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Ketron Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Ketron SD1000

    Ketron SD1000 - "Buggy" contains audio examples


    This module has mostly very good sound fonts, the problem is that it has also a critical software bug which makes it sometimes impossible to render MIDI files properly. I tried to upgrade to the version from year 2015, which I do not think would help…

  • Ketron Midjpro

    Ketron Midjpro - "Using the latest ketron midjay pro for live situation."


    I bought this model to use with my Godin midi guitar , as I have been using the Gem Genesys xp for few years, wanted to update. The styles are limited but sound very realistic especially the drums and bass guitar.More styles can be purchased.Very go…

  • Ketron XD8

    Ketron XD8 - "user friendly"


    I bought a Keytron XD8 to use primarily for stage. I was looking for an 88-key controller that feels good, with at least decent piano sounds, without paying for other bells and whistles I didn't need (sequencers, audio recording features, etc). The K…

  • Ketron SD2

    Ketron SD2 - moosers's review


    The Ketron SD2 is a mini sound module, dubbed the 'Orchestral Wizard.' It's a MIDI based box, with two MIDI jacks for input and thru/output. It has a mini jack, 1/8" output for headphones, as well as a volume slider. It also has RCA connection on …

Translated user reviews
  • Ketron SD5

    Ketron SD5 - " Super arranger keyboard for retro balls"


    61 ratings built-in effects Full connectivity twelve o'clock UTILIZATION Keyboard simple to use Clear manual OVERALL OPINION I used it for 2 months for tea dances, the quality of sounds and styles offers a surprisingly realistic for a k…

  • Ketron AUDYA

    Ketron AUDYA - " Ca bug all the time!!"


    Solton ketron user since 1994 I had the MS50 then 100 ms (used 11 years on stage) without any problem then SD1 for 3 months I invested the famous Audya awaited the comcept well built originally read midi files, mp3s of waves. but overall it is not …

  • Ketron AUDYA

    Ketron AUDYA - " Different and Pro"


    AUDYA Ketron, the sole arranger gives the impression of playing with other musicians. Nothing comparable to other arrangers Different! Surprising! Arrangements worth seeing, an adjustment period is necessary to be specific about the inputs A…

  • Ketron SD2

    Ketron SD2 - " I love"


    I use the Ketron SD 2 for my guitar noon converter YAM G50 To read my settings I use the MIDI synth sounds that Prodipe exellents but also more potatoes, more presence than KETRON But, for the song, I did not find anything better than KETRON for …

  • Ketron SD1 Plus

    Ketron SD1 Plus - " marvel traditional"


    keyboard arranger 73 NOTES vocalizer etc, aluminum hull so do not risk anything, you can program all the sounds and styles to the component of happiness means synthetic sounds good but it is not a synth, UTILIZATION everything is very intuitive, …

  • Ketron Midjay Plus

    Ketron Midjay Plus - " makes many services"


    expander, arranger, waves drive, MP3 player, vocalist UTILIZATION config simple, easy to move from one arrangement to a midifile or MP3 a note, like all his ketron conccurents refuses to put a hold on these volume expanders, yet it is essential…