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Thread Which focusrite interface for my needs?

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1 Which focusrite interface for my needs?
Hi everyone
I am a singer in a rockband and I am looking for a interface to practice and arrange stuff at home. I am interested in a focusrite but I am a bit confused with all the possibilities. So I would like to ask you which one would be good for my needs. Here is my setup and what I would like to do:

What I have:
* MacBookPro Retina i7 16 GB Ram late 2012
* Ableton 9.5 Standard
* Voicelive 2 (soon Voicelive 3 extreme) vocal effect processor from TC Helicon (so far acted as my interface via usb connection) Downside: The unit has only two outputs which mixes dry vocal mono with stereo effects and via usb only 16bit instead of 24 (24 via xlr is possible)
* Voicetone correct XT from TC Helicon (coming next week)
* regular usb midi keyboard with midi ports in and out (used very seldom so far)

Setup I am heading to:

* Mic going to voicetone for tone setup (Auto EQ, Gate, Deesser, Auto pitch correction) and anti feedback
* split xlr from voicetone (1 going to mic input voicelive for stereo effects and harmonies / 1 going to the Focusrite interface)
* 2 xlr or jacks going from voicelive output to Focusrite Interface (with the vocal effects)
* Playback from our Band (in addition a separate track with my dry vocal to be able to route them to the voiclive in order to try out effects with already recorded vocals)
* stereo main output for headphone (practicing at home without upsetting neighbourhood) and main output for stereo loudspeakers

What I am heading to overall:

So far I was not able to record 24bit. In addition it’s always a kind of a mess setting up ableton and the voicelive once for recording (then I can hear only mono), once for trying (also only mono) and once for playback (stere). So I want it all to be a little bit easier and I assume that could work much better with an interface.
So I would like to record and playback above mentioned situations and sometimes I need the midikeyboard for follow harmonies and vocoder possibilities from Ableton.
First I thought the 6oi6 would do it, then I discoverd the 18i20. But this might be way too much. Then I was thinking about the 2i4. What confuses me are the possibilities with the mixcontrol software, which is really a bit confusing to me.

So I thought I might give it a try and ask you guys to shed a light on this matter. Maybe someone of you has the knowledge and patience to help me out a little - also with how to setup everything, respectively if all this makes sense. In addition you might help me out with the setup in mixcontrol.

I know, this is kind of weird…but I’m far away from being a professional but finally want to understand what I am doing and what I can do. So I would be really thankfull to you, if you could help me out?

Salutes from Switzerland