EWI USB, Electronic Wind Instrument from Akai in the EWI series.

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All user reviews for the Akai EWI USB

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 13 reviews )
 4 reviews31 %
 8 reviews62 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR12/04/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

(Originally written by billouze/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- How long have you been using it?

24 hours!

- Which feature do you like the most / the least?

Rugged, light, very reactive.

- Did you try any other models before buying it?

No. Like a lot of people, I dreamed about an EW400... But it was too expensive!

- How would you rate its value for money?


- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?

Yes!!!!!!! One day of use is not much... But I didn't sleep a lot yesterday. The software provided gives good results. So I imagine the possibilities with Samplemodeling's The trumpet or any other high-quality software are huge... Even a big virtual synth would give stunning results.

Back to the product: I think Akai ought to provide a bag or a cover for the instrument...

But I love Akai anyhow

graphicbreizh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I use it for over a year.

Before I did not practice the south by keyboard or guitar (equipped GK-3 or on a Yamaha EX500 with the Ghost system). I was looking for specific tones instruments like sax, clarinet, flute etc ...

What is less well in Flash is that it takes at least an iPad or computer and kontakt or other libraries and its instruments. Ideal for the home studio, not practical for the stage ...

This instrument provides for an affordable price full range of the afternoon with this velocity and accents of a wind instrument. Ideal for beginners without breaking the bank.

Plougot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great wind controller, who is ready to tame"

I use it for a little less than a year. I have not tried its closest competitor, the Yamaha WX5 from home.

Is not a wind instrument player, but a pianist, I was looking for a good wind controller. In the absence of breath sensor alone worthy of the name, I decided to buy the ewi usb to use as breath sensor + bite (double-checking the mouth) in addition to my keyboard ( in the workplace), and also as an instrument in its own right, just for fun.
I use it with virtual instruments Sample modeling that are particularly suitable for revealing the full potential of the beast.
So why only 8/10?
Already, because it is still expensive for something that by itself produces no sound (provided the bank with not worth the detour).
But more importantly, because the manual is lacking, and the software configuration is unstable and extremely wrong. I myself run 32bit version on my W7 64bit, the 64bit version crashing consistently ... Go figure ...

But this is a minor little shadow, which should in no way obscure the overall very positive assessment of this tool, provided with the right to use virtual instruments behind (Sample Modeling is shown again ).

sgenevay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A "must have" in music programming"

I've had about 10 months.
No difficulty when out of the box. quickly recognized as a midi controller.
the module from its base (GARITAN aria) is absolutely realistic but definitely not all.
on the other hand, coupled with sound banks Sample Modeling (sounds studied for windcontrolers) and a good reverb (Altiverb), then the result is more than impressive.
Not knowing necessarily play a wind instrument (clarinet and saxophone) I chose EWI fingering Standart (one of the different fingerings offered by EWI) behaves roughly speaking as a single flute fingering. Therefore no difficulty in handling except perhaps managing to integrate octave but it is also quite fast.
Once the presentations ... we quickly realized that we are able to program with the EWI breath controller and things infeasible to the modulation wheel. touch or programing will never replace the instinct that you put in a breath.
In any case my settings (orchestral) reached a much higher level of realism that I did before with this (low) investment.
It is clear that there will be more sophisticated devices such as EWI4000 which has additional functions ... but for a simple composition in the studio, the EWI USB is perfect
Bought in a shop on Ebay for much less American than Europe.
Jean Jacques M01/06/2012

Jean Jacques M's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad but there's more ...."

I own this camera for over two years.
Nothing to say is very easy to implement and easy to use.
This is the total bursts for a flutist to do ...... Chinese violin solos like a beast!
on the other hand, you must adjust the breath and the sensitivity of the device if it does not end in a sanatorium!
I would do this choice?
Probably a low level of funding.
on the other hand, for € 200 more, I would rather have the 4000 which is independent on stage.

lemaitre1953's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" really surprising"

I bought it used and I use it for four days.
I came across a video on the net this AKAI Wind Controller ... is the first such material I buy.
I am first and foremost guitarist first keyboard is no practice of a wind instrument other than the flute learned in elementary school (the level you see!)


What surprised me was the relative ease of handling of the instrument (several fingerings are possible (flute, oboe, saxophone), which parameterize through the software interface. With my 64-bit hardware Seven , there is no latency problem.

The least

The USB cable is a bit short
The VSTis delivered (AKAI ARTURIA BRASS STANDARD +) are very particular ways .. Arturia.
The AKAI VSTis are better but the sax is not credible vsti (it may be There's settings to do?)
It will provide a budget of € 149 extra to buy the good Mister T SAX was developed specifically for the AKAI EWI.

I bought it used from 280 euros it seems appropriate.

it's only been four days that I use, I have not made any particular setting and I am very satisfied.

zenasium's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent MIDI CONTROLLER"

I use it for almost 2 years. I bought this controller to test an alternative to 4000 of the same manufacturer. interest for me was located mainly in the fact of having a more flexible instrument, while having a controller (The EWI USB) dedicated to using vst on stage. at first I was surprised at the difference I felt in 4000 and play with USB. I worked on the finger on the right trade-off with the USB because it has less of an octave and has no control portamento as the 4000. In fact this is the main criticism I have to do to it. I would still have predicted that ...

I tried hard for a long time ago to play with and I soon abandoned WX7. in fact, I was not able to give me the octave system and the time, no vst. When I got my first 4000, I immediately found an affinity with the instrument, its synthesis module. This prompted me to quickly look for another controller for my vst, hence the choice of the EWI USB. Since then, I do not play my vst with my EWI USB.

What he has going for it is its configuration directly by a micro interface.
What he has less, well, as said is the absence of an octave portamento and more on the whole.
Otherwise, I just wanted to make up the fact that according to your personal acidity dermis side, I urge you to take a minute to wipe the entire instrument if you want to delay the onset of oxidation better on the instrument. In fact, I did not and he looks so old already, even more than its big brother the 4000.
Then and it's not anything you really spend time to adjust its controller. I ignored this at the beginning and I have often cursed. Then I got seriously put up a good compromise. Today I rediscovered over and over things and sounds.

I will not comment on value for money, I find it too expensive today. Of course, there is research, development. But hey, I paid 350 Euros for mine OCCAZ I think it because it was too expensive for my nine banker ...

With my experience today, I say this without hesitation. Even if sometimes it bug following a wild scene decoration or repeating, this choice I would do without hesitation. Akai has been able to continue its efforts to work on wind controllers and that's good. Because in hindsight, it's still top to work like any keyboard player to operate vst, create partitions, short play freely without stress in advance in front of a keyboard that mastery not always ( I speak for myself here)

Freddosaxo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

It's been a little over a year since I possde.

Plus: The design, the future of this instrument, its USB connector universal "pass", very good value qualitprix compared to its big brother whose only connection is that the midday and 700 euros.

Minimum: once in a while, the touch of the keys does not answer properly. And attention to latency if you have a small sound card! (That said, it is still possible to reduce it a bit with the driver "asio4all")

In conclusion, this instrument is a true experience for musicians wind. I urge anyone who wants a new musical sensation ... Have fun.

stefbreizh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really interesting but unsettling!"

My very recent purchase leaves me on my hunger for the moment. Latency main concerns due to operating system
Windows Vista: catastrophe.seven a small net c Book is better
but with Mac OSX is c Top
I expected a laptop with win7 with memory ...
saxophone and clarinet player, it is de-learn the basic reflexes
and it is true that the sounds are not good sax
but c was not for that that I had cracked.
thank you all for your advice

IoanQ's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" EWI USB studio"

I wanted something to work on the sax apart.
I discovered a new instrument!

The fingering can be almost identical to the sax, but Keys are here just a piece of metal, they are barely touched upon, and note changes.
Management octaves is amazing, there is a series of rollers to achieve the 5-octave range .... hard at first, almost off-putting ... but ultimately it is.
My opinion of the Comptroller of mouth is mixed, indeed for the power of breath, he is fine, except that the airflow is a little weak for my taste, but more unsettling with the mouth, the vibrato effects, we must dig into the rubber lip! ... defaulted too expressive for my taste, it is still too hard to bite me ...
Two pitches for the right thumb, super hard to master, I disabled this feature.

The software is sold with a lot on the sounds of strings (cello, bass), not bad on the double reeds (horns, ...), but no, no, no one on the sounds of saxes.
The change is super long so its impossible to do on stage.
If there is a problem of land, the sax work anymore, so do not play barefoot.

Overall, this sax fulfilled the goals I set myself, that is the sax work in the apartment at 3 am, deep sax sound correct.