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Thread Scarlett 18i8 Halting During Recording

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1 Scarlett 18i8 Halting During Recording
I have been happy with my Scarlett 18i8 but I recently tried to open up 16 mic channels for a band recording.

Using all the analog ins plus the ADAT in.

I had many freeze ups (requiring reset), just barely got through the session.

Doesn't seem normal, so my question is:

What would you recommend examining/debugging/optimizing and in what order, to get best buffering and performance?

For example...

Clock at 44.1 or 48? (ADAT AI3 requirse 48...is that less stable?)
Turn off Internet?
Turn off Virus protection
Switch to SSD drives?
Get an new USB cable?

Hope this is not too familiar to most, but if you have any information I will greatly appreciate you sharing your experience.


One more thing...

Same thing happening when I record with just two channels. I had assumed the overload of 16 mics may have pushed the limit, but I will have to do something because I had to trash about half a dozen takes last night.

Fortunately, they were just guide tracks, but it is sickening to lookup at your DAW after a take and see 'Scarlett No Device Connected' error.

Probably something dumb, or have other persons experienced this, maybe have a workaround or fix, or advice.