Peavey Milestone 3
Peavey Milestone 3

Milestone 3, 4-string bass guitar from Peavey in the Milestone series.

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All user reviews for the Peavey Milestone 3

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 4 reviews31 %
 4 reviews31 %
 4 reviews31 %
 1 user review8 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/Ba$$boy's review"Peavey Milestone III"

Peavey Milestone 3
I was getting bored with elecxtric guitar, as it was too normal, so i bought milestone from my local dealer. I was very impressed with it, and it was an extremely reasonable price(£120 second hand)

I love the jazz neck, especially near the lower frets, it just feels amazing. the tone is great, and the pickups are simple, yet they sound fantastic. its very good at coping with knocks, and is a very good touring guitar. its very easy to modify, as the wiring is relativaly simple, for instance, i am replacing the scratch plate and pickups, and getting it sprayed at the moment. Finally, it looks amazing and plays well too.

the wood crumbles fairly easily in the screw holes of the jack socket, therefore letting the jack become loose. i dont even think i have any other bad comments about it, its a definate great buy!

the body is very sturdy, and mine has take a real hammering from me, in the boots of cars and thrown around rooms (not literally!) the neck feels fabulaous, and the guitar is generally great to play. its also very light, so is good for younger players.

its is a great buy and a definate bargain. it will suit everyone from beginners to experienced proffesionals, and the build quality is fantastic, the neck is great, and the guitar looks and sounds great!

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MGR/Rob Smith02/20/2004

MGR/Rob Smith's review"Peavey Milestone 3"

Peavey Milestone 3
Hertford Music to begin learning bass £99

The peavyey milestone 3 is a great bass guitar with a beautiful sound it is light weight for a bass and extremely easy to play also you dont get fuzzes when it is plugged into an amp

the only thing i dont like about the Peavey mileston 3 is that the wood dents very easily and is quite weak which has ment that where i have been plugging my lead in and removing it the input jack has been tearing away from the body.

it is put together very well and has a sleak shape although the body is made out of a weak wood.

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MGR/BASSFACE!!!'s review"Peavey Milestone I"

Peavey Milestone 3
This bass was my first bass, a birthday present from my parents. This bass was sold for something in the neighborhood of $200. Nice and cheap.

This bass has served me well for quite a while. I bought a Fender Standard Jazz Bass V (Made in Mexico) in '02, so I use that more a great deal as well, but my Peavey still has a special place in my heart. So let me tell you some of the things I really love about this particular bass...
After some very small adjustments of the bridge, my Milestone gets some wicked action. My Fender doesn't play as smooth as this thing. The neck is nice and slim, I like the J Bass pickup configuration (cheap pickups, but who cares, it's two hundred bucks!). This bass is EXTREMELY playable, I have been able to get the action absolutely perfect, something I simply can't manage on my Fender. It was a pleasure to learn on, and I continue to enjoy it. I don't know if every Milestone plays this well (and I doubt they do, every instrument tends to be different), but from my experience with this bass, I would HIGHLY recommend it as a starter bass in the $200 price range. the key here, though, is playability, and that can vary from bass to bass, so as always, look around for what's right for YOU.

Now, for the problems I've noticed with this bass.
The input jack has a tendency to come loose. It's an ongoing struggle, but I don't really mind taking some time to fix it every now and again. No big deal, many basses in this price range have the same problem. If you get lucky, you may never have this problem. If you don't, well, get a washer from the hardware store and don't cry about it, it's a cheap bass.
The hardware is cheap, but once again, this is usual for basses in this price range. Cheap hardware is what makes the bass cheap. The pickup control dials are finally coming loose on me, after a total of four years of abuse. This will be no problem to fix. Almost anything that has happened with this bass has been simple to fix, much to my liking.

The construction of this bass is allright. One thing I don't like, where the neck is bolted on, there is a slight gap on the back, upper side. Sure, that isn't really a good thing, but if I'm getting the kind of action and playability I want out of this bass, I could care less about it. The pickups may or may not like to hum a little with too much tone and turned up all the way. I solve this problem by not turning the pickups up all the way, and I leave the tone somewhere around three quarters of the way up. Simple solutions make the world go 'round, my friend. This bass is pretty tough, it's been dropped a bit, it's been tossed around haphazardly, and it's still alive and kicking. The thing is solid, as a whole, although the wiring and the input jack are a little sketchy.

Nice, cheap unit, plays quite well, highly recommended as a starter bass. If you're looking for somethind decent to learn on and have a good time playing, check this one out. But please, do that at your local music shop rather than just take my word for it. Also, I personally would implore you not to buy anything other than accessories and etc from Musician's Friend, if that's where you may be ordering from. They totally screwed me just recently, and I'm still waiting for my money back (it's been about a month, so I'll never buy anything from them again). And remember, all the catalog pictures and descriptions in the world don't compare to what you can learn about an instrument just by picking it up and taking it for a "test drive". I'm giving this bass a 3, as it is a cheap bass. Decent value, decent price, a decent bass. What do you want for $200 bucks?

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MGR/Some Guitar Guy11/11/2003

MGR/Some Guitar Guy's review"Peavey Milestone III"

Peavey Milestone 3
This was my first guitar, I paid $300 dollars for the pack which included everything a beginner needs. It was a well priced guitar for what it sounded like.

The sound quality of the Peavey Milestone was great. The tone was great but some times you had to turn some knobs to make it sound good. It is a great guitar for a beginner and for someone who is rough and tough with the guitar because it has great durability. It can play any type of music that you want too. All in all, this is a great product because of its affordable price and good sound. If your're a beginner, buy this.

There where no problems with it except every once in a while you would hear this wierd buzzing sound but that can be fixed with some adjustment of knobs. You can't turn up the bass to high on the guitar but a good amp will help out with that problem.

The quality of the Peavey Milestone is great. They don't miss one thing when they make these.

All in all, this is the best bass guitar for your money if your a beginner, especially if you buy the pack. So if you've never played a bss guitar before, BUY THIS ONE.

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MGR/Ben The Brave09/14/2003

MGR/Ben The Brave's review"Peavey Milestone III"

Peavey Milestone 3
I bought my Peavey Milestone III with a Peavey Microbass from with a gig bag, picks and a lead, and I paid about £220 for the package. I bought the bass because I'd heard only good things about Peavey equipment and it suited my budget at the time as well.

I played this bass non stop for around 2 years and not once did it fail me. The tone of the guitar (especially through the Microbass amp) is beautiful, but sometimes the notes aren't clearly defined. This of course can easily be changed by a few turns of some knobs. The Milestone III is perfect for practically any style of music you want to play. If you want stomach-rumbling low-end, you got it, if you want funky punchy bass, you got it! You can achieve practically any sound you desire (to a certain extent). The design of the bass is lovely, and the body does look beautiful. The neck is narrow and nice 'n' easy to play with.

The lack of a master volume switch does mean that turning the bass up and down on the guitar itself can become quite fiddly. Also, the screws are sometimes at angles which can lead to damage and chipping later on unless they are unscrewed and re-screwed.

The Milestone III is made to be abused, it is after all designed to be a learner bass so even if you knock it, it'll hold up. Construction on the whole is commendable (besides the screws) and will hold up to even the most ecstatic slapping or picking.

The bottom line is if you want to learn the bass, buy this bass, 'nuff said. I thoroughly recommend buying the Peavey Milestone III starter package as it comes with the Peavey Microbass (20 watt). Although it's quite a small amp, it packs a punch and can compete with a 80-100 watt guitar amp (no joke!)

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MGR/andrew mcgrory05/23/2003

MGR/andrew mcgrory's review"Peavey Milestone 3"

Peavey Milestone 3
i received this bass as a birthday present in late august was bought from fox's music in lincoln for £145.

the good thing about this bass is that i feel it is perfect for someone who wants to start to play bass, and as their first bass is value for money.

the neck becomes very hard to slide up and down on (maybe thats got something to do with my hands?), the tuners slide out of tune very quickly (not very good for stage performance(having to tune your bass in between most songs eventhough it's still supposed to be in standard tuning or what ever)). the last complaint is 'IT LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE AN IMMITATION OF A FENDER JAZZ BASS!!! note;- IF U PLAY LIKE FIELDY OF KORN PLEASE BUY SOME STRAPLOCKS FOR THIS BASS.

the body;- solid. the neck;- as stated above, tuners;- as stated above, controls (2 volume and tone;- resonable tone variance (though only one tone knob), pick ups (2 jazz bass pickups);- resonable/pretty average to low, bridge;-quite sturdy, lead hole (where you're lead goes in);- fell apart after 8 months.

a perfect entry level base, just don't rely on it for stage use.

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MGR/CheeseBoy's review"Peavey Milestone II"

Peavey Milestone 3
I bought this bass at The Great House of Guitars in Rochester, New York used for $130

This bass has a classic design which is almost like a Fender bass, but the part I really like about it is it's lightweight and comfortable body. I'd recommend this bass for a beginner in a rock band, it just seems to have that rock and roll feel.

I don't like the fact that the neck seems very short. My first fret fells like the third or fourth. The color of the fretboard and neck seems pretty dull, too.

It has ok quality, definately for a beginner, nothing Paul Grey would ever pick up. But it serves it purpose.

Overall, I would recommend the Peavey Milestone II to either a beginner or someone who would like a cheap bass.

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MGR/Joby 12/07/2002

MGR/Joby 's review"Peavey Milestone III"

Peavey Milestone 3
I bought this guitar from after looking on the Peavey website after hearing Peavey had set up a new manufactoring plant in the far east. I wanted a starter bass and package for a fair price. With a gig bag, lead, set of plectrum, and microbass 20 watt amp it came to £216 ($300) it was good delivery. I heard Peavey made great Amps so I wanted to find out the quality of their basses.( I had little money in hand ).

I was happy with the whole package. The neck is excellent as are the Jazz pickups it sounds great and is a good starter bass. It is easy to play and looks good. (mettalic blue best colour) It was made in Vietnam.( definately a good point) I am just trying to add words now.

The machine heads are not the best. And the scratch board comes loose easily. Quite lame bad points if you ask me. For experienced bass players the guitar might feel a bit simple.

It is maple and rosewood and is good it has a bolt on neck and 2 good pickups. It is well shaped and comfortable to play.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a first bass for an affordable price. I would also recommend the microbass amp as a great sounding and surprisingly loud practise amp.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Milestone II"

Peavey Milestone 3
P-Bass copy from Peavey. Intended as a beginners bass. Purchased at a local guitar store for $188 in 1998.

The maple neck is narrow and slim. Very easy for a beginning bassist like me after 30 years of guitar. Tuners are rock solid. Good sustain for a laminated body. Finish is very uniform and beautiful.

The stock pickup has poor tone. It has been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Alley Kat. This has improved the sound for a minimal cost. The nut seems to be a soft and the slots are deepening after several string changes. It will need to be changed in the future.

Laminate body solid maple neck. Truss rod and 4 adjustable saddles. Fit and finish is very good no visible flaws. Pickup mounting screws are not well placed and are crooked. No springs under the pickups. Add some or replace the foam under the pickup when changing it.The neck is the strong point - Jazz bass-like.

Great playability. This is a very usable bass at a good price. Changing pickups has extended the life of it. At the time this bass was as cheap as any I could buy in the Dallas area. Since then other imported basses have dropped in price. Similar P-Bass copies can be found in the low $100s. A well built P-Bass copy with a great neck. Good for beginners.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Milestone II"

Peavey Milestone 3
I bought mt milestone as a package deal with a Peavey Minx 110 amp for $500 through the only local dealer. It was the least expensive bass they had and it looked really good.

I love the way this bass plays with the exception of the poor pickup quality. I've played some more expensive Fender bases and i still prefer the neck on my Peavey. It's basicly a jazz neck and i love it. The finish is great on this guitar. It was almost perfect when i bought it and it has held up VERY well. Durability is also great.

I had to replace the nut one time to a harder plastic one because the strigs chewed it up when they were tightened. The old plastic one was way too soft. The pickup doest have much punch or tone variety to it. The tone pot did help some, but you should remember that this is a beginner bass. I replaced the orignal P and had a J pickup installed, and now this puppy ROCKS!!!

All i can say here is this bass is built like a rock. I have treated this bass so badly and it still holds up. The finish has help up really well. Even after i scratched some of my old stickers off of the paint, a little polish and the spots looked as good as when i bought it! I played Bass-ball with it one day with some friends, using it as a bat. There is only one little dent in the back from a home run!

I've loved this bass from the day i got it, and it's lived through all the crap my friends and i have put it through. This is a very solid beginers bass, and with a little work it is a really great sounding one too. I would never give up this guitar, and it might just outlive me!! For the price i payed, I'd ive it a 5 but judging form stock it gets

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