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Thread Focusrite Forte build quality issues

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1 Focusrite Forte build quality issues
I owned a Saffire Pro24dsp till it died recently and I'm now a new very happy and yet frustrated owner of the Forte... I'm happy because it is a stellar sounding unit and perfect for my particular needs as a singer/songwriter with a rather powerful DAW, quality CAD E100S mic, and now a beautiful sounding interface which renders my voice wonderfully as well as provides the best direct input sound for both bass and guitar that I've ever had... I'm able to run it at 1ms, with under 5ms latency which is great...and it's design is just exquisite...:aime:

However, this is the second unit I've brought home from Guitar Center and I'm now waiting to try a third... the first unit has a pronounce bad capacitor sound in the phantom power circuitry and today's unit's "Big Knob" wheel sticks when pressed, has to be manually pulled up and it's rotation function only works sporadically, if it is pulled up completely... Fortunitly, the Forte Control works fine whileGC is tracking down a third unit for me to try.:furieux:

I run Sonar X3 and have posted my love of the Forte, minus the build issues as I really don't want to play into the "buy an RME babyface" bandwagon. :non: I noticed however, the Forte is built in China whereas the babyface is built in Germany and Japan...

What, if any issues are others having with the Forte? I really want to go with this as it is quite an amazing device but worry that my meger funds will be wasted as I've had two lemons in a row...

As this seems to be the Focusrite place for us users, thought I'd chime in...