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Thread Scarlett Solo Mic Question

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1 Scarlett Solo Mic Question

I have owned the Scarlett solo for 2 years now and been very happy with it. I have now bought a new microphone (antlion modmic 5.0). Got the mic today, and it sounds good, but it has tons of static and background noise using it on my ASUS motherboard soundcard. So my thought was i wanted to use it through my scarlett Solo. The mic is a 3.5mm analog mic. Im guessing its using 5volts. Antlion themself has said it would be possible if i get a 3.5 mm female to a XLR male converter and that i ensure im using about 5volts or else i can damage the mic. The scarlett solo has a phamtom power 48volt button, but if im not using that, how many volts is it using? Do you guys think this solution is even possible? Could the microphone work and sound good with that converter? And do you guys have any tips on a 3.5 female to xlr male converter? Found some while googleing, but maybe someone out there knows which one I should buy :)

Thanks guys! <3

Best regards, Johan

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