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Thread Scarlett Solo Stops Working Randomly (z77 Chipset issue?)

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1 Scarlett Solo Stops Working Randomly (z77 Chipset issue?)
I've seen this issue, or at least something that sounds very, very similar, posted around here. The problem being that my preamp/mixer/audio interface stops working, presumably the USB disconnecting - only for me, I don't get a disconnect message or noise, my device never disappears from the playback/recording tabs, and it continues to be considered the primary means for those functions. But all of the media pauses where it is as if the USB device is no longer there until I change devices or otherwise. In order to get it to work, I can either reboot, or simply unplug and replug the USB, allowing windows to disconnect the device and reconnect the device and it's fine.

It happens randomly, but it also seems to be exacerbated when Windows itself "changes" for lack of a better word. Meaning anytime a UAC message pops up, or I'm installing new software, or even changing graphic settings in a video game, there's a good possibility that it will trigger the issue. But it's not limited to that.

I should also note, that I have a little more experience than most of the posters, with this issue. As I can say confidently it is a system issue, not an issue with the Scarlett Solo. Or at least not solely. I say that because the exact same thing was happening before I got the Focusrite product, when I was running my Audio Technica BPHS1 headset through a Behringer 302usb Mixer instead. That was the entire reason I ordered my brand new Solo. Maybe that will help.

I will also say that I heard a rumor that there were known audio issues with the z77 chipsets. Unfortunately I'm stuck with the z77, as I am not in a place where I can buy a new CPU that uses a 1150 socket vs. the 1155 that my current CPU utilizes. THe z77, as you probably know, is the best if not only remaining set out that you can pick up. I've been brainstorming ways I could potentially bypass the problem if it is a conflict with the z77 chipsets. I'm not sure, but could I potentially get a PCIe usb host adapter and have it bypass the chipset? Or would the system just utilize the new usb ports as if they are part of the motherboard?

Here's a LatencyMon report:
Spoiler - Click here to read more

I've tried a great deal of troubleshooting with this issue to no avail, here is where I will list my failed attempts and methods:

  • Reinstalled drivers, including installing the latest beta drivers.
  • Hooked up through an AC powered USB hub to avoid power supply issues.
  • Uninstalled every non-essential peripheral and hardware.
  • High-Performance Power settings currently active.
  • Reformatted entire machine.
  • Changed out the following hardware (with some extra components in another machine I have) including: GPU & RAM.
  • I also replaced the motherboard, but with an exact replica (with fewer miles on it) so the change is minimal, though it does nix the idea that perhaps this particular motherboard is showing its age, it could still be chipset related.
  • Obviously the change from a Behringer Mixer to this Focusrite interface without it fixing the issue is something right?
  • Additionally my BIOS are fully up to date.

My problem is I think it's a conflict with the z77 chipset and usb audio devices in general (uneducated guess) and I can't change chipsets, because I'm trapped with my i5 3470 CPU for the foreseeable future.

I'm worried I'm going to simply have to use a standard 3.5mm headset, sacraficing quality and essentially wasting hundreds of accumulated dollars.
Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear that you are having an issue with DPC Latency, but it can be a fairly common issue for Windows users.

Lets first run through all of the steps found in this guide: https://global.focusrite.com/answerbase/optimising-your-pc-for-audio-on-windows-7?id=1071

Once done, lets test connecting your Solo to ALL USB ports on your PC as some may perform better than others due to motherboard design. If you find that the issue persists, I see that the Latency Mon test references CPU throttling as a possible cause. You can disable this in your BIOS and is often times found under Power Management listed as Intel Speed Step or ISS.

If you are not experienced and do not feel totally comfortable with entering your computer's BIOS, I would recommend consulting with a PC tech to help.

It will also be beneficial to see screenshots of the Drivers tab, that way we can see all offending drivers and their execution times.

If you are still having issues, it may be best to start a support case with us here : https://global.focusrite.com/answerbase/contact-0

Please let us know how you get along!

David//Focusrite Technical Support