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Thread Help with Liquid 56 - need to get rid of the crackles?

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1 Help with Liquid 56 - need to get rid of the crackles?

I have had the Liquid 56 for well over a year now and I just can't seem to get it to play ball properly. The culprit seems to be DPC latency. If I remove the Firewire driver from my PC, there is practically no latency and with it on, instantly at over 1000u.

I have tried an Asus Thuderbolt 3 adapter as well, but it didn't recognize the Liquid 56 thru that, although displays etc. worked fine. Tried even several cables.

I've also tried 3 different FireWire cards of which DeLock didn't work at all (doesn't recognize the Liquid) and the other worked with terrible DPC latency and the current one (was it sonnet?) works so-so, meaning that if I keep my buffer at like 2048 or so I can get by without crackles.

Now I have experimented with lower buffers and FW driver latency set to different values, but I get constant crackles and/or CPU overload errors.

Furthermore, if I keep the FW latency low, it starts to lose outputs, ie. when I boot up the computer there is no output from SPDIF and front panel phones jack, but analog out works. Or there is no sound at all, until I reload the mixer settings and/or turn off and on the Saffire.

It is extremely annoying to have to keep the buffers huge and like a second of latency overall, makes it hard to record and monitor stuff, but otherwise it simply doesn't really work.

Does anyone here use the Liquid 56 and with which FW or Thunderbolt card? I would be ready try yet another card if that might rectify the issue.

I've done all the optimization etc. tricks offered, reinstalled Windows and all drivers, nothing helps, it's always the FW card that causes the latency.

System is an i7 6700K 4.0Ghz with 32GB of 2666Mhz RAM and an M.2 system disk and an SSD array for music stuff, Cubase 9 now - the same problem was present all thru from 6, 8 to 9.

So please list any FireWire/Thunderbolt/Liquid 56 combinations that you have found to work fine...I'm at the end of my tether having attempted pretty much everything. Also have contacted support but it seems to me they have nothing more to offer for me, and the last time I put in a request they didn't answer so I said it's corrected with a new FW driver - which it was, a bit, using an older Legacy FW driver I did get rid of the latency for SMALL projects but now that I'm mixing a slightly larger project again, the lag is back.

Any ideas for FW cards to try?