Peavey PV 215
Peavey PV 215
stompboxjon 10/02/2012

Peavey PV 215 : stompboxjon's user review

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The Peavey PV215 is a heavy duty PA Speaker that is un-powered. The peak power in it is 1,400 watts and the frequency range is 40Hz to 21kHz. It is a slimmer but taller PA speaker that stands about 50” tall. It is very well built and it is a great bang for your dollars. If you use the Peavey PV215 I suggest using it with a powerful mixer in order to get the best sound out of it. For the price of 299, you won’t beat what you will get for it, you will order another one soon. We used a pair of these back in 2009-2010 and never had an issue with them, we even sold them for almost the same price that we paid for them brand new. They work great in a big outdoor space, as well as decent sized indoor clubs. Just make sure you position them right or a lot of your listeners could be missing out on some quality sound. When we used the Peavey PV215 we used it with a Behringer EP4000 amp and it made the pair of PV215’s sound amazing. We still own the amp just not the speakers.

I would make the same choice again if we needed something similar, we have upgraded to few different PA systems now that have more watts so we can get a bigger sound. The bad thing about the Peavey PV215 is that it really is hard to take them around with you unless you have a bigger vehicle that can fit the odd tall slim shape that they are. You would need to check all of the size specs before making the purchase to think about if its something your want to lug around with you from club and back. The sound of them is nothing to complain about, Peavey has always made some good PA systems, wish they sold these in pairs for a discount.