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Fender '62 Jaguar Japan Reissue
Fender '62 Jaguar Japan Reissue
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Published on 12/02/01 at 15:00
I got this guitar after seeing a classified ad
for it. I paid $730-800(can't remember exact).
I purchased it because I was amused by the unique souund it had. Also a few of my idols helped make the choice for me ;^)

Well! What i like the most about it is the way it sounds of course. It has sort of a surf/ cheap sound that I really dig. John Frusciante from the Chili Peppers turned me on to this guitar and I'm glad he did. Every thing about it is amazing. When you play it, it makes you feel different. It takes you back in time. Anyone who loves the sixties but wasn't fortunate enough to be ALIVE back then to experience it should give this guitar a listen, or more like a ride!

You can't play this guitar the same way as any other because it has it's on style and vibe, amazing vintage spirit. That's another reason why I like it. The action is extremely low, any lower and it would be ruined. I'm not sure about the reissue models though.

The body is beautiful and comfortable. A big plus too. The neck is thinner an has very fast action.

Well, I can't think of anything major that
i don't like about this guitar.

I'm upset that it was refinished in the 70's,lol. Seriously though, the one thing that i don't really like is the opened hole!! I hate changing strings manually with a passion when using opened hole, but i love the vintage pegs, so that for me would cancel that problem out. This guitar also doesn't have much sustain. But it's not supposed to, so i'm not gonna complain!

Wow, you can really tell the difference in construction now, and then. I wouldn't have guessed that the quality would be better in the past.

The guitar looks like it was made by someone very carefully. Like they spent months putting on the final touches. I can't find anything on it that would make it look cheap.

It's very detailed and is high quality. It doesn't look like it was made in a factory. The floating/trem-lock tremolo is amazing. The person who thought up this guitar put in so many different gadgets it almost makes you sick. Three different settings on two single-coil pick ups and volume and tone knobs. On top of that there's a rythem type setting that has it's own volume and tone controls. Not to forget the string mute unit.(which i don't have unfortunatly)

Great solid body.

If you're a 60's freak i suggested that you run to your guitar shop and check it out. Again, I haven't heard the reissues so i can't comment on the sound of them, but you can easily find a refinished original for a smaller price. Hey, if you're planning on playing it, it doesn't matter how authentic
the finish is. Original finish has nothing to do with the sound. Unless you're a guitar collector (thumbs down).

As a matter of fact, all of the vintage/ original Jags I've seen for sale are cheaper than the reissues!! I find that very strange, but I suggest you grab a vintage before people start over pricing them!!

I'm sure everyone knows the Chili Peppers'
song "Under The Bridge". That's a vintage Jaguar Johnny's playing.

Every guitar player should own one
at some point in thier lives.

I want to give it a 4 1/2 just because nothing's perfect ;))

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