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Thread Groundloop issue, I think.

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1 Groundloop issue, I think.
I just got a 2i4 today and everything works awesome except for a buzzing coming from my right studio monitor. It seems to be coming from the HDMI slot that I run my HDTV into. There's a buzz even when I unplug the power on the TV. When I disconnect the HDMI cable from the computer it goes away though. I had a Line 6 UX2 before this and had no issues so I'm baffled as to why a better interface would have such an issue. I'm running an Alienware 17 and KRK Rokits if that's any help.
Ground loops are often 50 hz / 60 hz noises. If you think it is coming from the hdmi i don't think it is a ground loop.
However what happens if you move your piece of hardware away from the hdmi region ? Is it still there ?

Best is to disconnect all cables , plug your 2i4 into an usb slot , connect your speakers .... do you have a hum ?
If not connect the cables one by one and keep checking for a hum ....

Then you have other options also : is the hum variable ? when running programs of different types ? It could be your processor or hard drive too
Take the steps above and keep us posted

- Angelie

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Good morning,

Anglelie has provided some excellent troubleshooting steps.
Please also ensure that you're using balanced cables between your 2i4 and speakers, these can be identified by two black bands around the plug of the jack connector.
Let us know how you get on.

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

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