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Thread VLA 2 Compressor & Saffire Pro 24 (Setup Help)

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1 VLA 2 Compressor & Saffire Pro 24 (Setup Help)
Okay this is all a bit confusing.

I just bought a VLA 2 Compressor & Saffire Pro 24 Interferface.
Complete noob when it comes to setting up the hardware and software.
I google & youtubed & tried multiple things but i can't seem to get this stuff running right.

Im using Logic Pro X & Saffires Mix Control.

What i want is to use my VLA to compress vocals while tracking.
So basically i want my vocals compressed before they are recorded into Logic.
I don't want to hear the compression while tracking however.
I mix while i record so its important i only get the logic master output and not the a compressed master sound in my headphones/Monitors

I specifically need help with Saffire mixcontrol because it is so confusing to me.

So basically
1. How do i route this compressor to my interface?
2. What wires will i need?
3. what setting do i change in mixcraft?
4. What setting do i change in Logic?

Thanks In Advance!

Pictures below may help:


Good afternoon,

It seems as though you're attempting to setup your compressor as an external effect, which we have written an answer base article about here:


If you are looking to record the compressed vocal using the above process, but monitor your vocal unaffected, then the best way would be to utilise output 5 from your Pro 24, where the article uses output 3 (routing it to DAW3 etc), then within Mix Control ensure that outputs 3-4 are still showing as Mix 1 (L) & Mix 1 (R). Then using the faders at the top, simply turn down the compressed signal coming back into the Saffire from the Compressor. Of course, you will need to record the input from your compressor in your DAW instead of the dry input from the Mic.
Alternatively, simply track your vocal dry, and then route the recorded signal out to your compressor, re-recording the return signal as described above. This is usually preferable because you do not waste a good vocal take on a slightly wrong setting on your compressor.

Hope this helps. If you need further help, perhaps you can contact us directly via Live Chat in order for us to help more directly:

Let me know how you get on.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

I think:

mic in channel strip 1 and route it directly to output 3.

Output 3 goes into the line in channel 1 of the compressor.
Output 1 of the compressor goes into channel 2 of the audio interface.

Your daw will be set to record channel 2.

By recording channel 2 you will actually record the mic channel with the compressor.
By recording channel 1 you will record the mic channel without compressor.

If you set your daw monitoring right you will hear the original vocal or you monitor the soft mixer latency free...

- Angelie

I will add an image of the soft mixer and the way how to connect the cables.

If you have questions just ask because there are more options....
You now have 2 options one by Simon and one by myself so go out there and try it out.

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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