Korg Guitar multi-effects Korg Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Korg Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - Psychedelic_Max's review


    The effects available are IMPCABLES! I even try on a crappy little amp of 10 watts and sounded good! It is also the fact that we can btancher it to perform its stro (enregisterment of 16 seconds in "loop"). UTILIZATION Fconfigure trs simple. For …

  • Korg PX4

    Korg PX4 - e-axe le vieux's review


    Lots of effects, the routine for these devices now. For bulk effects: chorus / flangers and reverbs, delays of (TAP), etc. .. The rest of the amp simulations, simulations of high talk, a noise gate should forget etcJe full but there is the Korg web…

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - Passociable's review


    11 types of distortion including a metal very nasty if you know the rule (I get the same gains with my peavey bandit 112 with a distal ring especially good for metal ... Other styles are not to be outdone ... I found on the net patches "pre-conceive…