Schecter Hellraiser C-7
Schecter Hellraiser C-7

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johnrae's review"Phenomenal"

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
The Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Hellraiser is a seven string, 26 1/2" scale electric guitar. It features a 3-piece Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Mahogany body with a quilted Maple top, 24 jumbo frets, gothic cross style inlays, EMG Active 707-TW pickups, a Floyd Rose Original Tremolo and abalone binding. The tuners are nice Grovers, and all the hardware is black chrome. The controls are 2 volume pots with push and pull coil-splitting capabilities, a tone knob and a 3-way directional toggle switch. The construction is absolutely top-notch, everything is done perfectly. The fit and finish is beautiful, the abalone bindings are done right and look great. The deep, dark red finish is awesome and heavy.


The guitar is a dream to play, very smooth and fast action. The neck will feel big for first time players of a 7-string, and it is. Despite it's wideness, the neck is still very fast and comfortable to play. Access to the upper frets has been no problem for me, though I do have long and thin fingers. It could be a little hard to get past the 22nd fret for some players due to the lower cutaway, but I've had no issues. The instrument is not to heavy, but it has some real substance to it and could possibly get tiresome to wear for long shows, I'd recommend a high quality strap so it doesn't irritate your shoulder.


The sound is phenomenal. Thanks to the extended scale and the fixed bridge, the attack is very well defined. I use guitar mainly to play deep, slow drones and it does that job perfectly. Every note is clear and defined and sounds awesome. This guitar can get some DEEP sounds. It sounds great clean or with extreme distortion. Overall, it performs awesomely and has done everything I've tried with it to great success.


Overall, this guitar freakin' rocks! It's great for anyone who plays a heavier style of music. It could easily go from scorching solos to Satriani style legato down to deep and brutal riffage. Anyone looking for a high end metal guitar should seriously consider this.

nicolasmarty-omega's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" versatility"

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
steering dual airbags ...
Korean manufacturing, no one on the floyd,
24 xjumbo cargo, a tone knob a split bridge pickup volume to go from double to single coil and one for the neck pickup with the same system of split and a 3-position selector
2 EMG active pickups 707 tw
set neck


ergonomics does not dive well balanced, lightweight flat handle super easy to play nice with good access to the treble.


the types of sound
this guitar can really tap into every style involved the microphones!
have two humbuckers coils are cool but two humbuckers which will also go on this simple fact we totalements four distinct types of sound is great!


I use it for about 6 months my first 7 string most of this guitar are the pickups, good value for money
Oliver Sp@rk06/28/2011

Oliver Sp@rk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Must!"

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
version without floyd, beautiful finish in its white livery, it throws!
for the rest, it has been said.

Note: not provided original flight case (damage)


Compared to my dean RC7G United States which is my reference in terms of ultra-thin handle and fast (but not the same price ...), that of the schecter is a bit thicker but it is also fast and very pleasant to Play!

In terms of form, just we regret the absence of chamfer on the table that is a bit embarrassing for the forearm, but it is

Access to acute no problem.

In short a guitar that exudes quality workmanship.


I use it in a register metal, pop, rock ...

with microphone splitter, we have great clean sounds good slammin.

and EMG 707 in distortion are in their element, it is perfect and it sends the heavy! (Connected to a Rocktron Prophesy 2, 2:60 brunetti power amp, cab V30)

to shred it clear, hot, fast ... what more?


I use it for one month, in addition to my main scratch.

I am amazed by the high quality of manufacture, handle fast and pleasant, the sounds are really excellent issued

A strongly advise!

hugodc1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
Schecter Hellraiser C7 Dark Cherry ...
CHARACTERISTICS same as above mentioned.

Finish class that slap at beginners I wanted to release "black" but following an error, I found myself with that in the end what I prfre MODEL least "some".


Premire is my 7 string, so I can not compare with other 7-string that I could have but the ones I have tried, by far the one I liked the most.

The handle of a 7-string Drout is the very first time, it was more like having a bass that Great. After two days of intense learning (I am a true left-hander who plays right handed guitars), we forget that June 1st string.

APRS this time, you get used quickly to new diffrence, you can enjoy in the end of the highway which serves as the handle is re-discovering the 24 cases without contortion exercises and it finally has full ear jewelry.

Weight! Yes you can feel after one hour standing ... but a good strap grazed, asser wide and the problem is forgotten


I play mainly mtal noisy (black death, brutal death and stuff dead) although it is well typemtal, play split 707 allows me to play now and then other stuff mtal as, for example, slap, bossa ...

Even if I play mainly split B. But the 3-position switch (N / NB / B) placed on the NB 707's gain down a bit we get a more color without being too "intrusive", that is what a apperu able to Hellraiser!

I play with the tending plutt beef (0.67), coupled with an ENGL invader randal climbs XLT 4x12 with Celestion V30 4 or 8ohm, gives a sound that will make you weep with joy to first agreements.

Not for the sensitive, the use of the audio hardware can cause life dgot any other sound that would not come all this ...


I've had a year and since my life is perfect, lotto, women, work ...
Plus, the sound is a bit picky beginners which requires a minimum of sound exploration.
Least, the weight that you're not going to cause back strain, but even when one is away from the weight of a yukull!

I tried several MODELS, notament in jackson and ibanez, I wanted to try also with Dean (rusty cooley signature) but it had just come out and is expensive.

The quality-price ratio I find it a good rev, buy 860 new in Switzerland by a contact who knows someone who knows someone who knows other people who know why I ' I got this award ...

In hindsight, I would take two ... useless I know. : P

Necrofagia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
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Extra has this level, except the 707 handle that I prfr be a 81 / 7


Handle high-speed polish anything off (normal for a 7-string), a key in bne (I am a user of the bene ferving) extra, frets that I like: not too high and not too wide
Access in AIGS is extra thanks to their Systm stick with al 'ultra access' which gives the feel of a neck-through, so no problem that prevents heel to get in 24!
Beating down the beast a little (normal with all mahogany) but thanks to its form "Start", it is well equilibrated gnialement not pride a bit, the extra at this level!
and for sound ... It's easy ^ ^


I play mlodique death, but also a lot of other stuff, kind of hardcore to prog Soilwork (Dream Theater) through any other music, and every time I get a get a sound that is perfect.
I play on a VH100R (Laney) and ca serious here must!
Microphones in serious, clean, sound beautifully warm, round, I love it! and thanks to the two volume knobs in the middle position, you just play with the tone and volume and I get Russia worthy of piezo acoustic sound!
The microphone handle, the clean sound is nice, a little colder and banging and the neck pickup, but it's still enjoyable trs, and cons, on this mic, disto ... arf ... it leaves a little adsir ... is not AC is good but not great.
The microphone 707 as a warm, prcis, round, when we want to give a good rhythm in the big attack well saturated, on tape, and micro'm not, does not give potatoes they wanted, it's a shame ... but otherwise, there is still a great microphone!
I put as a result of 9 707 in bridge that lacks a bit of potato ...


I have been using prs a month, and I can not have the rest, I almost dlaisser the 6 strings for this C7!
I thought that taking it as a transition from scratching my Wash and a large 7-string, but I think in fact the big 7-string, it's her!
I prfere home? wow ... everything! the possibility offered by the two volume knobs, the handle super enjoyable, the look really nice, all mahogany, Access in acute traversing ropes, finally, everything what!
Unfortunately I did not try masses of 7-string before because they are rare in stores lyon ... but I find for cheap and I knew c'tait of high-end I started anyway, and I do not regret at all, but then, not the least the launch eyes closed!
The report price is fairly good quality because of competition and has all the top brands!
With exprience, I refer this choice probably, if I have another 7-string has to, I think I would probably see at home! too bad they are not of RR7

jahal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
Korea Manufacturing
. 7 strings
. Mahogany body profile / flamed maple top on Black Cherry color with pearl or abalone binding
. Ultra Access Channel, 3 parts glued mahogany / rosewood fingerboard 24 frets, jumbo frets (abalone Gothic Cross inlays)
. Diapason 26.5
. 2 EMG humbucking pickups 707
. 2 volume / 1 tone / 3-position selector
. + Bridge tailpiece, TonePros / TOM, strings through-
. Grover oil bath
Colour Gloss Black - Black Cherry

Equipment level, not much to report. It is designated for the metal and equipped accordingly. It's simple and effective is a modern configuration which I think ranks among the most relevant (thank you the mahogany body and glued the handle).
IMPORTANT: The guitar has two volumes, one can enjoy the famous effect toggle switch (Listen to the solo Wake Up RATM). It's a little more really nice.


As for the handle, I think it's one of the main strengths of the instrument relative to the rest of the production 7 string (I think mainly Ibanez, and to a lesser extent, ESP and LTD).

- The handle is wide enough (logic tell me ...) but there is no concern I assure you even with small hands. Do not be afraid ;-)
The neck is very flat and the key is fine polish. this type of profile can really be comfortable on. It's very nice and really comfortable.
The action is very well set the strings are fairly close the handle and any effort to make this game to the next.

- Access to acute smoothly (the cutaway is perfect) and is reminiscent of the Ibanez RG.

- Ergonomics: the instrument is a reasonable weight, slightly heavier than the average of the mahogany. The body has an ergonomic design for back comfort ACRU. Level playing comfort is truly a guitar of choice.


Let's go into the heart of the matter: the ITS

So now, if you play the Bossa Nova go your way.
Metal is a guitar, and my opinion is based on this aspect.

My config: Peavey Triple X, peavey 4x12 cabinet, Boss Equalizer G7.
In full: A high output level for the position of sharp, very precise in the bass, treble that look good. The grain is much less a rock Seymour JB example: you get an EMG with its less aggressive but more rocky. If we stay on a metal base equalization we are in the territory of Slipknot. It is easily possible to erase this point thanks to a Boss GE7 by boosting the mids a little, it becomes heavier and more dense. We'll hit more home metallica (period ... And Justice for all) or Nevermore.
It's pressure without problem, and important detail: when you play a little evil grin appears on your mouth without you is paying attention ... A sign that does not lie ;-)

The major micro eased by keeping all this sound characteristics similar ideal for melodic lines or phrases more roots.

The intermediate position is interesting.
It offers a lot of fullness while keeping a level of output result. The color reminds me a lot of Deftones White pony. in saturated fat ca drooling a little.

In clean: The ca ... is complicated As the happy owner of a strat Xavier Petit, it is difficult to be fully at the party with the Hellraiser. However, nothing catastrophic, but it seems that the benefits of defects are saturated Clean: Bass a little too present, a sound quite clinical (EMG will say you ...) and aggressive treble. The microphone is doing serious honorably still with a small chorus, but it is sorely lacking warmth.

The Crunch: It's interresting with the intermediate positions, which ultimately proved quite flexible. For the arpeggio saturated everything goes well enough, lowering the volume.
For the small blues, it's a fair bit ...
Always aggressive on that side emerges. Please note this is not necessarily bad but it depends on what you are looking for. Ibanez is a more appropriate shades.

In short, it bears its name well lol.

The record must for me is to have a guitar like this one for distortion and a stratum or are paul for clear sound, and then it gets really interresting.


I have been 6 months and I am really satisfied. I tried a lot of seven-string before purchase and I think Schecter to put a severe blow pressure Ibanez, level quality / price is broadly equivalent and are entitled to the mahogany, which I think is a woods with the best response for low register full. Especially the comfort of the guitar is second to none.

There is no boiling, if the bass is very distinct and it is really saturated sound very very good.

I am owner of an Ibanez RG 507 mounted in Seymour for almost 12 years, so trust me lol;)

Obviously I would do this choice. If you play metal and you are looking for a seven-string guitar is really trying (with the BlackJack, which in turn is a little more rock and sends really well)

PS: Your amp will have a role, this kind of guitar does its full potential as a receiver in a minimum fit and quality. So be careful, try on your gear equivalent to the risk of being disappointed when you get home if you play a Fender combo ...

See You in Hell!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-7
CONSTRUCTION / SCALE: Set-Neck w / Ultra Access / 26.5
BODY: Mahogany
Neck / Fingerboard :3-pc. Mahogany / Rosewood
Frets: 24 X-Jumbo
INLAYS: Abalone Gothic Cross
ELECTRONICS: Vol/Vol/Tone/3-way
BRIDGE: TonePros TOM w / thru-body
BINDING: Black Pearl
TUNERS: Grover
COLOR: Gloss Black (BLK)

Do not forget the little marble edging around the body of the guitar.


Channel polish fast and ergonomic Access in acute is not emcombre thanks a deep cutaway.
The guitar is trslgre and it is quickly dropped over the handle.
I find it a little compare my Paisse EDR 470.

With regard to the sound of the EMG are trs out their work, the sound is clear and prcis highs are mild, well mdiums Submitted.
The possibility of rgler indpendamment the volume of the microphones can "choose" its sound when the pickup selector is put in a central position.


I play mainly mtal and microphones could cope well with other styles.
I use to play a studio monitor with a Phillips POD Pro and I must say that the sound is clear and prcis distortion even with a big fat well: p)


I ordered this guitar for 2 months now and I must say that I do not regret this purchase.
The report is fairly good qualitprix for a guitar of this quality with microphones so that the EMG gniaux costs according to me three times as much.
Using a seven-string guitar that has become a luxury silent the port of all thanks to this instrument to try at least once in his life.