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Thread Please fix the 2i2.

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1 Please fix the 2i2.
I have contacted support several times, tried all the drivers and still recieve clicks and pops. All I keep getting is the same response. "please make sure your system is set to run the 2i2 and power management etc"

Nothing is working. All my drivers are up to date. Bios, Chipset, Etc. Sound devices are disabled and yet it still runs like crap. So much clicking and popping. There hasn't been a driver update in forever for the 2i2. I have tried 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 which both run quiet bad. Is there any new drivers in beta? because to me, mac is getting all the love here.

The last beta drivers were released in August of 2015. It's now january, there's no possible way that driver is running fine on windows 10 when we've had how many updates for it.

I like the product but the support for it, is really lackluster. Starting to think about just selling it if they can't resolve these issues. No what type amd or intel, there should be no problems with this interface. Especially spending almost $200 on this thing.

Also; Another gripe I have with it is the volume button for recording has to be turned up so loud. And i've read alot of people having the same issues online as me. Clicking, Popping, and volume button requires you to turn it up fairy decent. Which sucks because the preamp is really nice

Please release drivers!!!!!
Hi Robert,

Thanks for the feedback.
That you're still experiencing issues on Windows 10 is quite unusual, we have tested the 2.5.1 driver with many Windows 10 machines here, as well as with many customers, and it's proven to be stable and without consistent issues.

That said, the intrinsic issue with PCs is that each users machine can be quite different (the highest spec hardware on paper doesn't necessary mean the most compatible), as such, issues like you're having are often local to that specific machines interaction with the driver, and can usually be resolved through troubleshooting.

Obviously from this post, it's difficult to know what troubleshooting you have already been through with the support team, so whilst I'm certainly happy to troubleshoot further over this forum post, it may be quicker and easier for us if you reply to your latest email from us to continue troubleshooting with the support team.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support Team

[ Post last edited on 01/20/2016 at 09:39:05 ]

The drivers itself might be stable, but the clicks and pops are bad. No matter what optimization you do on windows it won't take away the clicks and pops. I have ran every test. There's no possible way these drivers are perfectly fine when windows 10 has hit how many updates since you guys last updated your driver. I've had graphic driver updates, network driver updates, chipset updates, and it still clicks and pops.

But it's okay, seeing as the reply was geared towards "we see nothing wrong so we're not working on a driver" I will just go ahead and sell the focusrite on ebay and get a different preamp. Look it up on google if you think i'm lying. Here's the proof right here.


Out of box, since day one I have not been able to eliminate clicking or popping. So, enjoy losing a customer :)

Hi Robert,

As mentioned previously, we have many machines here that run Windows 10 with no issues on driver 2.5.1 . We also have many many customers who have Windows 10 installed running driver 2.5.1 with no issues. We do continually develop and improve our drivers, you may wish to try one of the Beta drivers that we have on our beta websites if you haven't already:


However, as mentioned, if any of these work, it will be because of its interaction with your specific machine, the Windows 10 machines here and with many other customers runs the 2.5.1 driver without issue. This is of course not to say we don't want to help, quite the opposite, however this is to distinguish between a system setup/driver compatibility issue and a driver/operating system incompatibility.

Of course, searching for a very particular issue on Google will throw up some customers who have similar issues, hopefully most have come to us and had their issues resolved. However, simply replacing the brand that prefixes said issue also throws up the same kinds of results, be it Presonus, M-Audio etc, it's not an accurate way of assessing compatibility.
Again, this is most likely due to individual PC setups and builds as opposed to a driver or interface having an issue with Windows 10.

We of course do not want to lose you as a customer, however if we cannot continue to troubleshoot with you and your setup over email, then it is of course quite difficult to help you further. We would of course hope that you reply via email so that we can try to get to the bottom of the issue.

Please do come back to us within the email case you have with us if you want to continue to try and solve this issue with us.

Best regards
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support