace Elliot AH 350 SVX and from time to time with an overdrive ODB3
The sound is very neutral rather any setting
j'aime bcp natural and artificial harmonics


3 years
it is very easy to play, the strings are very close for a 6 string so it is easy to play fast.
I found OCCAZ and a ca t love at first sight
I buy 500 € the report is good
I do not regret that choice because it's my first 6 strings and is very easy