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Thread Focusrite iTrack Heat issue?

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1 Focusrite iTrack Heat issue?

I am thinking of purchasing the iTrack for my iPad Air, however I just watched a video online of a chap who owns one and he said that after 30 mins recording, the underside of his iPad was extremely hot!

Is this really the case?
Chould be,
An iPad is a non forced cooled piece of equipment and will run hot after continues processor calculations.
Even a mobile phone or tablet have the same isues.

One thing is for shure... It has nothing to do with the focusrite product.

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

I agree that it's nothing to be concerned about. Here's what Focusrite says about it on one of their support pages:
The iPad inherently heats up when being charged and the processor is being stressed, especially on the newer iPads with the more powerful processors. Both of these things happen when an iPad is use with the iTrack Dock therefore some heat is expected and shouldn't be of concern. We've extensively tested the iTrack dock with the iPad running at temperature and have not experienced any issues. The iPad has a built in feature where it shuts itself off when there's excessive heat and unless you see this it's running safely within Apple's specification.