Arturia Storm 3
Arturia Storm 3

Storm 3, Electronic Music Sequencer from Arturia.

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Nordin 06/14/2004

Arturia Storm 3 : Nordin's user review


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The software installs easily on a P4, but you have to install the software before removing the virus, if you do not respect this, and many can not install the log. it is very easy to configure.


P4 2.5 gig with 256 mega ram, 7200 rpm hard drive, card Midiman audiophile.
The software actually works well with this config, but it is desirable to have mga 512 or more for a more optimal functioning, especially with lots of wave files.

This app is powerful trs, trs has a good sound reproduction, STORM 3.0 is moving increasingly to the big leagues with this version we got in the world of Pro MIDI music and sample e.


I use the software for 2 weeks and it works well trs, what I like about the new STORM is the cot of the professional version, as well as possible Midi and audio quality.

Before moving on I used Fruity Loops STORM is good but less friendly, and also Reason 2.5 is good too, but not easy to use.

As for the prices they report quality is exceptional.

This is the Soft Ball!
If I had to choose again, I would do without this choice hsitation.