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Thread need help with 2i4 audio

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1 need help with 2i4 audio
I have a Roland FR-3X digital accordion that I'm trying to use with my Focusrite 2i4.

I got it to work fine with MIDI when hooked up to my mac and using Garageband (yay).

The audio configuration is giving me troubles. My instrument has 2 line out 1/4 Jacks (L/R). I am running 2 1/4" male to male instrument cables into the two audio inputs on the front of the Focusrite 2i4.

I have the dials turned all to medium. I hear nothing coming out of the headphones that are plugged into the Focusrite. I've tried a variety of switches and settings on the front of the focusrite interface. Help?
Hi Allan,

Sorry that you've been experiencing some problems.
Are you certain that the outputs from the Roland FR-3X are line level? I've looked at the manual and it's not clear. Ignoring that you're not hearing any output, are you seeing any metering on the front of the 2i4 when you play the Roland? i.e. are you seeing signal from the Roland hit the front end of the 2i4? If not, does adjusting the gains change this? If not, does switching the inputs to 'Inst' change this?
If so, and you're still not hearing any audio, please ensure that the Direct Monitor control is set at around midday, and not all the way to Playback.
If still nothing, please confirm that if you have the 2i4 selected as the default audio device in your operating system sound preferences, are you hearing any play back from other sources such as iTunes/Media Player/Youtube etc?

Let me know how you get on.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Hello, I tested my instrument line-out jacks with a guitar amplifier and it worked fine.

So, I know the jacks work OK, but I am still unable to get sound using the 2i4.

You asked me if the outputs are Line Level. I'm not really sure what that means, but I do know now that the instrument works OK with an amplifier.

When I am plugged in with my line out into the 2i4 I do not see any signal hit the front end of the 2i4. I did try adjusting the gains and swithing to "Inst" and it had no effect.

My Audio setting on my Mac is also OK, because I do hear playback from other sounds through the headphone jack on the 2i4.

Next steps?

Hi Allan,

Just wanted to jump in and see how things were coming along.

By Line Level signal, Simon was referring to the output level of the Accordion as Instrument Level signals are lower than that of Line Level hence often times there is a need for additional gain when dealing with Instrument Level signals.

That said, if you have the headphones output switch set to 1-2 and the gain in the mid position on both inputs, you should be able to see the halo lights flash when passing signal to the 2i4 from the Accordion.

If that is not the case, and you have confirmed the TRS cables being utilized are functioning properly, it may be an issue with the unit.

Can we test another input source going to the 2i4 like lets say a mic, guitar, or keyboard? Is the behavior the same?

If it is the same, then the next step will be to open a support ticket here so that we can aid in getting the hardware sorted out:

Best Regards,
David // Focusrite Technical Support