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Thread hardware compressor help

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1 hardware compressor help

I was wondering if someone could help me,

I have my 3630 compressor going out of my pro 40 sound card via stereo jack, and its going back in to my pro 40 sound card via stereo jack.

In ableton, i use the 'external audio effect' plugin, and have it set correctly -

audio to 3/4
audio from 7/8

But if i turn the master volume knob on my pro 40 sound card down, then the signal going into the compressor goes down.

Am i missing something here? I'm sure i have it set up correctly, it just seems very strange why the master volume knob on the sound card would affect the level going into the compressor.

thanks for any help
Hi Elastic,

Thanks for the post.
This will relate to the output settings with Mix Control. Above the master volume in Mix Control, you'll notice your Monitor Output settings. From what you mention, it sounds like these are mostly (if not all) set to to Blue. You will want to shift-click the output to your compressor to turn it grey. Grey represents full 0db output and so will not be effected by the main volume control. You'll notice that outputs 7-8 & 9-10 also need to be grey in order for your headphone outputs to work correctly.
Please note that you should be careful not to set any outputs connected to speaker monitors to grey as you will then then output 0db through your speakers....not fun when you're not expecting it.

Example screenshot if I were sending output 3 to an external effect:


Hope this helps.
Best regards

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support