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Thread Using multiple audio interfaces together

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1 Using multiple audio interfaces together
I have a focusrite Scarlette 2i2 1st gen installed on my windows computer with nuendo and everything works perfectly with the focusrite 2i2 drivers.
However I was falling short of xlr inputs and now im thinking of buying another 2i2 (2nd gen).

Can the 1st gen 2i2 and 2nd gen 2i2 work together on a single computer? I've heard ASIO4ALL drivers allows merging two interfaces together? Can somebody confirm the same for me?

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I had my Scarlett 18i20 on a Windows machine and even this big interface couldn't work with other interfaces. It had something to do with the drivers not able to merge.

I think a second interface would not work


It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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Hi Saksham,

Angelie is correct in that (2) Scarlett interfaces will not work in tandem in this capacity.

While you could in theory use a aggregate device to use (2) Scarletts together in this capacity, it is not officially supported so we could not guarantee proper functionality.

It sounds like you may want to consider the Scarlett 18i8 or 18i20 to allow for more mic preamps.

Hope this helps offer some insight!

Best regards,
David // Focusrite Technical Support