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boboson 09/21/2009

Italia Guitars Maranello : boboson's user review


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To see the features above, but basically in Lower
Agathis body
I think maple neck
With a magnificent imitation of imitation marble light blue on the body the head and the shaft, a pinnacle of kitsch, and a table in silver glitter ....
2 humbucker pickups with two volume type and tone, simple, effective.

For finishes, it's a little hard, but considering the price, you can ask for more? It's difficult parrait


Okay so the handle is a Canadian lumberjack version, small pognes refrain, saying that it's massive in bulk, however, is rather enjoyable to play, over time you get tired a bit certainly yes, but it is a matter of habit.
Side weight, it's also lours, there is a question of taste, personally I do not like plastic grat that weigh nothing, I feel I have nothing around the neck, while there to This time I am served my side SM is completely filled, you know you have a grat around their necks and we will be able to return him inside ...
Ergonomics in the set is rather good, access to acute AC drives, the only small problem is, for my part, lack of balance of the creature, once at the end of its strap it tends to sting a little handle side of the nose, the blow must retain a little beast, not the most pleasant.
For his set, nothing more simple, 3 knobs to turn, there has been hardest
In summary dots ergonomics a bit behind, but there is the same, considering the price, you can not ask the moon to do with the few flaws, but it still password more than well.


So I wanted a low level type of sound, here I am served ...
ROCK AND ROLL!! It sends. Good for rock, so it's deadly, it squeaks, it hangs it fits within, out of happiness. Certainly not everything we nepeut play is more than typical, but then I love, but really. Some ads in a micro rocker not top, I bounced on it and announce the contrary, this submission is more than bad on that side, with a good pick and a good overdrive in front which pummeled the eighth. I think it is a micro histpire setting, mine is really high and the AC sends severe blow. Being a fan of just 11, I am overwhelmed, everything is balanced, say that the buttons are not used to adjust the d & drums but to do his sound, something imoprtante if outset we must begin to turn buttons because raw apple ia does not, then there is a problem. I think it is important to repeat a good set of pickups from the handle and all that kind of thing first.


This is my fifth base, a bass that I voulias out of the ordinary, I'm thrilled. It complements a Neuser and it's perfect. It is far from being a versatile bass, however, say that's a good bass 2nd.
For me incontestably the most: the sound and mouth ultra maxi kitsch, the less the imbalance.
Regarding the value for money, but purchased from OCCAZ almost new, with bag and rope game nine for 450 euros, I think it's unbeatable, this bass certainly will never be unanimity of JB or PB, but that's what I like, it's so depressing to go into countless stores in Paris and seeing the same stalls before the famous law of fashion, where is the sweet madness that rocked the world of music? Englouttie like many other things in a mass culture that makes us believe that it is enough to keep their hair, wear skinny jeans and bawling to the anglicised on saturated guitars, all in too much more 3'30''to get on the radio ... Since when rock and roll is it subject to a manner and format??
Sorry I digress, yes cete low tear but could be a little better finally. Last doubt about the longevity of the creature with the body agathis which is not the most famous, watch this, but until then it really does ...