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  • Roland JP-08

    Roland JP-08 - "Very small – but very mighty, too!"


    So this is a miniature analog-modelling synth rendering Toland’s high-end synth from the early 80s (1981 precisely), the Jupiter 8. It seems sturdy and is quite heavy considering its size, which is quite telling as to its building quality. After a…

  • Denon DCD-S10II

    Denon DCD-S10II - "This DCD's a great player"


    I’d been after a good CD player for years, and had tried a huge number of models along the way. I don’t like buying something without knowing it well, so I had to have a practical experience of it before buying. But while this series of tests h…

  • JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2

    JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2 - "Simply prodigious!!!"


    This piece of software software allows realtime conversion of a guitar’s audio signal to MIDI. Other versions also exist for use with electric bass and violin. (though while it was designed for these specific uses, nothing prevents you from using i…

  • SKnote SDC - Stereo Double Compressor

    SKnote SDC - Stereo Double Compressor - "An excellent plugin!!!"


    I’ve used SKnote's SDC for mastering purpose, it perfectly completes my previous plugin list. I originally intended to buy UAD’s Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, but the SKnote’s price aroused my interest... :-D For a mere $29.99 (approximate…

  • Fender Engager Boost

    Fender Engager Boost - "Great Quality, Low Noise and Effective"


    SOUND: Extremely quiet for a boost pedal, Fender’s Engager Boost produces very little ‘ssshhh’ noise unless it is turned up all the way (which makes it very loud and on the verge of clipping your signal) or if turned up too much with a distortion pe…

  • Zvex Vibrophase

    Zvex Vibrophase - "The Most Beautiful Sounding Tremolo?" has images


    SOUND: The Vibrophase can produce sounds from subtle to complex, can mimic a pulsating tremolo or phase-type waves, but with its 4-stage phasing technology it produces incredibly beautiful sounds that take a tremolo-phase to new levels, as demonstra…

  • J. Rockett Audio Designs Immortal Echo

    J. Rockett Audio Designs Immortal Echo - "Clean, Clear and Easy-to-Use Delay at a great Price" has images


    SOUND: The Immortal Echo is best described as clean and clear. This pedal is at a very good price, which means it is more of a barebones pedal than some other delays that may offer several types of echo with modulations, etc. However, if you’re th…

  • Cort Source

    Cort Source - "Super rare, "Cort Source Performer , WOW" " has images


    Peavey 20w, Jazz Brazil Funk music Hard to precisely time it since there is no serial anywhere, after a search I would say late 80s early 90s. Top craft, finishing is uppermost, great amazing acoustic power (not plugged in), tone and balance are su…

  • Hufschmid Guitars Helldunkel

    Hufschmid Guitars Helldunkel - "Simplicity, quality, beyond happy" has images


    This Helldunkel (which you can see on the pictures below) is my fifth collaboration with Patrick Hufschmid. Before this one, we have worked together on a seven string superstrat back in 2010, a six string mockingbird-inspired in 2011, another six str…

  • Blackbird Guitars Ukulele

    Blackbird Guitars Ukulele - "A bit expensive for a beginner Uke but no reason it couldn't be"


    Blackbird is a Californian chordophone manufacturer that make Carbon Fibre Guitars. Also as part of their range they make a nice looking Tenor Ukulele (so long as you can live with the old Henry Ford "any colour you like so long as it's black"; and I…