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Alesis FireWire audio interfaces user reviews

  • Alesis MasterControl

    Alesis MasterControl - "Comes with Cubase LE"


    The Alesis Master control is an audio interface that can give you up to 192 kHz recording. It does also have low latency with the fire wire connection. It has two microphone inputs and each one of those inputs has phantom power for your condenser mic…

Translated user reviews
  • Alesis MasterControl

    Alesis MasterControl - " ideal but limited!"


    Characteristics have it all: The MasterControl Acts as Controller Sound card Firewire 26 inputs and 6 outputs! 2 headphone outputs! motorized faders, knobs 360 ° It can be used stand alone! I use it with all inputs and outputs (including ADAT…

  • Alesis MasterControl

    Alesis MasterControl - the nanard's review


    I own the Alesis MasterControl for 6 months and waiting to have stable drivers for Windows 7 64 issue an opinion, and it seems that this is the case with the grind . Before it was the cat and the equipment was inoperable (blue screens, loss of audio …

  • Alesis MasterControl

    Alesis MasterControl - La_Zouille's review


    What motivated my choice? 8 inputs including 2 mics. All that can control Cubase. I used to record and mix, I am more used to mix the potentiometer which is more sensitive than the mouse ... UTILIZATION No problems with drivers (on an Appl…

  • Alesis MasterControl

    Alesis MasterControl - littlepopy's review


    the cot while a motivated my choice I am working with a pc, asus motherboard with a quad core processor and 32 bit xp 4g ram stroke I have a useful pro (I produced music for voice and radio advertising) UTILIZATION the drivers are stable, I t…

  • Alesis MasterControl

    Alesis MasterControl - charles Burlat's review


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? The next control surface + sound card all in one .... UTILIZATION The drivers are stable? For the moment I have no surprises in Windows, I'll soon test the driver under OSX 10.6 ... What s…