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Peavey Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Peavey PVX 15

    Peavey PVX 15 - "best in this price range"


    The PVx 15 is hands down one of the best passive speakers that I have used in this price range. It is only 400 watts but if feels so much more powerful once you get the chance to hear it at work. It has a 15 inch speaker and only cost 250 dollars. T…

  • Peavey PVX 12

    Peavey PVX 12 - "clean"


    The Peavey PVx 12 is a 400 watt 12 inch passive speaker. It is well built but it does have a lot of weight to it. It weight nearly 40 pounds just for this one speaker which could make it not to portable depending on what your gig is. The peak power t…

  • Peavey PV 215

    Peavey PV 215 - "Pair of them"


    The Peavey PV215 is a heavy duty PA Speaker that is un-powered. The peak power in it is 1,400 watts and the frequency range is 40Hz to 21kHz. It is a slimmer but taller PA speaker that stands about 50” tall. It is very well built and it is a great ba…

  • Peavey SP 6

    Peavey SP 6 - "great thump"


    The Peavey SP 6’s thump so low I can blow a hole in the earth's crust. They put out a high that makes you think Minnie Ripperton is singing alive and live! As a mobile DJ, I'd substituted sound quality for mobility. Used to buy my speakers on 2nd ha…

  • Peavey Impulse 1015P
Translated user reviews
  • Peavey SP 3

    Peavey SP 3 - " 30 + years and still going strong!"


    A pair purchased in 1982 from Mettler Audio 1 HP 15 "+ tweeter 1 power in the 80 w rms (I think) in 8 ohm, with a good performance (I must have the doc. somewhere in my business) works great with my console from the same period (XR800 amplif…

  • Peavey SP 6

    Peavey SP 6 - " peavey sp 6"


    I used 4 deluis ans.J've tried the jbl mrx series and jrx.Rien n accotait sound heavy and accurate of these cases construite.Le heavy but the only problem fuses the crossover UNLEASH 1 or 2 times per anné m use it every 1 to 2 weeks fois.Je would…

  • Peavey Pro 15 MKII

    Peavey Pro 15 MKII - " great"


    hello to are great for pregnant-pair 400 € it provides good bass and good sound quality ideal for beginners I already made an evening for 50 people and I was far from being a bottom coupled with a t.amp e800 is great I was on the ibiza before t…

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - " well!"


    I used since 2 years, it is my 1eres speakers and they still work as well! The sound is good, relatively high (300 watts RMS for this generation) and very accurate midrange and treble. on the other hand they lack a little low, so when they are pus…

  • Peavey Pro 15

    Peavey Pro 15 - Thibaud GRIMONET's review


    I have a fleet of eight ProSub, 4 and 2 Pro15 Pro12. I'm so pro and provider of loc and hospitality. I have personally fired the comp of acute Pro15 to put the PSD2002 and put the Eminence KAPPA PRO 15 in ProSub. My system has seen many things …