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Thread Use an external monitor mixer?

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1 Use an external monitor mixer?

I want to use an external mixer as monitor mixer. The problem is that I don't get any signal from the analog input routed to the analog output connected to the external mixer. I have choosen "Analog in 1" routed to "Line output 3" but I still don't get any signal to the mixer. I can see/hear the signal in my DAW (Cubase 7.5). I have also shift-clicked the output switch in the monitor preset section (greyed out). Still no sound from the routed outputs.

/Per - Sweden
IIt is possible.
You do have several options available: daw, stand-alone.
In stand alone you can use the soft mixer to make one or multiple mixes and assign those to your ports.

But give me a moment to test something

- Angelie


Well your doing it right
If you send your analog 1 ( mic ) to the line 3 output you will be able to hear the signal of the microphone.
You will get a one on one signal from input to output and will have volume changes by the use of the main volume button.

I send you an image so you can see if you missed something :)


Don't mind the upper faders they are doing nothing :)

But can you tell me which audio device you got from focusrite because i did this on a scarlett 18i20 and it works just fine.
Oh and can you tell me on which operating system cubase is running ?

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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I'm sorry I don't know the answer but just wanted to say I think angelie's response is very cool and helpful :D:
Hi Angelie--thanks for contributing such a detailed answer. That's awesome. :bravo:
Thank you.

I forgot to mention that my monitor output 1 and 2 are set to DAW 1 and DAW 2 so you can send these to the monitor mixer aswel to listen what is going on in your DAW on a separate track or stereo return. ( for headphone monitoring perhaps )
Please don't mind the comments about the faders ...... I uploaded another image :mdr:

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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