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Arturia Electronic Music Sequencers user reviews

  • Arturia Storm 3

    Arturia Storm 3 - yoTrakkz's review


    Arturia Storm 3 is a program that allows you to take on whole projects in one main window view. You can also use piano roll like most other music midi creation softwares that are out. You can edit patterns, control mixer channels and midi sequences.…

  • Arturia Storm 1.5

    Arturia Storm 1.5 - FP User's review


    I like the features, but it is true that something is still missing : the number of instrument to be played simultaneously could be improve (Arturia announced on its website a new feature for the new upgrade of Storm to come this summer: the ability …

Translated user reviews
  • Arturia Storm 3

    Arturia Storm 3 - shenzen's review


    Personally, I had no problem installing over version 3, and if there is problem you can optenir your key over the Internet or softphone (nice and availability) -I happened to have on qq inconsistency of the sound card drivers. Honntement-YES, use…

  • Arturia Storm 3

    Arturia Storm 3 - Nordin's review


    The software installs easily on a P4, but you have to install the software before removing the virus, if you do not respect this, and many can not install the log. it is very easy to configure. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE P4 2.5 gig with 256 mega ram…

  • Arturia Storm 2

    Arturia Storm 2 - Nordin's review


    Hello all, this software is Designed, he moved well on a machine powerful enough, SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I am using a p4 with 256 ram and mga log works well, it can produce music with samples, the possibilities are INTERESTED, for cons to the mi…

  • Arturia Storm 2

    Arturia Storm 2 - kidkey's review


    Installation without problem. Very simple config Manuel? a good koi SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I turn with a 2 gh Athlon 512MB RAM and 80 GB it runs like a mill As against this software requires a lot of CPU which is annoying kan you increas…

  • Arturia Storm 2

    Arturia Storm 2 - Daddy Abdel's review


    The installation poses no problem. Finds no incompatibility. Configuration gnrale enjoyable. Manuel Retailer well. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Storm is stable but too CPU intensive! OVERALL OPINION Storm sounds are impressive. The first attempts …

  • Arturia Storm 2

    Arturia Storm 2 - WinnieLeOurson's review


    RAS SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Proc 950, RAM 192, sound blaster Storm works great, except a few glitches. OVERALL OPINION I like enough Storm because it allows the non musicos CRER like me to good music ... From after the beta I've had, I can…