Yamaha PLG150-DR
Yamaha PLG150-DR

PLG150-DR, Expansion Board for Electronic Instrument from Yamaha in the PLG series.

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Average Score:3.0( 3/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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Zéro db03/12/2012

Zéro db's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Déplorale - Worthy of nothing."

Yamaha PLG150-DR
I used roughly 15 days. I bought it, I installed, I tried it and I sold right away. What about ... Type GM sounds, no expressiveness, really amateur. Sold at 55 euros new, I thought getting a good deal. Well, we can say that we do not lose too much money. If you need to zero sounds a parody of the tube. Buy this map. Well, after ... tastes and colors. They have not even done demos on Yamaha sites. That is to say. Well, I warned you enough.
The price / quality ratio is very bad, even for 55 euros.
I put a for effort and for those who need sound zero.
With experience, I would do it no choice, but I think you understood.

Guillaume1979's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha PLG150-DR
I use it for 2 years and having paid 59 euros at the time, I'm still happy.

I am sharing a test that I had left on the superb site Papanix "Moessieurs" on the ground ( http://papanix.free.fr/ ).
One way to experience the pages of this product.
it does not compete with BFD or DFH but it's very nice and it does not require a computer.
I think at the time (that has not really changed):
The Plg Dr 150 is a good expansion card so you can purchase less than 80 euros. Below 60 euros, it's a great card. The sounds are quite large: the true drum mixed in the studio and samplée from Yamaha batteries that have already popular among drummers pros. On the Doc, there is the stuff used in the kits, the diameter of the bass drums, the type of snare, etc ...
The sounds are not really duplicates the pattern are if not for the "Dry kit" or two "kits Stereo Rock." But these kits are not exactly the same as the reason, they are much thinner and the samples are longer ...
No need for reverb to feel the atmosphere of the room. What amazed me most at first listen: the hi-hats and cymbals. The samples are simply fabulous and it's really there by against an over the ground which has no overheads and hi-hats very flattering. Just for that, the 150 Plg Dr deserves to be gained! The snare and bass drums are also excellent and varied. Finally there is the sound of toms very rock, heavy or that do not exist at all in the pattern, but unfortunately their variety is not very wide, four styles with the best one that looks like two drops of water to volumes Pattern of Dry kit ...
At first glance, we are quite happy to see that there are 64 factory kits on the map
an effects processor dedicated to the total and 32-voice polyphony (with mono sample ...), then after listening, you realize that there are actually 25 kits are relatively specific and original. Twenty presets are included with SFX type distortion, flanger, auto pan ... and a dozen kits are assembled with different snare drums, hi-hats and bass drums in place of the percussion area, but all samples are already present on the basic kits: live room * 2 * 2 rock, powered, dry * 3, small room * 2, weirdo, electron, ethnic, break ... (It's like on the 150 Pc Plg offering a rough couple of kits and who declined to fill the holes with names like "Brasil disto1 Pc, Pc Brasil Disto2 ».... (on this one, they do not care a bit about us all the distortion, we could have put ourselves )..... Note: Plg Pc 150 is also a good map if you can get it below 80 euros).
Another moot point is that the kits are very specific rock and jazz lovers cozy this card is perhaps not to prescribe: THERE IS NO BRUSH KIT!! and that for a dedicated card battery is rather shameful!
Then I liked the effects of bearing on the snare and toms and a few sounds of wood (the drummer who gets on the edge of the drums and the stick that bounces, you forget unless you are a pro in setting delay and equalizer, but basically, it's not the point). Finally, I want to prevent the followers of the program change the map shows a small change in its latency and so accelerated in the Song mode. (Changes in the measuring medium, we forget too).

Conclusion: This card is a good over the ground, especially for Moessieurs looking good big battery. Sounds at this level are professionals (sometimes too), very friendly and there are very friendly resonances of the elements of the kits, which suggests that the recovery of overheads is kept on each sample. Too bad it still does not offer more styles. This card is for those who want to do music production in a style rather Rock, and even more violent. For professionals, it would be interesting to record the elements (kick drum, snare ....) one to one in an audio sequencer to mix them separately ...
This is the best way to extract all the very substance of Dr. Plg 150
With compressors, equalizers, or gate of rezoverb verb, it becomes very (very) interesting ...