Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Squier Standard Jazz Bass

Standard Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

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All user reviews for the Squier Standard Jazz Bass

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 2 reviews18 %
 2 reviews18 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
Vinsaw Aden Ôhm02/16/2013

Vinsaw Aden Ôhm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect for me!"

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Squier JazzBass, manufactured in Indonesia, 20 frets, pickups: 2 single coils, buttons: 2 volumes and a tone


the sound is clean perfect ergonomics (in my case) nothing to say


ideal for slap, perfect for playing fingers, great for playing with a pick (but it is not my thing)
the range of sound is not too bad, but between the amp and effects easily I spend a large dub sound very heavy and warm sound industrial cold flapping desire to slap


I started playing bass 18 years ago and I learned on a copy of JazzBass Jim Harley, then went four years later in an Epiphone LP, on which I played until September 2012. I was just looking for a small amp in ads for work at home and I'm tobe an offer on a behringer amp 60w + cettte bass, fly and 300euros for a tripod, I went to try it all and there! magic! I felt comfortable as I had never been on a low (I even had a Warwick), I bought and played on LesPaul to test the amp, and then more nothing, as if I was playing for the first time over, not good at all
I just think it again a little body paint immediately I just paint pickgard), and perhaps revise the electronics on it later, because even if it is a cheap bass, we know that our a bunch of years, and the next, for sure it will be a Fender JazzBass

jonbeg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fender Indonesian"

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Squier by Fender Indonesia, to which I added Di Marzio for a more aggressive and rather satisfying.


use is nice, it's a Jazz bass, and legendary design and ergonomic proven!


from jazz to rock thanks to a funky sound, groove becomes easier!
Note that I put a 9, but thanks to Di Marzio DP149


Good model obviously more affordable than Japan or Mexico, but to start all that evolution is sufficient to di marzio a more than respectable value for money!
Mikka Grytviken09/14/2011

Mikka Grytviken's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" There is plenty to do."

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
It is made in Indonesia and it has everything a Fender Jazz bass except that it is written Squier and the body is apparently made of agate. Finiton the body is correct even if such a big hit at my varnish colant and "pasty" as the satin of the handle fits me perfectly. FNAL So I redid the finish of the body ...


Instrument rather comfortable, which requires a small period of adjustment of the handle, but if you have the hand that does not pose particular problems. Access to acute is very much in the spirit of his "big" sister. It sounds except that the electronic fishing a lot compared to the rest of the violin. I felt that the instrument acoustically had some potential but see a definite potential that some elements did not help his development and electronics locura ...


Yeah, the jazz bass is totally my style! Once the main body polish removed and rebuilt electronics with a change of better quality knobs and microphones Tonerider Jazz Plus I can now make the most of the Jazz bass and I'm very happy. J'optient sounds I like those known to the Jazz Bass ranging from jazz to blues through the Rock and Funk ... Pasto, Marcus Miller ... slap and other greedy antics!


After four years and a change of use of varnish and electronics it gives me a lot of fun! I tried different models, I even owned a Yamaha there a good ten years and ECTT Jazz Bass is comfortable and pleasant sounds. It is not too heavy, has the sound character and is rather easy to play while taking the agreement fairly well. I do not regret my purchase!
Geo la bidouille07/02/2011

Geo la bidouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It was worth the money!"

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Made in Indonesia, I think - 20 fret maple neck - body "Agathis" 3 knobs.


The handle is quite nice (although a little late for my taste).
The frets are quite present, travel is easy and access to acute is his facilement.Le is correct.


Yes at one time, the sounds are classic "Fender" no surprises.
Combined with a Hartke amp for the stage and a bass pod xt for the studio.


four years, but I confess not to use it for some time!
I tried some competitive models, but I was focused on the "Fender" at the time, so the choice was made by himself, now I do not have that choice would do, for the same reasons (typed too!).
The Magical Flying Wille11/19/2008

The Magical Flying Wille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
See more reviews


Neck: The neck pleasant. From the electric guitar I had with the mail cart frets. You get used pretty quickly.

Acute Access: For acute there is no problem. I had fun playing Marcus Miller. It sounds like ...

Ergonomics: with Fender (Squier here) ergonomics is always good. The bass is not too heavy voir.Bon sitting and standing.

Sound: Right now I use the knobs to maximum. It gives a full sound. With the neck pickup alone I like less. Ditto for the bridge pickups. Finally rglages are infinite. The tone knob is also its effect. I like to have clear and sound prcis.Pour have a more ethereal one of enlve aigues.Ca works very use.The sound is less aggressive.

reflection on the ropes frissent: the beginning to the bass tended Frisse the string playing Mi THE FIRST fret (F) By adjusting the action a tad this problem is quickly forgotten. Furthermore, this low agreement is very long


Appropriate are your musical style?

A Jazz bass is very versatile so yes was very well be my attentes.Cette low helps me do my models. Only BMOL: I have to learn to play better on it.

My musical styles: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spindoctors, K's Choice, Satriani ...
With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I play on a Toneport UX2 or DR 880. I use this set-up for making the recording studio. Has naturally sounds better with a real amp with a headphone studio. I also had fun with my Epiphone guitar amp 25 watt. No worries ... the amp takes the blows. With the purchase we pass the amp in a Fender Rumble groovit well. APRS my seller made a dmonstration an Ampeg amp head with the big firm that will avec.Moralit 1: there is still some work before I groove like a.Moralit 2: c ' is not the bass that makes music, is the bassist. So if we find that the bass sounds rotten is not necessarly the bass ... it TFW your games.

Question I love the envelope filter effect. It's very very fun with this bass.

What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?

As I said above RULES at maximum. It gives a clear, precise and punchy with no distortion. We can do a lot of rglage but you do have that desire tripotter buttons for the sound desires.
What are the sounds you prfrez that hates you?

I do not like bass sounds too nasseau panel. This is the case with rglage Micor chevalet.Enfin this is just rglage.


I have this bass for 3 months.

I wanted to buy me a bass to make my model home. I have long hesitate between the low end and high end in just any brand. Cort was in the midrange but 500 c'tait a bit too expensive. The look was Galenti important. Active or passive? the big dilemma. Finally I told myself that I am not a specialist in gnraliste ... but I play piano, I'm writting of drum loops and I scratch the guitar. If I have the cream of achter cream for all the instruments it's a safe bet that my married life would suffer normment. "No vacation this year ... I m CHRIE 'achte a Jazz Bass American Deluxe and Ampeg gives me the eye.

Squier with this, I have a motivating and reliable instrument that gives me pleasure. Of course I prfr a true American in sunburst but good. Little fact: I played on Mexican Deluxe and Classic which does not inspire me at all.

The report qualitprix is ​​good. This bass suits me very well in this price range. I do not feel like a toy in his hands. The mechanical hold the agreement longtemps.La Legre is low but robust.

I would do if this election? H nice if in 10 years was in the bass tracks I think I'll buy another chose.Snob as I would have put money in a U.S. m'achter ct. If my kids want to make music that I give them low or Ibanez or Cort. I think the bottom line does not specially say poor quality. But these instruments are less noble. In reading the reviews on these products there are always full to say a little more money was better. Here's what you might like Jazz bass with a little over budget. Every time there's a trick that lack bass cheaper.

Squier Affinity: EUR 200
Squier Standard: 300 EUR
Fender Mex: 550 EUR (in Germany for all the Fenders)
Fender Mex Deluxe: 650 EUR
Fender Mex Classic: 750 EUR
Fender USA Highway: 850 EUR
Fender USA Standard: 1200 EUR
USA Fender Deluxe 1500 1900 EUR.

POST 19/11/2008:

I sold my Squier after 1 year. Not because it's a bad bass. I'm all in the USA and I purchased a Standard Jazz Bass Sunburst Mexico =). Opration Cot total 270 EUR on my Visa thanks to the dollar which ignores 1.55. I finally have a Fender.

Sgt.Pepper's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Made in Indonesia as many Squier.
20 frets, two pickups single coil J-Bass (one in the neck position and one in the bridge position)
2 volume knobs (one for mic) and a knob for the general tone.

For the rest, must see on the site of Squier.


The maple neck is really nice, it's a round of Bass.

Access to treble is good but I rarely go beyond the 16th fret ...

The ergonomics are classic, bass is not a lightweight.

I take 2 points for weight, otherwise it's top.


it suits my style of music (pop rock) I play mostly Beatles and it rolls.

On my Hartke A70 (70 watts) is an impressive sound that comes out of its microphones.

I put in Fender Flatwound strings 50/100 for a more roots. Do not put steel strings Pro or gender because the sound is really slamming.


I use it since July 2007.
I love the round sound and handles nice but, instead, it is heavier than a Precision Bass, or at least, gives the impression.
Before you have it, I tried a Cort Action Bass 4 strings but unavailable that day. I spotted in the magazines and bought by default, I do not regret at all. I also tried a Squier Bronco Bass (nice, I hesitate) and Warwick Rockbass Corvette (over my budget even though the bass was nice).
the price / quality ratio is excellent + / - € 300
I would do this choice as a beginner or low-up and does not part with it.


Skybichou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
For the base is known: indonsie Made, 20 frets with 2 microphones Jazz it the look of the Fender Squier is a normal!

there are 3 knobs rglages: Micro 1 (closest to the frets), 2 micro and Tonalitbr />
the handle is sturdy, thin enough so practical for small mimine
Well equilibrated and not so heavy but in the end, you can play back lontemps without suffering death


For the handle, say anything, he is fine, very simple, very enjoyable, with access to very acute facilitbr />
regarding the egonomie, say anything, it's a squier (therefore a fender) so just push a form that the body and weight very easily bearable to play stand without getting tired

The resulting sound is just a jazz bass sound, round, warm, enjoyable, slap it very easily, no need to type it in. explode the wrist, a pleasure


Jazz bass sound as said prcedement so soft, warm and well rounded, the slap is perfect, it fits everything to any kind of style (jazz mtal even at recess)

by fiddling a bit the settings microphone can easily find the sound you love (for the marcus miler for example, 2 back)

there are no complaints about the sound, the Fender sound (a little less good, but REALLY need to have a fine ear trs trs) cheap


I aquise recently, but I tried it in stores before, it all of a fender, (a sound better than my Mexican flavor)

I test a lot of model in the same price range (and even above) and I really the flash that she had everything I was flying, a good sound, ergonomics trs enjoyable and also looks beautiful (of beautiful colors), I quickly won t

it has a trs quality good value for money and I am very happy with this choice

I recommend it all short, primarily to confirm dbuttant as small purse because it has everything I got a great

Sjön's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Lower production in Indonesia. As said earlier it differs from one side by affinity toy mitigated by the knobs and the net rosewood on the back of the neck.
Agathis body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard.
20 frets, 2 micro JB at his OK for the price
Fender type bridge basic
1 volume + 1 tone micro
Handle very thin, not thick and pleasant despite almost no varnish on this model

Brief 250 to 300 euros What leaves is a very good start.


Channel end so advised ultra small mimine!
Access to acute correct, forget all the same bars on the latest boxes.
Weight in the standard, if you are not stunted you can easily make some noise for 2 hours without ruining the shoulder. Once in balance, form, general feeling with the instrument, it is a treat. It may well have a tight budget, we feel confident with direct instrument under the fingers.
The sound is of the Jazz Bass, very versatile. This is significantly less than Warwick or typed Status for example, but not what is asked. It is passive and proud of it, absolutely at ease in all styles. As a Jazz bass which


I play with my group for Funk / Soul and it's perfect. I mean for the price. You will never have the sound of your idols (Marcus Miller pif) for this award, you must know what one wants (and especially what we can!;) )

Say, dear novice, have an extension of 100 euros a grandpa on Christmas presents and forget about your plans to purchase from or Storm Harley Benton.
The Squier make us forget the bass 50 to 100 euros and the one below to 200 above, see.
One of my classmates had a low Mexican JB (allow 700 euros in stores provincial), very honorable, and I had at the time a Cort Curbow 4 which I was not fully satisfied with its level. After exploring the sonic palette of Mexico, just enough to fall in love, I sold the Curbow (bought almost 500 euros) to find me a cheap JB. 239 euros later, the Mexican comparison: my friend has been intubated almost 500 euros ^ ^.

Today after having tamed the beast, all the knobs at the bottom and plugged into an SWR Silverado is with pity that I look my fellow bass players struggling all afternoon with their a brand new Ibanez to get good sound in slap.


I have since 2005, and I like the sound balance and physical versatility. I have tried many brands and models 4 strings to play any type of music before, but with the experience if I had to change back, it would be for American JB or nothing.
The finances are not at the rendezvous at the moment, but I will keep this low life who can be an excellent compromise on the day my future will be on sick leave U.S..

10 is the pinnacle, I put him on September 1 everywhere it reaches perfection in its price range.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Made in Indonesia, this bass has a 20 Bolt boxes, two single coil pickup, one volume knob and a micro tonalitegnrale a Jazzbass what!


The handle, without being a highway, is comfortable, access to acute trs is okay though missing one or two boxes to be perfect! Play sitting, no problem, as standing by the way, this bass will hold course and let them play without a hitch, a real pleasure!
Sound is Excellent, though lacking a bit of power output, but nothing too restrictive.


This bass is for those who like low passive and roots rather, a funk, a groove, slap a worry-free (I am convinced that these games have technical t invent it;) ) I used with an amp ashdown five-fifteen of 100Watts, a compressor to compensate for its relative lack of power and distortion for fun! The best sound that I find a good background that everything old is very rewarding for my spartan games!
In a word: love


I use it for seven months, and although I'm not a report quality / price / pleasure huge, bass reliable and robust (one month without the grant, it's still just ... ), a sound perfect for my game .. what a pleasure!
On this low, there is nothing I have regrets, it is very well as it is and to be honest, I have two, in case of scne! So ok, there're going to say that two Squier, a taquinne the highway at one price ... and I prefried because the squier tural difference (not fantasy) between the two instruments does not justify the price of equart! I'm not one to look for models when the US MODELS Asia are at least as well (and not to mention the relaxation of gibson on the quality of some instruments reu store ...)
Finally voila, the Jazzbass squier is my bass (with its strengths and weaknesses), and I would not trade against any other!

kip'on's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Standard Jazz Bass
Low in Indonesia made of good quality, much better than some similarly priced guitars (Storm and Co. do not matter violin, in my humble opinion), 22 frets, 2 single JB pickups, one neck pickup volume, one volume and one tone micro acute General. In short a "real" JazzBass affordable!
The series differs from the Standard Model from Affinity finish much chiadée (nice knobs in metal and not plastic, net rosewood on the back of the neck ...) and microphones.
Its price is 300 €. The price / quality ratio is exemplary.


The neck is very thin, thinner than on most electric bass and very long but you get used very quickly. The lifts do not move too much. The body is a little heavy but it must matter to send the sound! Everything is comfortable, nothing more.


This is where it gets interesting. ^ ^
Name ...
Funkfans friends and fans as Jazzbass Miller, Pastorius, Larry Graham is as good as a good Camembert (electric) ... Forgive the comparison, but found that to say - almost - the authentic sounds of the masters! Bleuffant. There's more work than the technique!
Obviously the small does not make the weight with a high fly Fender (it is not), sounds are relatively rough. Here are the settings:
- For the Miller, the two volumes thoroughly.
- For its Pasto, acute microwave background and some micro bass.
- For the Motown sound, the microphone serious donf.
The settings vary depending on the tone settings on the amp.
A small problem (there always) is the presence of breath when playing with a single microphone.
Other than that everything is good: the finger or slap, in many different styles like Jazz, Funk, Blues to Hard! (See John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin)


This is probably one of the most versatile bass in this price range, it was worth the money! It's been over a year I have it not move a muscle, except that I could not resist the urge to défretter. The sound is really nice like that. I would do without this choice problem.