Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick Corvette $$ 4

Corvette $$ 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Corvette series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 10 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Golem's review"Warwick Corvette Double Buck"

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
One is red and one is black. One had frets and one does not. The FL has an ebony FB which is almost black and looks way sharp with the red body. The fretted black-bodied version looks like most any other black bass, very nondescript. These are the ''Double Buck'' or simply ''$$'' versions, with dual, bare-pole [mm-style] humbuckers and lightweight swamp ash bodies. The swamp ash has been slightly sandblasted which makes the grain very dimensional. Looks cool.

They both come from GC clearance sales ... otherwise they'd be kinda pricey. I've seen GC tag used ones at more than the clearance price for these new ones. Funny company. Or at least their computers have a sense of humor ....

These are NOT heavy like the bubinga and other exotic Wicks. These are lighter than most basses. The twin humbuggers and control switches offer various useful tones even with the active EQ shut down. You CAN shut off the active EQ, and the passive PUs will keep on keeping on. The controls and choices are quite a story so I refer you to the Wick website ... but I like a thorough set of controls, and this ax goes there.

Despite all the cool controls on it, the EQ is only 2-band. The MM-type PUs can be split to single coil, but there is no dummy coil [so they are liable to pick up line noise, rf, etc].

The two cost cutting measures that bother me at all [2-band eq, and no dummy coils] are not actual ''quality of build'' issues, but I'd still consider that a lack of maximum total quality. But I find no other faults except for the battery access cover, which is a traditional gripe with Wick and I'd rather suffer that, than suffer the ''traditional'' 7th fret dead spot on certain other basses ..... So build quality is really fine. The bridge and tail piece allow adjustment of action height SEPERATELY from adjustments to match the FB radius .... so you can experiment with height without disturbing the radius. PU height screws are machine screws in threaded inserts [not wood screws]. Build quality plus great hardware details like the adjustable nut ... that's what makes for total quality. This bass scores high, but not top rank [that lack of dummy coils, the limits of a 2-band eq ... ]

The fretted $$ is a really nice bass, but only the FL version is truly outstanding. The fretted is versatile, comfortable, a really likeable bass, but not really set apart from it's somewhat similar competitors. You can pretty much interchange it with certain offerings from EBMM, Spector, etc. Being among good company equals high praise ... it's your money and your choice. But the FL version really *IS* set apart from it's worthy competitors. The sound of the ebony FB is very evident. The special nature of the bridge adjustments [see previous section] means so much more to an FL player. As an FL, the Wick $$ offers things the competion does not, including a piezo option [got that on another wick fl if you wanna read another review ... ] The overall playing experience of any bass is hard to describe objectively, but the Wick experience is exceptional, as long as you like fat necks. If you only dig pencil necks, you'll never get used to a Wick. Anywho the fretted version ranks barely a '4' and the FL ranks just short of '5' ... so the pair definitely gets a '4'.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

pascaph's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very low practice"

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
- Made in Germany
- 24 Fretes
- 2 MEC humbuckers
- Active and Passive Mode activated by push / pull
- Volume / Balance micro / Equ 2 bands (high - low)


The neck is super nice (thick shape, flat surface keys) structure, especially for people like me who have small hands. For cons, I find it a bit long and access to raw block may be a bit tiring at first but got used to it quickly. Access to acute is his, genuine, much easier than on a JB or a musicman, thanks to the 24 frets.
This bass is very pleasant to wear strap, because the body is small and the bass is very well balanced: a treat.


I play this bass on 3 types of amp: ashdown little bastard / Gallien Krueger MB200 / SWR Headlite. She is very versatile and can play any style of music (rock, pop, reggae, blues) thanks to the EQ 2 super efficient and multiple combination possibilities microphones bands (series, PARALLEL, ..) really impresive!
This is the lowest with which I mean the best in the mix of my group.


I use this bass for 2 years. I had a Jazz bass, Musicman Stingray and a Ibanez SR Premium. Warwick is equivallente all these excellent bass with can be a little more character (she joined a little this side of the musicman), allowing it to penetrate the mix of the group, which is super convenient to get along .
On occasion, the price quality ratio is unbeatable. I remake this choice without hesitation.
Mouloud Holywood08/16/2011

Mouloud Holywood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Beautiful wood, beautiful electronique"

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
German made high quality.
I have a version with 4 strings
*... An exotic wood handle (ovangkol I think) 34 ",
*... 24 frets on a key Wenge,
*... Swamp ash body
*... 2 MEC humbuckers with a high output level,
*... 2-piece Warwick Bridge
2 + 2 *... mechanical oil bath
Preamp with a *...
-....... Volume (pull to switch to passive)
-....... Micro scale,
-.......cut/boost serious
-.......cut/boost acute
-....... A micro switch for use in single, double parallel or double serial
*... The lock strap to hang a strap
*... A nice bag + original maintenance kit.


What struck me first is that it is beautiful!
You may say that I pat a little on the navel, but it's been two years that I have and it still gives off as much nobility and charm.
Why? Because it is wood.
It's not you tell me a scoop, but now you can tell because the bass is not varnished. We are dealing with polished wood and oiled. We can touch, caress, see the fibers.
In addition, oiled ash colored honey, ovangkol more fibrous and tough, which is naturally dark wenge and ultra hard and resonant dark chocolate, it offers a harmony but also a variety of touch and color.
In short, what I'm getting at is that the handle is not only fun to play, but just to touch.
It's stupid, but a low one wants to cuddle, there is often and it helps to advance: o)

What makes it even better is that the body is smaller than the massive and pervasive Precision Bass, rounder more sensuous. It is also more original. I like.

Then, the bass is fairly well balanced. I did not notice it leaning here and there. The weight is reasonable, but I have a good template there so maybe I'm not sensitive, o)
Is accessed fairly sharp in my opinion there but I confess not to go more often because I like the big boxes.

I bought it used, then it was set to the hair. But any store can do this if you can not do it yourself. The bridge is adjustable in all directions.
I store and transport in hard case, so that despite the change in temperature or other, it never goes out of tune. I check before each performance, but it has changed as a micro hair b. .. beard!
A bass that is the tuning (which was not the case with my previous low-end) is important.

On the thick rope, I fitted a mechanical Hipshot detune with a small lever to shift in D of E in 5 / 10 seconds. It really is a gadget that allows extra on stage to chain without wasting time.

The preamp output level is quite high.
It is easy to overload the preamp stage of the amp where it connects if it is not cut to accommodate a Warwick.
To study, I have a small combo Fender Rumble 30-watt tilte in less time than it takes to premature ejaculation to take leave of Adriana K (Pierrot thank you for the formula!)
But if you want to connect to the modest hardware, just to calm the monster by putting the switches in a central position (single microphone) or by taking the volume to switch to passive mode.
Not a breath or a crack in electronics: super quality.

After reading other reviews, I see that some have experienced reliability bp (lock strap, truss rod). Mine has no problem.


Easily obtained a sound, the sound is good.
on the other hand, was it whatever you want, must see.

The EQ is very effective and micro switches offering multiple combinations very different palette of sounds is impressive. There is a serious one hears with his chest, midrange and treble you hear with your ears and you hear a great energy with his belly.
There are so many sounds available, and one could say this bass very versatile and flexible.
But one thing that is not versatile at all is always found a big power, a desire to vibrate.

Sometimes called "grain" or character "angry".
It may be that the instinct of life is known as ...
According as we played with the fingers, the bass can cuddle the public or his stick a big stick of dynamite in the belly: o)
And as we play over the neck pickup, or above the bridge pickup, the sound is still changing.

The only downside is that even if one understands half of possibilities in 5 minutes, it takes time to feel the second half and although the master product.
But it is also a richness that makes you never tire of it.
This is the kind of low that couples with an amp that amplifies, and that's it. It is the instrument by which the sound.
I found good associations with Genz Benz Shuttle and TC Electronic HR.


So I for 2 years and I used a lot.
Before, I played on an entry-level and Musicman loan for 6 months.
The corvette $ $ plays in the courtyard of the Musicman.

She is beautiful and has a very efficient mail.
Bought 750 euros, its value for money is excellent for me. Looking back, I jumped at the chance again!
If the key store price € 1400 I think it remains a good deal. Especially since everything is negotiable; o)
If it again, maybe I'll try to find a model with neck-through rather than screwed to improve sustain.

I tried many things in the store before buying, but it is absolutely clear the lot for me ...
The Musicman I liked too, but they are much more expensive.
Yamaha TRB1004 also had more standard sound, but the look of the Warwick gives it a distinct advantage in my little heart of bass wood; o)
The US Fender Gibson or other less over me, and Ibanez.

I think it's an instrument to try that place in the myths of bassists.

nicoclaire6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great sound"

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
In which country was it made? Germany but SMI edition distributed only in France

What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)?
Passive MEC MM humbuckers in apparent plot, series connection, parallel and single coil.


The handle is it fun? very nice

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)? much smaller than a jazz bass

Do you get a good sound easy? ... with the independent adjustment of the microphones, it is time to adapt but the sound is very versatile


They are suitable to your style of music? you can play a lot with


How long have you use it? 4 months

How would you rate the quality / price? very good but I feel that by playing, the reasons go on the body at the wrist and sound settings.
RenatO fUzzz03/06/2010

RenatO fUzzz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
low industrial production, so there is not a stringed instrument ...
I find it still stands up very well compared to the German American example!
he who finds a fender or a rick well settled on that name!!


The handle! course is impressive but we made it very well ...
the weight gives the sound so you have to accept it ... but not non-catalytic more!
For settings is very simple (for knobs) because when they are all zero CA SONNE!
Once in game if you want more or less bass or bright preamps are ultra sensitive and effective!
The "catch" it switches the pickups ... too many choices kills the choice .. lol ... I change regularly to the delight of my musicians because it gives a new color to my game.


I use it for funk and Afrobeat with a rich set ... everything is clear, discernible and present ...
I changed my mind for a SVT3PRO AMPEG BSE to calm the ardor of this instrument ... EBS is already an amp with an aggressive, so the $ $ it was hard to master ...


I often say I want change but I find nothing better .. and I can tell you that I tried and tried bass ... whenever I'm in a new city a new country I try my new main bass but I found none as versatile even at higher prices ...

thegoofisonfire's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick not necessarily synonymous with quality!
A handle 24 frets, scale 34 "
a high action at the start, hard to fall, making it a low slappeur, see bastonneur!
big sound, 2 humbucker pickups with passive switches on each pickup (single coil, double parallel or serial), a 2-channel preamp (severe acute +) it is a fact !!!!!!!!!
what makes it least that's the problems I encountered with the handle: the screw was blocked and can not set the handle!
Then there was the nut adjustable graphite case.
the strap locks Warwicks wear so decided very quickly to the point where I only had time for my ratrapper low accuracy, because it was taken down! :-S
and finally for a bass that is close to € 1500 in nine ds stores in France, I expected a stronger patent, and the painting of acastillages.
the bridge in part 2 is great, if that goes wrong is not alone!


Its a pig with a high level, with switches on the microphones that can go out every possible sounds, from jazz to musicman bass. always with his woodlot and a high level!
The handle is pretty special. It is holding a baseball bate the top, and refined as and as we approach the 12th box, for access to the very acute nature!!
given the number of possible combinations of microphones, and the drastic effect of preamp, there will be a little time to adapt!!


Size is very impressive run for the woods and resonance.
the beautiful rumbles like thunder on the finger, and slap the sound is crystal clear!!
large output level!
For my part I use ropes EBS 105-45!


it sounds great, is versatile, BUT:
I had this bass new, and puzzling qd seriously brand warwick!
Even if the sound is everything for this low price (+ to 1 minimum wage) the fintion aged very badly!!

girulo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
It's a nice little German Warwick acquire a superb two-part adjustable easel in all senses (Aesthetics is the bridge trs treats with "W" etched into it and Moreover, all the bass exudes high-end finishes in the care of) but strangely there is no floyd . this bass has a volume knob splitable to be able to put in the passive as active (which can save the day was a failure pile in the middle of a repeat). By active, it has a potentiomtre volume, one of Tone, a boost for acute and a boost for the bass. passive in that it no longer has the volume knob and Tone and kings slecteurs three positions that are also active. The handle is a bit weird but I got TRSA: it is flat to the acute and trs bomb to the head. it is composed of three parts of ovangogk but are so agencies that it is hard to see the view when a sparations in touch is perfect. What may be surprising to beginners is that the handle is as dark as the key, but this is not a problem at all. The bass has 24 boxes which is very practical for the solo crazy. except that a bass makes no crazy solos ... ^ ^


The handle is rather odd but enjoyable trs. As I had a second low APRS trs aria old jazz, the handle seems to me "bucheronnesque". And it's true also that it is not a mad dpart simplicity but rock a little nervous, it is very well. Access in acute is very well think I have nothing to say (I'm even trying some small solos alone in my room, but the effect is rarely perfect: I am not a great virtuoso). gnial the body: the shape is versatile though plutt versatile rock ... The body is lightweight and pokey what is pleasant. the shape of the horn suprieure looks a bit like a ... Finally, voila.
Getting a good sound is quite difficult: the plug. ^ ^ Srieusement more I use it mainly passive and I think she has not a patch trs especially when I play alone. However it sounds trs group well (I play with a ibanezien and shuffled well.).


I play hard rock and this bass is perfect: it sounds gross rock but not heavy. the slecteurs are simplistic to use: at the top: slap and funk in general; the very bottom: the rock from ZZ Top to Pink Floyd as the tonality and a more soft rock: there slecteurs the middle: it is not life grand?
My amp is a Hartke (bass kick 12: I highly recommend it elsewhere: very strong and it sounds great with this little corvette (like a rhyme with shrimp) and I have only r Gler the legalization for the DSIR and the button's shape as well. I do not use effects.
I like all the sounds of this versatile low trs (Mrs. Russ year I get jazz sounds)


I use this piece of art for a year (I started the bass two years ago) if I took it because I had no ide that wanted a nol and I flashed it. I tried to feel good by trying other basses but in vain. I am much this low of a purely Aesthetics but in the end even when it is necessary to play a little hard on the strings to have beautiful sounds. I believe that this low blow APRS was not worth its price too: it is true and it is a real book in hair (other post will tell you better than me) but it does not worth 1000 euros that I have dbourss: it suits me well but however before making this choice I will look more closely on other models (including the arodyne splitting

Albireo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
- Made in Germany
- 24 frets, two MEC Humb
- Bridge at Warwick typical two-part
- Volume knob (push / pull-acitf liabilities), balance microphones, boost / cut AIGS, boost / cut serious slecteurs two pickups (single coil, double coil, winding SERIES)

For more prcises SPECIFICATIONS, you ca easily find on the site Warwick (data sheets are by downloading free).
The girl comes with a gigbag impressive, a pot of wax Warwick, its manufacturing documents, a technical manual, rags to cuddle as well as of rglages cls. All this fits perfectly into the gigbag to be 100% mobile ^ ^
Rating: 9 / 10
I do not see what could be added ... this bass can be a knob for mids but I do not know if it would effectively trs t seen the effect of severe knobs / dj acute standard ... I think I'm quibbling ...


- The handle is it enjoyable?
Frankly, the beginners ... no. I tried to start MODEL 5 string and I t took a cramp in his left hand after 5 minutes of play the 4 strings MODEL me more agr Able but one advice: forget what you have experienced. The handle is round with a relatively lightweight mplat in its center (like a semi-oval in fact), but fear not, after a few hours of playing everything will be better;) Frankly end to Premire level boxes, you'll have no trouble reaching the Mi Its roundness and especially its thickness in the body are quite impressive at first, but it should not be relied upon, the interface is well think and also no problem to type in Most recent internship boxes ^ ^
The handle has a very spcial coating, a kind of satin as the body instead of a conventional varnish, it's really enjoyable trs, we feel we played on the wood. If hands are dirty from hanging against a fast, but good, has costs nothing to be clean when you go have fun with it. Point of view I have no problem sweating like this, a slip always alone ...

- Access in acute (dernires freight) is it easy?
As I said before, no worries. I have big paws but I do not think a lot of problem arises with the views of the dcoupe body. Strangely I had more difficulty to play on the E string in the middle of the handle in the treble, because the transition-Warwick surely Cort ^ ^

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
Aesthetics ... devastating. A body "sexy", beautiful curves, an aggressive look thanks to the bridge and Warwick typical double microphones. Mine is black with color marks veins trs "Nutella", it is therefore not too low mtaleux precisely thanks trs small body. I love the head with the "W" nacre mcaniques and styles, all agree trs well, we can not stay indiffrent.
As for the weight I had a little trouble getting used to. I am not a MODEL in the righteousness of the back, used to play a little curve here has stuck. I play with my strap gnralement rpart weight, has caused me some back pain in beginners (let's be optimistic, at least it reminds stay upright ^ ^). When seated, the head lgrement picnic, which can interfere when jumping from the middle of the handle to its extrmit but outside of this case really no problem, I find m I support that it takes my left hand against the stable. While standing on the other hand it is trs balance regardless of the position in which you hold (higher or lower or horizontal).
The dual microphones to ask beginners problem. They are frankly colls each other, trs prs strings for potato, I t rude sometimes by clawing ... The solution is simple, adapt his game I spent a lot of hours to the rducation, back and forth with empty string to find how to play without running continuously on the microphones. It does not have 100% rsoud the problem but the fluidity of the game is better. To play against me by mdiator place between the bridge and the first microphone, the strings are stiff but I prfre trs: I do not hit in the micro. To play slower and more groove I place myself between the handle and the second microphone, the strings are too elastic, but I got the I do not worry. Otherwise, I place myself between the two microphones, fingers emissions to be trs trs always near the small central space. Finally, everyone will find its mark, it's only a matter of habit I think ...
Level knobs you do not get lost, trs is intuitive and lightweight classic with a "click" into position intermdiaire. The slecteurs are also very easy to play or ACCS, to really find the sound that suits us.

- Gets it easy to sound good? ...
... Warwick sound. I plutt Amateur Thumb grain of origin, but the Corvette me first attracted to its price, then the $ $ for its versatility. The sound comes out alone but I have some problems with my sometimes verging against Mi Most recent internship frets when I tickle a little too ... go with my luthier next week will arrange a free if not thanks to cls provided with the bass can be easily self-same rgler I think precisely because of the frieze Mi ct "elastic" strings home when I am between the handle and the second ... mico change emergency. I did not know normment brand of strings, but they are quite fitted by Warwick dsagrables. I would add my impressions this topic once a new set of strings on my beautiful Mount
Rating: 8 / 10
"Warwick, eight points!" The pickups could be better configured, it would have been a 10 ... but the truth is that one or two more centimtres to cart and t have total happiness. The handle on him is not involved in the note, I am quite used to it now, it's just the beginners of the transition is surprising but it relies on fast


- Appropriate are your style of music?
Versatile. The knobs are trs effective, well-branded micro balance, nothing wrong. The slecteurs microphones also are quite impressive for its effectiveness from a "normal" TRS enveloping sound. Plutt I play rock / prog, it should trs what style it is very easy to go into a blues groove even though powerful riffs mtaleux.

- With what (s) amp (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I play on a small Line6 LowDown 75W, 10 'with modlisation. Until this combo Submitted relieves me of effects pedals (you can choose between a "clean", "blues", "rock", "synthetic" and "grind" (very close to Muse so also rgl)) that captures what I want.

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
The something for everyone. Plutt home in the mediums, if I want good bass brands I turn two knobs and I what I want. Need support in a more lightweight solo? It affects slecteurs microphones to fade a little. Submitted want to play more with a battery? Single, dual microphones and a little toward the handle. The rglages agreed right away and are a child's play, less trs be (too) picky you can always find the sound you want.

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
Pluttmdiums low-and thinking to buy a 5 string, I finally faced my choice rvis this little gem. It sounds Warwick, the slap is impeccable ... I do not see what I could dtest ... she is wonderful.
Rating: 10/10
She MRIT. The sound is fabulous, it possde a grain dcrire difficult, I would say lgrement nasal but the best is to hear self-same. I do not know anyone who does not charmed by his singing. It could go higher in the notes, I would climb 12 ... ^ ^


- How long have you use it?
Only a month ... I rviserais notice in a while;)

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
What I like? The magical sound, the dcoupe the body color with veins, the frets SPECIFICATIONS Warwick, his head somewhat commonplace, the straplocks scuriss a spcial mcanisme the gigbag given with high bills, etc etc ...
What I like least ... for now this Satane rope frieze (but hey, you really play hard and fast is the limit of haggling ^ ^) and wood that marks quickly trs quickly. I am my worst nightmare and trsmticuleux is to leave marks on my jewel ... bad luck the first day, unaccustomed to weight / size of the bte, she met the edge of my office once or twice. The traces are tiny but it made me a little ... rler

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Enormment. 8 months of active search through all brands and MODELS ... I almost DCID for a Fender PB Aesthetics leaving me in spite of its marble, its even butterflies that I really do not like but indniables quality. After a few weeks I came across a Warwick Thumb, I fell in love and I did when ds never ceases to run APRS this brand ^ ^

- How do you report qualitprix?
The beautiful is worth its price. No forcment trs affordable yet the quality is l. I really can not complain, not to mention super gigbag in which I sleep if I had no qualms leaving my bass in my bed so uncomfortable compared ^ ^

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
Without a doubt. My only regret is never having seen the MODEL in red is to say xD With the same budget I resume without hsiter. Now I have a Warwick Thumb Bubinga with a view to complter my collection, not really comparable both in the sounds of rates, the Corvette $ $ was a real charm and Fidler made the brand.
Overall rating: 9 / 10
Apart from the pickups, my criticisms are those of a perfectionist. I really look for the small bte hsitent but for those who still go for it! This bass is a wonderful play, I sometimes take it just to hear its sound by scraping the strings empty ... I may be crazy but I think she has shown me how conquered)

Ha, for the story, buy new 995, 1100, but the vendor has officially concd a bonus of sympathy ... ^ ^ (Even full price I would have bought all fawns ...)

kinder_guano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick 4 string bass made in Germany with a gross chtite mouth between her silky tones and microphones impressive.

- Swamp ash body, tinted matte black and oiled, leaving really show the wood grain.
- Bolt, laminate ovangkol 3 parts, oil finish.
- Diapason 34''
- Key wenge, 24 brass frets mediums (specialty Warwick), no marker button (but marks are present on key).
- Mecas oil bath Warwick.
- Output jack.
- 2 huge blocks M MEC passive. Large humbuckers with a fairly high output level.
- Electronic active MEC: Volume, blend (mix the microphone neck and bridge, with a small hard spot convenient position in the middle), 2-band EQ active bass and treble with center position.
- 2 mini 3-position switches (one for each microphone): down, winding in series, split the middle position with hum-canceling, in parallel with the winding position.
- 9 volt battery in the electronics compartment, the plate can be removed without tools to access the battery.
- Bridge Warwick two parties (and adjustable in all directions!), Black like the rest of the hardware.
- Adjustable nut too, but it is not the good old brass is used (I loved the strings sounded like fretted), but a self-lubricating material (graphite?)

Bought a few days after the obituary of my Fortress, I&#39;ve kept a month. When you buy by mail, always ask the seller to pack, so that the bass does not move one millimeter into the flight and loosen the strings! The Fortress of my trussrod snapped because of it, impossible to do on the spot, at the time of signature of the carrier bl <img border="0" />

In short, after 200 km to try (and buy it in the wake), I finally have a new chtite Warwick ringing.

The fit and finish are excellent enough sober! The woods, like hardware, breathing quality is formiveilleux!

I forgot: it comes with a kit adjusting keys (the key trussrod is huge), a manual of 250 pages (all of the Warwick, in a dozen languages).
A cover luxury Warwick, all the papers of the beast (warranty, serial number, signatures of the techs who bossé it throughout the manufacturing process) and the special wax Warwick.

Base, it is equipped with Warwick Black Label strings 45/105.


The handle is thicker (capacity) at the junction with the head, but it does not interfere too much. This handle is not too late (as opposed to the SR500 Banez, for example) or too thick (heuuu, the Stingray that I tried).

The shape is that of all the Corvettes, very ergonomic (stomach and cutting to let the forearm). But access to acute is not fantastic. Well, for what I play in the 24th box, I tape a bit actually.

The weight is really good, it is in the category of low light, not like the Corvette Bubinga which must be heavier than a Les Paul as my Fortress Ni maple.

The knobs are not too close to the ropes, but quickly accessible, impeccable.

However, given the size of microphones (width and height, with these pads impressive) b&#39;en there, it can be a pain in the ass.

They are placed very close to each other to enjoy the "sweet spot" where the strings vibrate when the best and harmonious sound the best (from Warwick).
Pilepoil where I used to play with a pick (so we can already see traces of Med &#39;on the neck pickups) pilepoil where I work laboriously to slap / pop on the "pop" my fingers bump against the same microphone. Not too much problem with the game on the fingers, but sometimes I accorcher from time to time on the pads. I&#39;d have a bit more down the microphone neck. Damages, offset by a big fat inch toward the handle (or just plain like the Mr. Bongo), there was no problem.

Boarf, I begin to get used much, but clearly there is less space than the eternal J / P.

I think this bass is balanced, as my Fortress, however, and just never felt the sensation of head leaning down as others have felt, whether with the Fortress as with the Corvette.

Details con, it takes the agreement (this was the case with my Fortress, not with my Ibanez SR500)

Added 08/03/2007: over time, as this bass is always a real lightweight, as I love its sound, as I find the handle uncomfortable: rather chubby on top of the handle, then damn wide and with this damn not really natural flat along the handle. Damage, the touch is excellent, however.
The two blocks are arranged so MM really annoying, they are definitely too close to each other. To be safe, when I play with fingers, I always positioned between the microphone neck and neck, but it&#39;s painful. They should be spaced to my little fingers.


A vacuum is fairly snapping. Certainly due to the strings recently asked. And also the swamp ash body
The sound is more bright and vibrant with the SR500 I had.

Hop on the branch (preamp Ampeg SVT-Pro, two to three effects pedals, mixing desk and PC for now).

With the possibilities offered by electronics, this bass is much more versatile than its mouth to let gross thought!

The pickups, although passive, do not blow, unless the abuse of the treble boost. Quite normal.
Corrections electronics are super efficient, the midpoint on the knobs are welcome.

Micros series, we are left with an incredible bite (also without saturating an amplifier is not for big pickups guitars metalheads!), A dynamic and accurate welcome. It sends the large
In series, the micro bridge is scabby, micro neck is quite round and full of dynamic.
In parallel, the sound is softened, much less bleeding, we end up with more roundness and warmth.
Split, the overall level down, but not dramatically. And then even more softness and roundness.

By mixing the pickups, the combinations of coils, buffs, we are left with an incredibly rich palette of sounds! Yeah, his mouth chtite raw hides a truly versatile low indeed!

Added 08/03/2007: I&#39;m still crazy sound of $ $!
This bass has made me addicted to MM pavers. Superior dynamic range, a sound goes with it. Of course, this is not an avalanche of bass, it is more prone to deliver meds and high treble. But it catches up very easily by pushing a little low boost, without abusing it.
Snapping sound quite naturally, we can obviously adjust the EQ with two bands, which is effective.


I did not really buy the Corvette $ $. I had spotted the rascal, but did not have one day.

I found my bass with the Fortress. When she let go with my budget, it is the Corvette $ $, a MM SUB or, b&#39;en ... Banez one or a Cort.
But I&#39;m so broke with the Fortress, and so much shit with Banez, I turned this mark of my list.
There remained then the SUB and the Corvette. Not even had time to try the SUB, the $ $ after a quick test me more.
Too well, since I&#39;m starting to really love the design and of course the sound (yes, with Warwick, I preferred the F. .. I know, I&#39;m heavy with the bass).

Added 08/03/2007: Over time, I am far less euphoric. Blame it on the handle, which really does not suit me, but hey, it must be due to my morphology of shrimp, and available microphones. For the rest, b&#39;en is always a very good bass.

Added 01/08/2010: Resold ... I&#39;ve never done or the handle or the location of the microphones. In hindsight, no, I do not redeem.

vttxtreme's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Warwick Corvette $$ 4
So I will not repeat what has been ennoncé in the previous opinion on the characteristics of this pretty low ...

- Made in Germany
- 24 cases with 2 humbucker pickups quite impressive ... (Switchable in series, parallel or split indépendemmment from each other)
Easel warwick
- A volume, a balance between the two microphones, an acute, severe 1, and 2 switches for the pickups
- Channel Wenge


After several days of use, I find it super fun to play, the handle is neither too big nor too thin and soft. Access to acute is average for the last boxes are not m'enfin solos guitaresques every 5 minutes ... lol

Played sitting position is good, for standing against the strap with it stings a little nose but I think it's the body that is small enough compared to the length of the handle ...

I took it in burgundy red, the color is gorgeous, the wood grain also braf ca change from black!

Then in sound ... from an ibanez GSR200 this warwick ... ca ca has nothing to do about it! The sound is superb, a bit too shiny for my taste but it just may be that the origins of string? You can really have all kinds of sound, big sound to the metal with the pickups in series sends serious, like a well rounded bass for other styles like rock, funk, reggae etc ...


The sounds are perfect for my style of music since I play metal, I was looking for a bass with a big sound, I'm smitten from the first second I have tested it!

I play many amps in rehearsals and at home, but it made me rediscover my amp (marshall 200W 4 * 10) ... In terms of effects, just a compressor Electro harmonix ...
I have a SansAmp but now I think I will ever need ...


In conclusion I confirm everything that was said in the previous opinion, for example when playing with a pick ca rubs a lot of mics. I use it for a few days but I hope I would do a long way with! I love its sound, its look, its red color (for me), versatility ...

Bought 920 euros in Pigalle, I think it is a great value given its level of finish ...

This choice I would do 5 or 6 times without hesitation! LOVE (after we like it or not its warwick!)