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fractalogism 01/10/2006

SynthEdit SynthEdit : fractalogism's user review


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The installation Droulez can no longer normal: no problem in this ct l. ..
I had no incompatibility with my hardware
The configuration of the MIDI input / output / audio is very simple.
The manual that came with SynthEdit trs is clear, but it is in English only. Context-sensitive help is available for each module.


I use a Pentium 4 2.6 GHz Windows XP with 1 GB DDR-SDRAM, and a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 + KX drivers.
I also test SynthEdit on my P3 866 MHz Windows 2000 with 512 MB SDRAM, AC97 sound card drivers + intgre asio4all.
The software works perfectly on both configurations.
Although SynthEdit is trs economic level CPU, certain combinations may make it quite delicious. I am thinking of using Soundfonts oscillators, which can consume a lot, while the number of dpend voice polyphony.
Trs stable, except when the module off of a filter with an oscillator frquence fast, and that increases the rsonnance, the CPU explodes.
Another small default: a little too much distortion in the rsonnance filters.
Its level, the accumulation of the analogue is quite synthse Fidler, although the filters sound a little too "numrique" I got ... Finally, for the price of the software and its capabilities is largely satisfactory trs!
Also note that with SynthEdit VST raliss are 100% compatible with the VST 2.0 standard.


SynthEdit I use for over a year, and every day I discovering new subtleties. The potential of this software is stupfiant.
What I love most: being able to modularity all "cbler" my convenience, the quality of the modules, the exports in VST, the possibility to make your own custom synth with the design of their choice ...
What I like least: the modification of the design and srigraphie potentiomtres is not empty.
The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable, the free version of valuation as 100% functional. And the license price is really affordable ...
I have only one regret: not having more SynthEdit Discoveries tt!