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Italia Guitars 4-string bass guitars user reviews

  • Italia Guitars Maranello

    Italia Guitars Maranello - boboson's review


    To see the features above, but basically in Lower Agathis body I think maple neck Rosewood With a magnificent imitation of imitation marble light blue on the body the head and the shaft, a pinnacle of kitsch, and a table in silver glitter ...…

  • Italia Guitars Torino

    Italia Guitars Torino - flapster's review


    Lower-semi-hollowbody (full middle) -Made in Korea (according to other reviews that I read because there is no inscription on the bass) -22 Frets and shortscale (be careful because the scale is short but the type of rope must be super long scale …

  • Italia Guitars Imola Bass

    Italia Guitars Imola Bass - benoizebe's review


    Lower Korean manufacturing of models designed by Trevor Wilkinson. Which is reminiscent of 70's Ampeg. Attention, hearing is purely decorative, it is not a true half cash, and no piezo inside. Mechanical, microphones, rack, I give you a thousan…

  • Italia Guitars Maranello

    Italia Guitars Maranello - metrass's review


    The handle is agatys USE The handle is nice SOUNDS It is suitable for blues I is played with a Hartke 60w NOTICE GLOBAL I think the price is too high …

  • Italia Guitars Maranello

    Italia Guitars Maranello - Anonyme's review


    Bass with agathis set neck, rosewood fingerboard of 22 boxes. It has two humbucker pickups, controlled by two volume and tone. The bridge includes only the narrow part of the micro loan, behind, it's just a decorative plate. Red glitter finish for …

  • Italia Guitars Maranello

    Italia Guitars Maranello - igorius007's review


    Single cutaway bass with agathis body, neck stocky, key rosewood, Bolt 2 Bass Humbucker pickups Wilkinson, 2volumes, Tone 1. The finish is beautiful (see photo) in silver sparkle. In addition, while the back (body + neck + head) is covered perloid th…

  • Italia Guitars Maranello

    Italia Guitars Maranello - rhapsody38's review


    Hello, I just wanted to add that I distribute Italia on France and Switzerland: Question I rglage verifies all guitars before expedition, and is making a rglage a luthier if needed There ar…