Peavey PVX 12
Peavey PVX 12

PVX 12, Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet from Peavey in the PVX series.

JimboSpins 11/07/2012

Peavey PVX 12 : JimboSpins's user review

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The Peavey PVx 12 is a 400 watt 12 inch passive speaker. It is well built but it does have a lot of weight to it. It weight nearly 40 pounds just for this one speaker which could make it not to portable depending on what your gig is. The peak power that you can get with the PVx 12 is 800 watts. You can mount it on a pole or use it as a floor speaker. We always thought that it sounded better up at ear level so mounting it was best for us.
The sound of this speaker is great for the price; it is an very affordable way to get a great sound for your gigs. The sound is clean and crisp, not to mention that it will travel well in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The low end frequencies have nice warmth to them without being over bearing. I have used tons of different monitors/ speakers in my years being a DJ. If you cannot afford to invest in a higher end pair of monitors from Peavey then the PVx 12’s will suit you right. The only reason I even purchased this speaker a while ago was because of the sound, it has a great frequency response range and sounds great with no matter what music you play with it. We have even used it for a speech before and it still sounded amazing. I would make this same choice again if I had to, but since I had this monitor I have upgraded many times and no matter what speaker set that I get it still think about this monitor because of the sound quality. The value for the price is great, but if you can afford to spend a little more money then go ahead and look into the PV215 speaker system by Peavey.