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All user reviews for the DigiTech RP100

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 26 reviews )
 12 reviews46 %
 9 reviews35 %
 4 reviews15 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Christopher M. McBurney07/18/2018

Christopher M. McBurney's review"A Nice Value For the Money"

DigiTech RP100
Considering this unit has a little built in drum machine, for the low price (available used for $20-$50), its a great value. Nothing like playing along to drum tracks to improve your playing and improvisation. As a multi effects unit, it has alot of effects (some good, some not), alot of distortions and sounds (some good, some not), and the ability to save 40 of your own tailored sounds (this is great). I personally didn't like most presets in the unit (and almost gave it away), but you can create some genuinely nice sounding sounds w/effects as your personal presets. The noise gate works great (nice for noisy high gain amps). In short, it's easy to write this unit off as kinda crappy if you don't spend some time with it. There are some very nice sounds lurking within if you have a little patience and get to know the unit. Then add a little drum machine, noise gate, and tuner......and it becomes a steal at say $30 or $50 bucks used these days. Plenty worth picking one up for that low investment. Metal chassis too, built rugged.
MGR/mikey jensen03/21/2005

MGR/mikey jensen's review"DigiTech RP100"

DigiTech RP100
This was a gift given my by my dad for my birthday a little over a year ago. He paid $160 Canadian for it. It was bought at a store in Fort Frances Ontario Canada.

The Unit does have a lot of sounds and effects. It's easy to program (although it takes a long time) and generally easy to use. It would be an alright pedal for beginners doing their first recordings. It really is a beginner's tool. But for those people who don't have a lot of money, or nice equipment, it basically does the trick for practice or studio.

I would NEVER use this pedal live. I've played a lot of shows since i got it, and i've never taken it to any of them. there is absolutely NO volume synchronization between effects. the distortions are way to loud compared to the soft sounds. If you ever have to switch between soft to distortion in a song, PRAY that you have a nice volume pedal.

It's also not very sturdy. 2 of the nobs have broken off, and all of a sudden, the built in tuner started thinking my C tuning was a G# tuning. i have no idea how that happened. So now i need to borrow my bassists tuner for gigs.

the construction is simple, medal casing around cheap plastic buttons. The casing feels sturdy, but the buttons feel really easy to break (as they are) and like i said earlier, the sound quality is passable.

Bottom line, If you are a beginner, and you do some studio work, and dont have a lot of money, than this is an alright pedal. You will need to spend time reprogramming the settings, and you will end up replacing it eventually, but it's an alright pedal in a pinch. but NEVER use it live unless you have a nice volume pedal that wont change pitch.

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MGR/Spencer W.11/07/2004

MGR/Spencer W.'s review"Digitech RP100 Effects Pedal"

DigiTech RP100
i got my RP100 for christmas from and it costed around $80. I had had my guitar for a while (not a very good one) and i thought it would be fun to get something to make playing guitar more exciting.

It combines many interesting effects into one unit at a reasonable price. A good product for a beginner guitarist. It has a cool drum simulator. Pretty cool different amp types to simulate through the pedal.

The effects don't sound excellent...hard to customize your own effects... causes a jumble of cords... you need to buy your own adaptor plug (batteries don't last very long)... lots of effects sound the same (loud and distorted)

I would say pretty good quality. An individual pedal for each effect would sound better... but it would be much more money and maybe harder to work with. I think that the RP100 would be better if it had more buttons on it, making the process of creating your own effects easier. I just find that the way it's built makes the pedal difficult to work with.

If you want 40 effects, get this. I have found that i think i would rather have like 6 seperate pedals... each with their own effect. I would describe this as "so-so". Not excellent, just okay. I would instead find out which effects you would want to use with your guitar.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Digitech RP100"

DigiTech RP100
I bought this unit at Ken Stanton, a local music store in Atlanta, Georgia. I only paid $90 for it. Heard great things about it and that the effects were incredible especially for the money.

The rp-100 has many effects including 9 amp modelings and lots and lots of other effects. These include anything from reverb to music compression. Lets you create your own sound or use 40 of the factory presets. Also includes 40 artist presets. You can also add an effect pedal from digitech or boss. I added my digitech metal master and got incredibe new sounds and variations. Lets you mix up to 11 different effects at once and save them to th rp-100 itself.

The only thing I didn't like was the qality of distortion. It sounds great though if you add a effects pedal. The only problem is you have to pay another $100 or so for the distortion pedal.

The rp-100 is made out of medal so it holds up incredibly well. The only flaw is that it has plastic pedals.

Great effects processor especially for under $100. Lets you do anything you could dream of.

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MGR/warchicken's review"Digitech RP100W"

DigiTech RP100
I bought this online for 80 bucks. I used the Musician's Friend site. The service from them was absolutely awesome.

I think its stupid to buy an amp just because of the effects that it has. Amps should sound good with the signal you normally run. Also, you can get amps much cheaper (and in my mind, much better) by purchasing models that just have a few channels and some whopping volume. This pedal is the perfect addition to one of those amps. It's got lots of modeling for solos, cool riffs, or any style you want to play.

The one thing that makes stomp boxes better than this is the fact that you can turn them on and off and your signal stays playing out the amp. Unfortunately, if you want to play a song using 2 or more presets, there is a slight delay between the shift. It doesn't work well for that. But it is excellent for shifting styles between songs.

It's not a solid as my other Digitech stompbox. It's made of thin, lightweight metal and has plastic pedals to shift presets. I would rather have it sturdier, but it hasn't taken any damage as of yet. If you got the deal from Digitech that offered a GIG pak, you would receive a bag to keep it in while traveling. That might be a good idea.

This product is awesome. It provides unlimited styles. It can produce a Mesa Boogie rectifier, a Marshall Stack, and lots of other amp models from Fender, Vox, and many more. Then, you can top it off with 12 different kinds of effects, a few variations of delay, and a cluster of reverbs. This is a fun product to fool around with.

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MGR/Ch's review"Digitech RP100"

DigiTech RP100
It cost me like $100 in a store here in mexico

Well I've had this unit for a year now and I like the fact that you can edit everything very easily almost without any effort

Sounds are a bit confusing, I mean the effects do not sound like real or like the quality y expected. Also the tuner in the unit is very weird, it doesn't stay still, tunning your guitar in this is really desesperating. The switches are very close to each other and make very difficult to press one without touching the other, specially if you are singing and can't get distracted watching your feet.

It's real hard metal but I would have to say mine got broken on the jack, it really suprised me cause one day I was playing and suddenly it started sounding distortion instead of my guitar sounds. I haven't fixed it yet but I'm going to get a Boss Me-33 instead, I've read some really good reviews about it.

It's a good effect processor but I think there are a lot better one's in the same price. If I was with $100 I'd rather buy a zoom.

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MGR/warchicken's review"Digitech RP100"

DigiTech RP100
I ordered this online at Musician's Friend. It cost 80 dollars.

My amp was pretty plain. It had only equalization, volume, and distortion. This multi-effect pedal opened doors of possibility. With huge delays, choruses, flanges, and pretty much every effect I can think of, this pedal changed my sound a lot. It can really make a good song great.

The ads are kind of misleading. It states that the pedal can run 8 effects at once. I assumed that meant you could run eight different chorus effects, flanges, phasers, etc. Instead, I found that you could only run 1 of those at a time in combination with other things such as pickup and amp modeling. Still, the amp modeling has come in handy. And the reverb sounds cool when recording songs that are supposed to be in certain places (open meadow, church, etc.)

It's not as durable as my stomp box. It is made of thin metal. If it was any heavier, the pedal would probably weigh a ton. Still, I don't think it would take much abuse. Luckily, I received a free gig bag for it when I bought it.

If you are running a standard amp with no effects, than this little pedal is perfect for you. If you already have effects in your amp - More power to 'ya.

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MGR/cody davis12/10/2003

MGR/cody davis's review"Digitech RP100"

DigiTech RP100
i took it from my friend so i didnt pay enything

i like how you can create your own effects and save them and the drum beats to play along with

no peddle

its built well

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Digitech RP100"

DigiTech RP100
i strangely never bought this!i was given it by my music teacher because it was old stock!it had never been used ever for 2 years.

i think the effects are top quality!it also
looks real favorite effect is the
AUTO YA it is just fab!there is also some nice strange effects.

i dont like the fact that theres no expression pedal.i also dont like the plastic pedals!i think that if you are not careful the pedals may break.

apart from the pedals i think it is beautifully made.i haven't had it long enough though to give an opinion but,from the look of it,it seems as if it will be bomb proof.

all in all a nice pedal,very econmical (i know the average price!) and also can be used for anyone.i have heard that it can be put to good use by plugging it into a p.a/moniter but, i haven't tried it yet.

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MGR/George's review"Digitech RP-100 Multi Effects Processor"

DigiTech RP100
Had this gig coming up and I started looking out for an affordable multi effects processor for my guitar. The one that caught my eye was Digitech RP-100 with a price tag of under $100 ($90 to be more precise)

The RP-100 packs in quite a lot of good features and each effect is better than the the other. The range of distortion that is available is quite extensive. Each effect can be customized to suit your liking. Programming effets is quite easy since you can select one of the 40 presets available and then store upto 40 presets of your own whole retaining the factory presets too. The built in rhythm (drum machine) is quite useful for those who prefer to practice alone.

There is nothing I could think of except an expression pedal (which is available on the RP-200)

Although they look quite solid, they are quite light and may tend to move around if you're stepping on them too often. They're tough and can take a lot of beating.

For anyone who is looking for something under $100, I'd say the RP-100 won't let you down. And to make things easier, over 300 presets are available on the net (be patient & prepared to spend time programming each of them) In short, its value for your money.

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