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Thread Random Noise From Mic 1 Scarlett 6i6

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1 Random Noise From Mic 1 Scarlett 6i6
I have a Scarlett 6i6. For a while I have noticed when it's plugged in without any mics attached the light that indicates a signal lights up randomly as if a mic is plugged into Mic 1.

Then I used it to do some mixing for the first time. I could hear random hissing and noise so I opened the Scarlett Mix Control. If I mute Mic 1 the noises disappear. If I turn down Mic 1 the noises disappear. If I plug a microphone into Mic 1 the noises disappear.

It does not occur on Mic 2 etc.

Is this 'normal'?
It doesn't sound "normal" to me. I would defer to the folks from Focusrite for the definitive word on that, though. In the meantime, by keeping channel 1 muted unless you have a mic plugged into it, at least it won't add any noise to your projects. It would be good to find out why it's happening, though, and if it's a defect, and you're still under warranty, you'd probably want to get it fixed.
Hi bla99ard,

You're right, this does sound unusual.
Please can you either give us a call or raise an emil case, details here:


We'll figure out the quickest way to get you back up and running.
Alternatively, as mentioned, if you are still within the warranty period, feel free to return to the retailer you purchased from. They will either be able to action a warranty repair or a replacement.

Please do let me know if there's anything else I can help you with

Focusrite Technical Support