stompboxjon 08/29/2012

Alesis MasterControl : stompboxjon's user review

« Comes with Cubase LE »

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The Alesis Master control is an audio interface that can give you up to 192 kHz recording. It does also have low latency with the fire wire connection. It has two microphone inputs and each one of those inputs has phantom power for your condenser microphones. It also comes with a copy of Cubase LE, Cubase is one of my favorite interfaces, so if you are just getting into music or you have been into music for a while , you can appreciate Cubase and it’s a wonder software to have with this interface because everything just works right away and causes no problems. If you don’t want to use it in Cubase that is fine, it will work in almost any DAW that is out today. With its Expandable inputs and 2 banks with assignable buttons, the Alesis Master control is really a no “brainer” if you have the money to buy it. The Alesis Master Control is not a cheap interface though, it will cost you some money!


Very close to zero latency and from my experience or from what I can remember I haven’t had a driver update yet. They did say they were releasing one though but I never got it and haven’t needed it.


We have experienced 0 compatibility issues while we were using the Alesis Master Control. All of the configuration was very simple and the setup was pretty quick and painless.


Bad thing about the Alesis Master control is the price, it is not cheap and if you are just starting out you might not want to get this far in (money wise). There are better interfaces to start with that will cost a lot less. But if you can afford to then by all means go for it! You will love everything about the Alesis Master control. All of the faders are also motorized.