Ketron Midjay Plus
Ketron Midjay Plus

Midjay Plus, Sound Module from Ketron.

dupuismusique 11/02/2012

Ketron Midjay Plus : dupuismusique's user review

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expander, arranger, waves drive, MP3 player, vocalist


config simple, easy to move from one arrangement to a midifile or MP3
a note, like all his ketron conccurents refuses to put a hold on these volume expanders, yet it is essential for musicians who play live with arranger


overall arrangements sound good without touching it, rather for dance music.
I have a small problem with mine on some styles it does not recognize agreements on bank 4em


I use it for 2 years, at a party rather musette, I leave my home and SD1 does me as MIDJAY no problems.
Apart from this nonexistent volume entry and exit can be a kick, I find the instrument well thought out. the rate in the high average, but has used ketron