Ketron Midjay Plus
Ketron Midjay Plus

Midjay Plus, Sound Module from Ketron.

greg6721 03/04/2008

Ketron Midjay Plus : greg6721's user review


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MODEL non-rack and it's a shame, because not too convenient to be carried o ACCS derrire keyboard.

The sound effects and styles are well trs. There is the bare minimum but what is is.

I particularly regret the lack of guitars (such as electric, there is an overdrive, it's a little bit ...)

It also lacks a little pad in the spirit Brightness Fantasia or because others are more in line Strings.

Connections good, but like, bare minimum. Spare output in addition to the mix would not be luxury!


Gnrale configuration is very simple and well thought out for musicians only (mid, wav ...) and super convenient (hard drive ...)
The manual is not too bad but it's OK because everything is pretty easy to Using colored.


Sounds suitable for music style Baluchi.
What is is good, but the sample set is limited.

We can not compare a motif es rack for example, where there will be superb nylon guitar, guitars lctriques, trs of synth sounds good, etc ...

The effects are trs property.

The device is well trs squence to work with because the whole is harmonious and sound pretty good right now.


I use it for 2 months.
What I like is the least restrictive ct instruments ...
I had a motif es rack, a soli gm alpha, jv ...
The ratio quality price is right.
I do it again the same choice, it's still great to spend squence, doing karaoke insrer batteries styles in one afternoon, making the wave ...
DJ Loops are excellent.