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Thread Focusrite scarlett 6i6 hookup to TV via toslink out to spdif in

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1 Focusrite scarlett 6i6 hookup to TV via toslink out to spdif in
Hi, I am trying to hook up my new TV to my 6i6. I have a Toslink Optical out my TV and I have run that into a toslink to rca converter with a y-cable out that plugs into the rca spdif input on the 6i6, but nothing. I adjusted the scarlett mix control to have spdif 1 to monitor out 1 and spdif 2 to monitor out 2, but still nothing (I also set the sync source to spdif and then tried internal but neither helped). I believe the rca input on the 6i6 is listed as "digital" and the converter converts it to analog, but I could not find other options for going from optical out to a single rca input.

I did manage a workaround by using the headphone jack on the tv with a y-cable to two 1/4" jacks that I plugged into analog inputs 1 & 2 on the front of the 6i6, but the audio from the headphone jack is so weak I need to crank the gain all the way up. If I can get the optical out working it should sound much better and it'll free up two of my inputs as well.

If anyone has any ideas on getting the optical out on the tv to the spdif input on the 6i6, it would hugely appreciated.
Many thanks,

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