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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Boss ME-25

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Statcho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" This is the digital ..."

Boss ME-25
Boss ME 25 is known for characterisic see many cards and video.
It has everything you need. The USB Audio reliable, the Aux input is useful, headphone, stereo and mono output. Can run on battery or AC (transformer not included, of course).

It may lack a direct XLR output.


Usage is very simple. You get lost a little at first but quickly takes in hand and a little out quickly clean sound. THE out about its expected is another story.
It is important to remember each time what effect was used here and what value was taken there ... except for tweaking it is very complicated.

The big defect (ie staff) is that the knobs do not turn to infinity. If you change the drive by keeping background and want to finally increased Param A compressor that was worse in a low, barely on the knob will move the compressor will start to bottom.

This parameter is adjustable anyway. But endless knobs is better.


The are are more realistic. But they are pretty darn deaf and it is very complicated to make a real sound slap an acute makes you bleed ear.
By adding this COSM effect "sourdeur" is reinforced as I expected that my sound becomes serious.

Of the 60 pre-programmed memories there are many that I find quite rotten. Sounds poorly defined end accounts. They take a lot of space in the mix and ultimately did not play the role of the guitar nor the bass ...
This is especially true for large stuffed fuzz Satus and which fall within the big amps.

In contrast are clear are pretty good although they lack even slamming well compressed (the compressor is average I think)

Once working, you can find a sound that suits us quite easily. But still a compromise.

I have friends who were conquered in 200%!

Notice that remains personal.


Overall, the pedal is very well finished, it is robust and connectors are good.
The loop is nice, it takes a little time to find the "trick" to be well off the pace. The freeze is funny. Some say they use live, I personally would not do me served.
It's still a complete super pedal combined with a good amp can really be great.

If like me you play in acoustic pouries and want squeezer your amp and use the simulation, remember! Even with the COSM is not great. It is better to just go with a good head, it is more efficient or outright disconnect the HP (if possible) and bring the table out of the output preamp combo or even the power output through a loadbox (which reduces the signal sent) if you love the amp.

Anyway, in my case, the Boss ME 25 is not the solution. Its too dark, and not always convincing simulation.

gregzerozero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good and less good"

Boss ME-25
Multi effect pedal, editable via PC connection complete, all-metal ....


The Usage requirements are very simple, sound editing is intuitive once we have understood, like all multi-effects.
I want to buy one or two effects pedals and a looper to as I play with an electric scraper and for the price there was the ME25 which brought together all in one pedal, the foot:)


Then the gate is ca ..... sounds are purely home boss: stifled ... So much for a distortion as it passes the rest is more delicate. If you make the very hard rock or metal, no problemo it for you. Otherwise, we would have less effect preferr and preset but better qualities. I play with a Gibson LP DC or a Fender tele deluxe mod on a Laney VC and I can not get released and subtle sounds. We realize all the sounds eaten by the pedal as you move from one Regleg as clear as possible to the mode or pedal tuner is bypassed or it gets the sound palette. For the rest full of button that serves only half as having foot changeable presets and preset sounds or you are forced to stoop and push a small button.
The looper is great, simple and effective


I use it for a year of 2 different amps and guitars with two different and my opinion is mixed, good for rock, live and rehearsal, a condition of not wanting to subtle adjustments. strength issue, it sounds great and the connection is very good