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Thread Is there a way to re amp within the scarlett 18i20

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1 Is there a way to re amp within the scarlett 18i20
Hey there,

Im in a bit of a bind here. Im set to record my pals vocals tomorrow morning, and im need to find out if there is a way to re amp within the scarlet itself.

He normally sings through several effects pedals and manipulates on the fly, but i want to get a clean signal and a clean recording, and then i want to be able to put his live effects overtop. Basically what i was hoping i could do was re route audio out of say channel 3, go through the effects and back in.

Is this at all possible? I kinda figured it would be, but now that i am mucking with it, it seems like it may not be that easy. I have been able to get a weak signal, but you can barley hear the effects.

ANy input would be really really appreciated

hi there there are one way to reamp into the scarlet 18i20, you just need to route one analog out with the sing to reamp, in this video explain much clear, hope you like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcC5DytH7Fw
Yes you can record track 1 to track 1 of the daw. At the same time you can route track 1 to output 1 throw it into the effects and send it back to track 2 and record this in daw 2.

The main thing is that you need to set the output or send of track 1 to output 1 in the software mixer....

Or make make a mix of the 2 tracks and record this as one track.

So yeah what you want is possible.

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