Arturia Storm 3
Arturia Storm 3

Storm 3, Electronic Music Sequencer from Arturia.

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yoTrakkz 09/08/2011

Arturia Storm 3 : yoTrakkz's user review


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Arturia Storm 3 is a program that allows you to take on whole projects in one main window view. You can also use piano roll like most other music midi creation softwares that are out. You can edit patterns, control mixer channels and midi sequences. You have complete control of your song in one main window without the window being over crowded so you will have no need for a extra monitor with this program,.


Arturia storm 3 was on my pc and I used for about a few months before moving on to another programs. It even comes with a lot of instrumentals that are ready right off the bat for your songs. Thanks to the studio overview layer you can hear all of your instruments in real time with the effects on them. Its all right in front of you with this program. The sequencer allows for full control as well, you can used audio, midi or pattern based sequences. Most all programs can do this though, the thing that makes this program stand out is what I said before, its all in one window. No need for all the extra windows popping up.


Overall Arturia Storm 3 is a solid program, really cant say too many negative things about it. It isn’t powerful enough like some of the other programs likes pro tools , fl studio, Cubase, acid pro. Most people haven’t even heard of Arturia Storm and I haven’t heard of it until I had a chance to use the demo version of it and decided to purchase the full version after falling in love with the layout of it. But not being able to use all of my vst in it was a deal breaker for me. Most of the standard vst wouldn’t work with this program and that wont work for me because my whole workflow is through vst’s. So if you aren’t into a lot of vst’s then give this one a shot.