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  • Fender Vibrosonic Reverb

    Fender Vibrosonic Reverb - "Punchy Fender Vibrosonic Reverb"


    I purchased this vintage Fender tube amp (circa 1972) in the mid-80s and enjoy it tremendously to this day. Over the years it has had the usual work done (replacing dried up capacitors, new tubes, etc.). It is now 2019, and is still a fantastic amp…

  • Mooer Black Truck

    Mooer Black Truck - "Great Tone and Packed with Features" has images


    SOUND: The Black Truck offers plenty of tone sculpting possibilities. The Hi-Gain component, for example, allows you to either hump or scoop the midrange, besides there being a Tone …

  • Power Play KSP210

    Power Play KSP210 - "Acoustic Guitar / Bow and Arrow!"


    This was My Power Play KSP210 acoustic Guitar/bow and arrow! Now I'm not saying the neck was bent but there was a bus from the string to the 12th fret. The best thing about this guitar is the photo (and yes I do know how poor the photo is...) It was …

  • Yamaha ps 55

    Yamaha ps 55 - "To complement my tech sheet entry"


    Pardon my typos. Please see my tech sheet entry. 1973 sounds right. This is a very powerful keyboard, designed to run on two Roland Cube amps.YOU MUST NOT Y THE TWO CHANNELS TOGETHER. It is true stereo and instruments are weighted according to onstag…

  • Eastwood Guitars Backlund 200

    Eastwood Guitars Backlund 200 - "Great playability, clear biting tone and a unique Backlund look" has images


    Features Weighing 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg), the Backlund 200 guitar has a mahogany body with a polyurethane finish (it comes in blue, black or red, whereas the model I’m reviewing is blue).…

  • Empress Effects Heavy

    Empress Effects Heavy - "From biting sizzle to massive tones"


    SOUND: There are some good demos of the HEAVY and playing one live does not disappoint. However, it does proves that YouTube compression does not do HEAVY justice. As the manual indicates, Channel 1 produces a heavy sound that is thick and punchy, …

  • Victory Amps V4 The Countess

    Victory Amps V4 The Countess - "Fantastic Cleans and Chewy High-Gains"


    SOUND: Incredible tone driving this 4-valve preamp barely scratches the surface. I’m in awe at the Countess V4’s clean channel, with its vibrant, detailed and glassy tones, ranging f…

  • G-Lab WW-1 Wowee-Wah

    G-Lab WW-1 Wowee-Wah - "Diverse Setup Options and Ultra-Clear Signal" has images


    SOUND: Some wahs have a growl or dirt to them, which is fine, but I found with the Wowee-Wah is how it stood out in the mix due to its great clarity. Certainly its non-potentiometer …

  • IdiotBox Aquabox

    IdiotBox Aquabox - "Fat Distortion + 3 Octave Variations" has images


    SOUND: The Aquabox can sound heavy to downright massive, although it depends how far you want to push any of the octave controls and the Drive. The drive is very organic and raw soun…

  • Tapestry Audio Fab Suisse

    Tapestry Audio Fab Suisse - "Great Sound that Enhances Your Current Gear" has images


    SOUND: Tapestry Audio developed an amazing sounding overdrive. Definitely not a one-trick pony, you have three types of drive with a very useful EQ; and the drive sounds good even wh…