Yamaha RBX170
Yamaha RBX170

RBX170, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha RBX170

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 14 reviews )
 6 reviews43 %
 6 reviews43 %
Audience: Beginners
heads on fire03/04/2012

heads on fire's review"Great cheap bass!"

Yamaha RBX170
This RBX170 bass from Yamaha is a four string model. It has a solid agathis body, a bolt on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, and a headstock that is not angled (better for durability). The hardware is decent quality Yamaha brand. Pickups are Yamaha brand also, a P style and J style. Electronics are passive, with volume, tone, and blend controls.

I'm usually pretty open about instruments - even though I've had a lot of esoteric, bizarre, vintage, and uber-boutique gear, I'm still not a snob about price. If an instrument is good, it is good, period. But I do tend to look down upon any solid-bodied instruments that have an agathis body. In my experience, every agathis guitar and bass I've played has just had an utterly dismal tone, even when pickups have been swapped - until now.

I just bought this bass from a local store. It was used, but still has the factory pickups in it. The bass actually sounds good! It is no MEC or Bartolini setup, but the pickups do a great job of showing what a decent P and J combo can do. The bass can play any style, honestly.

I was most attracted to this bass initially due to the playability! There is something about the string spacing and neck carve on Yamaha basses that just fits my hands perfectly. I picked this little jobber up just because it was extremely cheap, and I didn't want to put it down! I've been trying to up my bass technique, with the Victor Wooten style double thumb. This bass is perfect for my hand for trying to get this down.

Overall, the bass is a wonderful deal. The street price on a new one is under $200, and I honestly got mine for $50 used. I figured I couldn't go wrong at that price, and now I'm happier than a clam!
King Loudness12/31/2011

King Loudness's review"Great beginner level bass"

Yamaha RBX170
The Yamaha RBX170 is one of the lower tier basses in their line, but it's still a force to be reckoned with if you're looking for a cheap yet easy to play and great sounding instrument. They're built in Taiwan and feature an agathis body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard and 24 frets, standard tuners and bridge, and a pair of pickups, one P Bass style in the front and a Jazz pickup in the back. This offers versatility that you won't find in the average Squier or other cheaper basses. It's available in a variety of colours, but the mist purple is great looking and stands out from the pack.


The design of this bass ergonomically blows away a similar Squier bass. The instrument is quite light and the shape is extremely player friendly. The fact that it has 24 frets is a huge plus as well. I particularly like the feel of the neck and how strong the upper fret access is (getting to the 24th fret is not a problem at all.) I'm a guitar player, so I like basses that are easy to play, and this one is probably one of the best cheap basses I've tried in that aspect. Getting a good sound is very easy. It offers both the thicker more strident P bass type tone as well as the punchier and clearer J bass tone, so you can have either one of those or even blend them for some fun.


This bass sounds pretty good for being what it is. The stock pickups aren't to the quality of DiMarzio, Bartolini or Fender, but they do a good job here. The P bass pickup is great for thicker, more bass heavy tones that require a very big and full sound, whereas the J bass pickup is clear, bright and articulate, making it ideal for lead lines or a more trebly tone. This makes the bass ideal for a variety of styles, and combine that with the easy playbility and great design, and you've got just an excellent bass on your hands.


All in all I think the Yamaha RBX170 is a great bass for anyone looking for something that's not too expensive, but has the quality, feel and tone of basses that cost a fair bit more. They are about $200 new which is a killer deal considering the excellent design and quality that goes into this. It will blow away a Squier or other cheapo bass, so give one a whirl!

tilmanjulien@live.fr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ideal for beginners"

Yamaha RBX170
Made in China. For the rest, see more ;)

Construction Bolt-on
Scale Length 34 "(863.6mm)
Rosewood Fingerboard
Radius 10 "(250mm)
Frets 24
Body Alder, Agathis or Nato
Maple Neck
Covered Tuners
Bridge Vintage Style
Pickups Split Coil x 1, Single Coil x 1
Pickup Switch N / A
Controls Front Volume, Rear Volume, Master Tone


The handle is quite nice and ergonomics ... It is light and everything is accessible. We quickly get the sound you want ...


This bass is versatile and I think this is why it is done: an entry-level Yamaha made for the beginner who does not yet know to what they are going to turn. It can slam, it sounds very round too. Adjustments made, it sounds. With this bass, I played a Fender Rumble 25 Galien Krueger Backline then a 112. Since it serves as a decoration, I spent a few lines above ;) I appreciate it for what it is: my first bass and therefore a good memory.


I use it now for 8 years (although I really do not play with for a while). I have not tried a lot of style, I followed the advice bassist store. It is nice at all levels, ideal for beginners. The value for money is very good if it is only with time, little things you notice: the entry for the jack does not contact well and is no longer as it should, it has a small fall and it is split ... Now, I do not think I was gentle with her. She suffered all my attacks beginner ;) I recommend this bass to anyone who wants to start low ... It will motivate them to continue and to spend € 1,300 each day for a Fender ;)
Nukta v3.010/29/2012

Nukta v3.0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" + + + Quality / price ratio"

Yamaha RBX170
I got this bass as a beginner to record a few lines and resample ...
I can say (malgrès my limited knowledge on the subject) it is perfect for beginners and have a quality sound.
It is very light and the neck is not wide that promotes learning.

In short if you are a beginner and you have a little money, go for it! it will last you a while before moving to a higher quality

tiffa59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good beginner bass"

Yamaha RBX170
See more advice, I think everything has been said again and again!


I am very beginner bass player, this is my first bass and I wanted above all an affordable price.
Frankly, for its price, it is excellent!
The handle is really nice, it is lighter than some I've tried and at the form it does not bother me at all, sitting or standing.
Is a good sound, but, again, and I generally felt the strings of origin are changing quite rapidly. Personal I have not even changed after two months and a half without playing every day, because the lowest string bordered, it gave a dirty sound. At first I thought the set to, but expert opinion, there was no adjustment to make. So I changed the strings and frankly the sound is more pleasant now than a week ago with the original strings!


She sounds suitable to your style of music?
I pass when I know well enough to convince me to play bass let me place!
As against the level of sound, I could only say that I prefer high to low, wholesale. But read above, I have not had time to really get used to the grave!


So I use the bass Yamaha RBX-170 for 3 months, and I tried dozens of lower before I decide! I think I had to go to the store at least 3 or 4 times a week for one month and a half before I decide!
My favorite heart went low because this pleasant, not too heavy, and detail, Old Violin Burst Sun, it is just beautiful!
At value for money, I will have one word: great! Once we changed the strings, we played on the new strings, we say that yes, we surely do it again this choice, but by changing the strings on the day of purchase!

Zerothe(bass)hero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Low (the Rock) pout all ..."

Yamaha RBX170
Made in Indonesia, traditional bridge, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets.

Agathis body shape ... Yamaha. Chamfer to chamfer arm but not stomach.

2 mics PB + JB, vol / vol / tone.

Specifications of quite ordinary for this type of material. Not enough to whip a shredder.

The violin, if it does not use rare woods, however, is exemplary, far better than the Ibanez or the same price Squiers.

The strings are to replace the original acquisitions.


The handle is a total success, in my opinion. Ibanez's are too thin, and I think this affects the resonance and overall feel. The sleeves are like PB too massive that we walk (a little) on the neck while singing. The varnish is well posed no problem.

This mash is adjusted without worries, the truss-rod is effective and progressive. (Me with 45-105, but there is a margin)

The frets are well finished, a good size. All boxes are easily playable, both sitting and standing.

The overall ergonomics brooks no criticism, the weight is quite reasonable, although less than a PB.


Only drawback, the rosewood fingerboard is very dry and pale, suggesting the use of a wood species of dubious quality. A soak abundantly lemon oil before use.

Hardware side, the Mecas are very good and reflect the agreement even after transport cover. No sticking. Oil bath.

The stand is cheap, but less than 200 euros, do not dream. Another detail, the cavities are not shielded and the plate is screwed to the electronic "relief", not in a flat. This does not affect the sound remains noise free.


Low resolutely turned towards the Rock. Surprisingly, the micro PB accuses a lil blow soft, JB microphone deliver excellent sound. The volume pot does its tone, without more, the bass is passive, it does not get a treble boost.

Played on a 300W amp with a 4x12 to c **, the sound is very good, with output levels comparable to a Fender true even if the sound is more "rough" or fat, less precise.

To avoid or to ape Flea Mark King. A book for fans of Geezer Butler and Steve Harris.

8, because BP is the mic on the string of feeble Mi


I tried everything, saw my old age. JB, PB, Peavey etc. ...
This bass sounds like bass any bassist Rock. Offered in several colors, it allows
- Start properly without disgust to play on a Tenson or Jim Harley.
- To continue when we play well for a price may consider modique.On concerts and studio on this little bass.
- To have a backstage that can be relied on for more filled (passive, no batteries or complicated electro)
- To have a base upgradable to wish if we can find secondhand.
- Have, like myself, a cheap bass that does not fear the bars from the depths of the campaign and festivals where we usually had shaken ... not a Fender or Alembic.

Should be 10 with a better microphone PB. 9, however. Mine will be entitled to a SPB3 or EMG shortly.

Big fan of Fender, we must recognize that whatever the range, Yam is always well placed. RBX range proves to be the lower series shows the Pacifica for scratching.

Poire-Abricot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amazing"

Yamaha RBX170
View previous posts, everything is already said.
Mine is completely sanded (hence the price of 80 €) and a friend I must paint it.


The handle is very nice although a little wide and thin. He quickly sore thumb (I usually play on an old Cort Artisan C5 with a handle end and super smooth so good say)

To access the treble I've never had as much ease! Access to the 21th fret is without force! What happiness! and beyond the frets are very accessible but it is not my chosen field.

The bass is more or less balanced, being a fan of KoRn style is perfect for me. It is very light, especially compared to my Cort, 2000, in good solid mahogany.

The sound level accurately adjustable potentiometer, 2 volumes and a tone that works very well. Rendering the sound is great, to switch its aggressive finger velvety sound slap.

Each microphone fits his role well: good bass for the neck pickup and treble crados for the bridge pickup has essentially the height of my pickups.


Playing mostly metal it suits me very well.
The sound is very fat, very fat (I play on a behringer BXL3000A) and low to render evil with the overdrive channel (which is nothing but a boost).

I love to feel the amp cruncher at my fingertips, the former owner who put together the microphones, just push harder to magnify the sound.

However I do not like the bridge pickup with the tone down. The sound is thick and poorly defined. But with the tone from 20% this problem does not arise. In slap tone with a background sound are just too slammed, it must modulate enough to get serious.

For the tribal music, I can not get a sound quite full of medium, but the bowl 15 "is for something.


I use it now since November after finding on the right corner.

When I started on bass 2 years ago, I owned a yamaha rbx270 that I sold to buy a Cort Artisan 5 string old in 2000 (a vintage dung compared to today).
But I missed that old bass and I bought the lower model, used almost as I judge best.

I love the look of this bass, very neo with a small body, the sound is monstrous when it is set, it has no buzz and now 3 years.
The handle is very comfortable, very round, but a little too thick, it should be just that I can practice.

After being brought to my music teacher, this one asked me how much I had paid, "200-300?". No no, 80 €! "Some people are real pigeons, this bass is 2 times more!"

My sound is probably the very dry sanding Integral my bass and I like it.

This is the best value I've ever seen. It's as if I bought a wheel and they offered me the car!

I do not regret myself separated from my first bass for a chance stumbled on this one. Probably a huge fluke.

AlexBadsmile's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My first bass ... not disappointed!"

Yamaha RBX170
Lower manufactured in Asia, in acheuté Milonga for 189 €
Agathis body
Neck: Maple referred
Vintage Bridge
2 microphones, microphone and a knob for a knob for tone


The Channel:
Before playing bass, I played on a folk guitar with a low-end stick as thick as a buche ... the difference was dramatic! The handle of the RBX170 is fine and very fast, unvarnished real highway!
Access to acute frets is easy, except perhaps for the last two, that being said, it's not a bass and guitar =)

The Body:
There is a small hand rests comfortable when playing with a pick for the game to the finger, one thumb rests on the bridge pickup, and it's gone!
Body and handle are very well balanced, the attachment of the strap is well positioned

The Look:

Very Pretty! I own the model with a varnish that is closer to orange, nail looks very end, and lets see just below the beautiful shine of wood. Listed as luting and finishing is not bad at all, nothing left to desired


The sound? because I did not much like, this section could be incomplete, that being said when I wanted a particular sound, I managed to get it!
I play on Fender Rumble 150w, usually in clear or with a little distortion added by the amplifiers.
Nets mounted on plates Addario.

The neck pickup alone is exactly what I expected: Although heavy, with deep bass but a lack of punch. It is very good! but it's pretty hard to do crunches

Bridge pickup: Rock Sound! beginner, I do not play a lot with this microphone, but its a was a big mistake, he gives all the personality of this bass. Finger as a pick, it is very powerful and round, by modulating a little while we come almost to a close of his "Jack Bruce" in Cream. Crunch it fairly easily, metals see them happy!

Both microphone and playing the tone: It comes against a standard set by turning the neck pickup to the max, the bridge was half and half a tone too, has left the modulated amplifier.
I just wish it is not possible to switch between the two microphone, which then allows to put forward during the low crossing busy with the bridge pickup.
Side slap, a friend slappiste said she was pretty good, even mounted flat nets.

The sound is okay and modular, to be here a versatile bass.
7 / 10 for lack of personality of the neck pickup


Overall I would say it's a very decent bass for a beginner or a sophisticated wanting to explore a little. The value for money is not bad, it was not the best coffee in the world but frankly it is very forward in its price range.

7 / 10 is just right, I never had to complain or sound quality of the product since I use it (already 1year and a half)

BakaPowa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good choice for beginners"

Yamaha RBX170
Made in Indonesia (it's written on the back of the body below)
Channel set in maple and rosewood fingerboard
24 frets
Standard Precision Bass neck pickup and bridge pickup type jazz bass
3 knobs: 2 volume and 1 tone


Handle very nice, well-designed shape for sitting and standing, with the strap, balance and more than correct.
Access the latest cargo is done without any difficulty.


Sounds ranging from rock to funk to blues
Brief pretty good what.


I tried several lower in Milonga but in this price range, the Yamaha that really stands out from others.

ghighi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha RBX170
Manufacturing Asia (China?)
Bolt maple rosewood fingerboard 24 frets Agathis cops
2 single coil pickups (precision + jazz bass)
That's classic!


It should be noted that I am not but bassist guitarist. I used the bass to complete my demo on my home studio. First grip: pleasant. The neck is fairly thin and easy, access to acute (even if not in use really low) is easy. The instrument is balanced in weight and fairly light, so comfortable.
At the sound of the pickups give a typical configuration ..... classic!
Nothing special, good output level without too balanced, with perhaps a tendency to hum the bass. But I think it comes more from my amp (Kustom 35 W.), as in direct + home studio via pedal, it disappears.
Note that the strings in series must be real shit because I had a change and I see the difference with the original ones in terms of its definition (and yet I am a big fan of the strings "rinsed" and anti new ropes)


For the style I play (rock / blues) this bass is perfect, no effect, direct, some adjustments in EQ, and that's enough. But as I said before I am not a guitarist and bassist, so maybe (and probably) less demanding.


I've had six months and I do not want to change. I do not regret my choice. Level quality / price ratio hard to beat (€ 200 new) I admit that I hesitated in this one and Ibanez in the same range but € 60 more expensive .... not justified!