Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit

Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit

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The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit, Fuzz pedal from Das Musikding.

4 user reviews
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Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Das Musikding
  • Model: The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
  • Category: Fuzz pedals
  • Added in our database on: 12/27/2011

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Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit user reviews

Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 1 user review25 %
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silver311's review"1st time yeah - it's not too fuzz"

Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
Just having finished the first soldering project ever
I can say:

It was great fun!!!

The kit is a brilliant way to start.
The plan is crystal clear and easy to follow. I have to admit, I needed some help with getting the power DC right (the forum is quick and very helpful) and at first I forgot to plug in the transistors. ;)

The sound really takes you straight into the 60s/ 0s and it feels a lot like Jimi Hendrix.

juloni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not so simple"

Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit


no manual.


no idea, pedal failed


Here is my return on experience rather negative that will be used to offset the autresvavis.

First I must say that I know nothing has electronics, but by looking at several forums I have seen that it is quite possible to install a fuzz pedal itself

same. So I order on musikding Hardware kit + box + soldering iron + pdf for 55 euros.
First bad surprise by opening the package: NO Musikding provides document. There is a diagram and image download on the site, it makes little. In addition, some components included in my package were not included in the diagrams that I downloaded. So I do not know what to do. Short black spot on that side. If you are beginner you will feel loose in the wild.
So I documented as I can: faqs, tutorials on the weld, and I try soldering and desoldering circuits used for training. And finally, when I feel ready, I embarked on the implementation of the pedal.

I spend an afternoon, taking great care, and it was rather a good time.
But here, once completed the pedal just does not work. There is no error in the wiring, my welds are clean and do not drool. I would need a tool to check the status of the components, but I prefer to leave it at that cost.

DIY it's great when it works, I've just lost 55 euros. If you know nothing, and you do not feel like investing a lot of money to equip yourself well there is a good chance that you may be disappointed.

albou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Why pay more?"

Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
- It is a clone of the Fuzz Face Silicon assemble or yourself.
- No way to edit anything, if you want to change something, then it is better to open a book on electronics!
- Technology silicon transistors (its more modern than germanium, but still vintage!)
- One input, one output and a connection for an adapter.

For me it is good. This is a pedal to vintage settings, and this is probably what we want when we buy this model. If we wanted more, so we would have bought something else ;)


The settings are ultra simple: volume and gain (we welded, screwed, and is itself set as I recall!). However, the sensitivity is such that each adjustment knobs pedal via the gain from April to August! I still want to clarify that it was my first montage and my volume knob does not work normally, and I can not get a decent sound only when it is above 8 but the sound changes dramatically when it is between 8 and 10 turns, in the manner of a tone ... and a volume of course. So I do not touch it.

There is also a mini internal knob fixed to the printed circuit board which can be rotated with a screwdriver. This is the bias that could result in tilt ',' tendency '. Not very clear I grant you. In practice, it changes the "type fuzz" you get. More one leans to one side, the sound is tight, loaded in compression and short sustain. On the other side, the more plump and loaded bass / medium sound, sustain longer. It's very cool, but it does not change mid-set, and even less in the middle of a song, then it will connect the belly open and play in keeping the screwdriver handy to change and find its we love!


Here we go!

Whether mounted to perfection (like fuzz face made by Dallas Arbiter) or approximate (like mine), there is always two silicon transistors, and THE sound is there. It's burning, metal and uncontrollable! If you have a volume knob on the guitar performer, then you can even pass a clean a bit tinny, then an overdrive which seems to come from a defect in the speaker (like Buffalo Springfield for those who know) for finish on the timeless fuzz for half a century!
This is a very sensitive effect any change at all depending on the settings, the gear and the style of play I am super fan, and I do not get tired!
Unfortunately, the clear sound of the bypass (true bypass if there is) is not one of my Vox AC15. Surely another assembly problem, I'll have to adjust to the faster in a professional and everything will be perfect!


I enjoyed building pedal MA, and old style boutique tube amps of the 60's knobs gives a good cum!
The fuzz sound is great, but as said above, I will have it serviced ... I'm still very happy with what I finally managed to do it!
With experience, I would choose another clone: ​​yes, there is a twenty clones of the most famous saturations. I would probably choose the Tone Bender MK2 that has always fascinated me!
I recommend it to those who want to try the pedal assembly, it is easier to mount (with Face Germanium) and the sound is fabulous! To hell j'vous said!

mrbejim's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sound of the 7ties"

Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
Fuzz pedal, silicon transistors, in kit "clone" of a Fuzz F. second generation.
It is then necessary to mount kit is the same.
You can order the kit with limp pre-drilled and choose the buttons according to their tastes and decor. that done on the case. He has everything, you just have the basics of electronics (ie soldering and have a basic multimeter to make sure everything is ok).
Two hours to do the whole thing.
No pb. for me, even if I stopped for 30 years the elec lab., it does not get lost. So the first time ca market.

NOTE: There is a trim. pot. it is important to adjust for good sound. Not too bp. we put it in the middle you listening to right / left you move listening, etc.. We need to find the sweet spot.

After the case had the right to a home decor. There are lots of questions about that. must be a apret special aluminum paint (two coats with a lil roll), then Deco. acrylic paint brush in hand and then a layer of varnish brush compatible too. SI is allowed to dry between each operation no pb. Hope it Will help.


Two knobs (level of distortion - Volume output) not too hard to master.


Ravi sound very sensitive to guitar volume (and attack) and this is the purpose of this fuzz.
One can spend his dirty very saturated by turning the pot. Guitar 7 to 10. The end is more or less depending on the pot fat level of the distortion pedal.

So we have a lot of options depending on pickups (single or double) and guitar.
The pedal has a very distinctive and recognizable sound, which is why we bought it.

No buzz even pot. thoroughly and that's good.

Be careful or place in the chain. For the moment it is first on the pedalboard. I'll see what happens with a comp. or boost before, when I have made :)


I remembered a red Face bought early 70 years that ended there thirty in the trash when she fell down (yes). I did not like but I think I did not know to take advantage of (I always played guitar pots thoroughly).

This one I love, I use it all the time (floyd, hendrix). It's great to be able to change the volume level of distortion, just playing on the attack and the pot of the guitar.

For the classic rock or blues can but better the screamer or other types of distortion.

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  • Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
  • Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
  • Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit
  • Das Musikding The Face Silicon - Fuzz kit

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