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Thread Traktor headphone monitoring via Scarlett 6i6

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1 Traktor headphone monitoring via Scarlett 6i6
Hi all!

I'm totally new to the world of audio gear and software, so this might be a stupid question.

I got a Scarlett 6i6 into which I got my monitors plugged and working fine. What I want to do is use Traktor and have the sound from 'Output master' go to the monitors and be able to hear the song being cued up in the headphones connected to the front of the Scarlett.

I've been fiddling with every possible setup I can think of but I can't seem to get two separate "streams" so to speak. I do get sound but always in both monitors andI only get the headphones.

For example I have the Monitor 1/2 set to DAW 7/8 in the Scarlett Mixcontrol, and headphones L/R set to DAW 9/10. In Traktor I then set Output monitor to DAW 9/10 and the Output master to DAW 7/8, but the result is the same.

Am I missing something or is it perhaps just not possible with the 6i6?

Thanks in advance, cheers!

So basically what you like to do ( if i'm understanding correctly ) is mixing a la DJ style right ? And you like to play the main monitors the mix while using your headphones to cue! the next song.
If I'm wrong please tell me because i hate to give wrong answers on the right questions :)

If i'm correct with the lines above then it only can be done in one way. Traktor need to spit out more than one audio stream . In this case three audio streams ( one mix , one cue A and one cue B ) . I took a look at the all knowing internet but i didn't find an answer yet but perhaps you can tell me that.

If tractor spit out three streams it is possible what you like to do by stetting up different mix setups ( if the 6i6 can do that , but i think it can )

- Angelie


It looks like traktor can be setup for external mixing in a routing screen.
It says you can setup the following streams :
Output A, B,C,D, Preview and send

oh and i see a button which turns off internal mixing ......

so please let us know - the ball is in your corner now

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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Thank you Angelie!

You understood me perfectly, that's what I want to do.

Traktor has settings for both 'Output master' and 'Output Monitor' which as far as I understand it should deal with sending different streams, but it isn't working.

I think I'll take a further look at the Scarlett Mixcontrol and see if it can be solved through mix setups or something like it.

If anyone knows right off the bat that it's not possible, please let me know.

Well you should be able yo set different output to tractor say :

Output master set to 1/2
Monitor output set to 3/4

now open the mix control software :
* choose daw 1 and daw 2 as monitor output ( these are the left right out of your interface ) ( 1 is left / 2 is right )
* choose daw 3 and daw 4 as output at the headphones symbol , this will be your 3 = left / 4 right monitor out of tractor

Now you should be able to hear your mix on the main speakers and your cues on your headphones

Good luck

- Angelie

EDIT : Ok i downloaded Traktor to help you better but i have to say SORRY .... can't do

INTERNAL MIX : Main output is like you work a mixer ;
so main outputs are for stage and monitor output is for the DJ
you can't set a stream for audio cues

EXTERNAL MIX : The software acts as CD players ;
You can route every output to a different track of a hardware DJ Mixer. Your computer acts like 4 CD players
There is another stream but i can not get it to work.
Again you can't set a stream for audio cues

Sorry ..... Or maybe i do something wrong and somebody else knows the answer

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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Thanks for your help!

Your setup for Traktor was correct. What I needed to do was to make to separate mixes in the MixControl and, here' the twist, use the second headphone jack on the 6i6. For some reasomn they have different outputs even though they look identical. Got it all working now :)

Hi Sprutt,

Could you please detail what you did with the 6I6 software MixControl, the exact configuration?

I'm reading the MixControl manual, but I don't quite get how I can configure it, when every change I do to a mix (Mix 3) is reflected back to the previous one (Mix 1).

I would appreciate very much if you could clarify.

Hey Perkin!

It was a little confusing to me as a novice to get my head around the logic behind it all at first, but this is how I solved it in the end. I attached some screenshots that should clarify most of it.

So if you setup Traktor like I have, then in mix 1 you want the levels for Daw 1 & Daw 2 up(the sound from media players etc are coming through there), aswell as Daw 7 & 8 since that's your Output master from Traktor.

For mix 3 you only want Daw 9 & 10 up for headphone monitoring.

To add/change the channels in Mixcontrol just click on the name of them and you'll get a drop down(Not totally obvious to me at first :)).

And also, don't forget to use your right headphone jack, since they apparently have different outputs.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Sprutt for taking your tome in responding so quick and clear!

I tried your configuration but it didn't work. Perhaps because in Traktor you override DAW 1 & 2 as Masters for 7 & 8.
I ended up taking angelie's Traktor config and your (very important) insight on headphone outputs. This is what I ended up with, and it works for me. Maybe you should try it, as there's no need to use DAWs 7 to 10 this way.

Output Monitor: L, R > Line 3, Line 4
Output Master: L, R > Mon 1, Mon 2

MIXCONTROL (routing portion):
DAW 1, DAW 2 > Monitor Output 1 & 2
DAW 3, DAW 4 > Headphone L & R

Glad that you got it working!

Yes, that setup works for me aswell and it does feel a little "cleaner". I have no clue which is the best but I'm going to go with that too, thanks for telling me.