Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Electro-Harmonix Double Muff

Double Muff, Fuzz pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

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All user reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 13 reviews )
 7 reviews54 %
 6 reviews46 %
Value For Money : Excellent

moosers's review

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
The Electro-Harmonix Double Muff is a distortion foot pedal designed for use with electric guitar but can be used with any electronic instrument.  The pedal has two different channels in it, so you're getting two muffs in one here.  However, this isn't the same Muff circuitry as the USA Big Muff, rather is from the original Muff from the late 60s.  The pedal has 1/4" connections for input and output and can be powered with a nine volt power supply.  It isn't rack mountable since it is a stomp box.


Most users will definitely not have a problem when it comes to the utilization of the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff.  The pedal is very simple, straight forward, and easy to understand.  It simply has two knobs marked muff one and muff two, and a switch to choose either having the single muff engaged or having both engaged.  Having both of them engaged just gives you a thicker distortion.  Beyond the two knobs and switch, there isn't anything else to work with here, which is kind of a bummer as I really enjoy having the tone and sustain parameters on the standard Big Muff pedals.  I've never seen the manual for this pedal, but one isn't necessary unless you're having technical problems or some sort of other issue.


The sound quality of the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff is overall quite good.  For me, it doesn't stand up to the USA Big Muff or any of the other Big Muff pedals simply because it lacks versatility.  However, having the two different channels is definitely cool as it at least allows you to have two varying tones with the flip of a switch.  The pedal certainly sounds like it is in the Muff family, but lacks the sustain available with the Big Muff.  Having said all of this, if you're looking for some simple thick distortion or fuzz, the Double Muff will definitely give you that.


I first used the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff about six months ago when I got interested in checking out all of the pedals in the Muff family to see what would work best for me.  While I ultimately decided on the standard Big Muff, the Double Muff definitely has some cool features to bring to the table.  Having the two channels is a big plus, but it does trade off with having less versatility in the end because it lacks the controls.  The price of the pedal is very reasonable, and I'd encourage anyone out there interested in a Muff pedal to check out the Double Muff as well as the other Big Muff pedals.

MGR/Curto's review"Electro-Harmonix Double Muff"

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
I bought this at L&M music in Chattanooga, TN. I paid about 55 dollars (American currency). I bought it because I already have a big muff and wanted to see if I could make my sound even fuzzier.

When you switch it from single to double mode, it sounds really cool. It's a bit crunchier sounding than a regular big muff. It's relatively easy to use (only two knobs and one switch to switch from single to double), as with all EHX fx, it's very sturdy, you could jump on it and it wouldn't be damaged. All in all it's a pretty good pedal.

Single mode kind of sucks. I guess it's supposed to just be like a big muff, but you can't adjust the sustain or tone, so it sounds kind of crappy. Switch it over to double mode and you have a cool pedal, though!

Oh gosh, like I said above, it's built great. One thing about EHX, the quality of their pedals are AWESOME. They are my favorite fx company :) . It's pretty much just a pretty stomp box, lol. You could take it on the road and stomp it every day for several years and I'm sure it would work just like new the whole time.

Well, when it comes to fuzz, you just can't beat EHX. The double muff isn't QUITE as cool as some of the stuff you can do with the good ol' big muff, but if you experiment around with it you can get some pretty cool stuff out of it. Actually, I like mixing it with my other distortions. I mixed it with my big muff, and a Sans Amp GT2 distortion pedal and got a really cool, Smashing Pumpkinsish sound out of them all.

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Gab66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Germiamnium!"

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Dual channel distortion germanium, such as in the era of TS9!
Enough said!
The mouth is nice, clear rglages the sound palette is gniale!


Config simple, no need for manual, you can work the first or second channel or both.
Rglage of bias that simulates the end of life lamps.
Rather simple in all


Its level, there is an incredible dynamic, of course it is not for the mtalleux (whatever).
Three channels under foot, ca lot help to have THE sound!
Uin channel can be used as boost, as a second crunch or overdrive or distortion etc etc ..... Gnial what!


Since I'm using it, I can not do without me ... Voil all is said!

rhum66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sound of HP charred!!! (Jack white)"

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
I traded this pedal against a germanium OD EHX I could not serve me and that did not suit what I wanted.
To be precise, I was looking for exactly sound very dirty, beat-type HP, so a coarse and raspy little compressed.
I'm not a hardcore player or music Upset (without any contempt ...), I play blues-rock slide in and sometimes I wanted to recapture the spirit of a blackface, a little, fuzzy open " break up "but of course at reasonable volume.
Achieved. setting: dual mode Muff (or cascade), the two gains 9hoo, that will appear this "little slip", the hardcore players.
So this small adjustment, my deluxe reverb literally hums as if HP was going to tear, it's big, beautiful, deliciously dirty and especially very playable, the slurry is still controllable fuzz chrod in power, in the sixth riff or lead.
This pedal so effective as a napalm bomb on a rice field, except that it transforms into an ultra clean blackface amp super dirty, that no effect of poorly controlled frequencies, it is very medium, like a wahwah back in the grave, or a nasal side.


I'm not a pro, just a big fan.
What I like about this pedal is that I find the sound of thousands of blues rock albums I've heard ... the recipe is simple; Fender amp tube and big muff, a classic that can be found at the last style set by jack white.
after she probably faults, no level control (dual mode lme muff is a master volume), but a muff mode, it's dead, it necessarily plays hard ...
no adjustment of tone, it must be done on the amp. Pedal highlights of big media and tend to crush the other frequencies (for info. anyway).


Therefore, the bulk of throwing up his jack is white, a kind of spray explosive never aggressive, dirty sound a napalm that can scuplter the volume knob, direct at the entrance of blacface.


I try the big muff, but I found the sound a bit "too much", especially not compressed too terrible to simulate the sound of HP tired.
while the double muff is less fuzz, less compressed hence the coarser, more airy and natural.
Success in the domains grimey blues sounds.

raffaello's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Everything has been said. It's a muff but certainly less aggressive than the big muff. It has 2 modes, allowing to switch from overdrive to fuzz and everything in between.


Config simple once you get the idea. In single mode, only the knob muff 1 operates to adjust the intensity of overdrive quite punchy. In dual mode, a muff still controls the output level and level 2 the muff of the second circuit fuzz


And that's the whole point of this pedal, single mode was a big dirty overdrive. In doubles, the two circuits are cascaded and adjusted the intensity of each muff independently. This makes finding the desired level of saturation. This pedal is therefore of great overdrive fuzz good hard rock. It therefore covers a wide range and styles. It is versatile, especially his love fuzz less extreme than the big muff. I found my sound ideal dual mode muff1 muff2 to 12pm and 3am.


Only fault is cleared and the screen minijack own food to EHX. But if it is true bypass and large solid case, but mostly it has a good sound!

sam_zeterro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Overdrive Pedal Fuzz enormously kind. Analog pedal combining the two circuits being SERIES muff overdrive or not thanks to a switch.

Normal connections: one between an output. We still regret the non-standard power .. Personal that does not impede me I use 9V batteries.

It is True Bypass.


Configuration is easy too! 2 knobs, one for each circuit, a switch to switch Muff2 (both circuits SERIES) and has a big switch amricaine makes a good big "click". No EQ, everything is done on the amp, I think it's neither positive nor ngatif is its particularity and is done with.

The rglages are at the door of an infant, it turns portard and it cost whatever it gives ...

Contrary to the opinion dj donns in Muff2, the knob is Muff1 master volume.

ATTENTION TO ADD A LOT OF VOLUME pedals! (The increase is contrlable via the knob Muff1 Double mode). Beware also the pedals to support any other pedals before it, then put in a first in the chain, especially not in the loop, failing to have his mtallique well rotted, it's asser boring (I have a compressor that I am forced to cum after ...) but it is

EDIT: I have now for 6 months, so review;)


I bought the pedals to play the great big rock to punk / rock and punk to finish on. No dcu! Mission accomplished 100%. The sound is "dirty" (a dirty working as like a friend).

Muff1 mode was a nice overdrive but not to my taste asser pronounced it asser weakling. There's Fuzz when you push the pots in addition to 3 / 4. Utimisation After 6 months, I would say that this method "heats up" sound, like the lamp, and gives a lot of fat, not always exploitable .

When we pass Muff2 mode, then it's up! It's a fuzz death, the fourth of passs knob.

Whatever the mode, and despite the simplicity of the pedals, there are multitudes of possible sounds. Playing on the guitar volume knob gives fast diffrent sound is the one that perceives qualisation no shortage on the pedals, it would be pointless I think.

Beware though, this is not used pedals with large microphones typs Metal, it becomes inaudible. On Start and Tele pickups type it goes perfect.

With a guitar though blind I have no breath, no buzz (except when I go up in volume, normal)! I have even less than when the pedals are not active ... I dblind changing my guitar pickups (too lazy to reblinder), a high volume c ' is really boring, with a battery-power supply industry as a base ca buzz, but it's rock'n'roll;)


I use it for about 1 month (6 months now). That's exactly what I expected of her, with a small bonus. I did try the Big Muff before buying, but the Double that charm me! The value for money is exellent! For an average of 60 was a PDAL is a small size as a big rock blues well dirty! Exprience I would do with that choice, 100 times, 1000 times, this is a pearl pedals!

thierry5351's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Analog, cheap, rustic but effective. 2 points less for the power supply. non-standard.
(The same as in little Jack Procosound) Casing a bit cheap, tle just fine, hand paint easily. Set is lightweight by weight, may be a quality when you share a pdalboard with 10 other pedals as it is mine.


Trs simple. Manuel enough.


The sound is full and generous, he controlled himself well trs. It fuzz trs well, even if a missing some teeth, gender plutt is drooling a little, but I like to also. Fuzz background, has a similar background RAT2. But we can find Clapton or Hendrix as the stuff we use and rglage. It leaves many of the trs mle with another guitarist and a keyboard. Only default: 1 / if the volume of the guitar is not complete substance is lost all at once too much fuzz and distortion, I test on my two guitars (one T Lite ash and the Blade in California Di Marzio). 2 / do not put anything before (except a wahwah) if its weird, breath, etc. .... Could not put it in a loop Boss LS2 why must I put forward. if I had a lot of distortion, and it is not perfect but trs sounds good, quiet, excellent quality price. I play on a Roland cube 60 and a Fender Vibrolux, trs well in the two cases. If you put a derrire OD or other distortion, we obtain a sound type trs dirty perc HP which can be trs INTERESTED too.


Used for 2 years. I can not get enough. Quality-price ratio excellent. If I am the fly I hit the guy. If I break a Rasht. Congratulations EHX.

skual94's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
See a little lower.


Super easy to use. Absolutely no need to get out the manual.


Then it's really happy. I bought this pedal for Hendrix and his much more than that filled his office. often limited to dirty fuzz, this pedal offers yet more particularly it meets the great possibilities of the guitar used. basically variations depending on the volume and choice of microphones me completely bluff. I love it. I often used for doubles: 2 muff to muff a gain and volume for the master (or vice versa, which offers different sounds! excellent!) and I arrive and juggling with the volume and microphone a cover tones ranging from light, crunch, distortion and heavy distortion. Royal and super simple. mate my fender and a vox she balance a pack of breath, I'll have to find the solution to this problem.


3 days of use, and for once the urge to share this experience. exactly what I expected and actually more. all my distortion is the only Arelle surprise me with its versatility, but even when small problem, I utlise exclusively with my strata with which it combines perfectly. by ESP against a team with emg or IBANEZ dp 100 super distortion is horrible: not recommended for us or the hard metal. for 49 euros is a new case if I loose I go back pronto.

Guilll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
So it's a pedals overdrive / fuzz that includes in one of two identical circuits Casing muff overdrive (circuit appeared in 1969 on one of the Electro-Harmonix pedals Premire, not much clbre do with the Big Muff). We can choose to enable only the first circuit to an overdriven sound, or two cascaded to a saturation mchante more.

That's a sr analog pedals. It is in a Casing Submitted by mtal style aluminum rather nice but the paint is trs fragile dj of mine had pets in a few days of use super quiet! Good will is "vintage" faster ...

The connection is very simple (like the rest of the pedals): one between an output. BMOL small: between the power supply is not standard! Appointment under tricks to circumvent the problem ...

It is true bypass, so no noise when it is dyed, and no coloration of sound.


* The configuration is very simple gnrale. May even be sometimes too. A good big switch on / off activated at the foot, a knob volume / gain for each circuit, a button to switch from one mode to another (single or double) ... and that's it. No Tone or what corrections are made on the amp or the guitar. It is for one of the big weaknesses of the machine: its simplicity is rjouissante, but do not always make it very practical, especially since it adds a lot of volume to the sound base. On the other hand, difficult to switch from one mode to the other foot, which is really not practical scne ...

* The edition of the sounds is very simple: the only single-mode knob is active CONTRL gain, volume and go to the amp. Dual mode using a knob for gain and the other serves as a master volume. Note that the sound changes depending on the volume knob used as ...

* The manual is ultra succinct and English but of all fawns serves nothing.


The sounds are superb obtained ... if you know what to expect. This gives the pedals CRADA. It is for a. No saturation surgical type mtal with Double Muff! It pedals for a Blues / Rock.

Personally I use it with half a body type ES335 with humbuckers (but quite difficult to saturate) and a Squier Tele Custom II with P90, a Vox Valvetronix.

In simple mode, there was an overdrive more or less pronounced depending on the position of the knob: rgl down, Global Warming pedals simply the sound of the amp and to add dynamics, and background was a true overdrive, always dynamic trs. The sound is super ractif the attack of the strings and the position of the volume knob on the guitar, allowing a game full of nuances. And even when the saturation occurs only slightly, it remains dirty, like an amp pushed too hard, even with holes in the speakers: a real rgal!

In dual mode, you enter the field of fuzz! The sound is much more saturated fat and even more dirty, but always sensitive to the nuances trs. Ideal for 70's Rock. Attention by this method can not bear against the game draft: if you start touching accidentally empty string, has quickly become the slurry noise ... In addition it adds a lot of treble, it may be correct ncessaire the amp, especially with single microphones. Another problem: with loud microphones (like my Squier P90), the sound tends to become somewhat ingrable if you put any background. It's still usable, but it must be reasonable, if not mean anything. APRs if you make things noisy, may be perfect!

On a sound saturated by dj cons I have more doubts: the dirty ct tends to be a bit difficult grate. It is better to use it on a clear or barely crunchy, especially since a lot of gain Yadji ...

Dernire precision: Fidler his bad characters is a pedals that can not stand to be prcde by another in a string effect : it must be in place first, otherwise it shows in his dsaccord gnrant a monumental blow.


I use the pedals for a few months. Finally I found him a perfect sound: it's my amp Global Warming hybrid modulation / lamps and sensitivity and dynamics are superb. Each of its modes alone justifies its purchase ... As against it is made to sound dirty, no need to buy it if it's not what you are looking for.

The radius of the bad points, it is not at all a practice pedals: it gnre an increase in volume which can be standard when it is switched on, refuses to be up elsewhere than the first in the chain of effects, and there will be a hard switch from one mode to another without using his hands. As much as may be inconvnients fatal for use on scne. But in return the sound is superb. To purchase knowing that ...

Clebardman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Notice of bassist
Analog pedals, at the same time we achte not to play on the EHX numrique otherwise it would not be my brand of references: p
Operates on 9 volts, you need a adapter spcial but not death to find, and then at worst it eats too much battery
Entrance, exit, two knobs and a button: the simplicity sometimes it pays, as we shall see later
Boiti solid, imposing (always EHX), however, the jacks on the good taste to be on the rear face so you'll be able to paste your collection of pedals EHX (test for the Big Muff Pi I know that I need one: p)
The paint is good bar quickly but I have a pure horror of nine stuff was good but con I never said that I not be silent
Two muff fuzz circuits
True bypass


It is the pedals that takes all its interest: roughly one fuzz or you enable or turn ou both. contrary to what I have read elsewhere, the first knob is NOT a gain knob but a knob of Volmer, so do not flip, there are ways to avoid swings in volume.
The deuxime potrd, the best is that of gain, which is only activated qd you tried dual mode. Basically you have a broad spectrum of possibilities but it will always be a FUZZ: no overdrive pedals on the shabby.
This simplicity of use has an advantage: it is the ultimate pedals to play the psychdlique as a vector Jam rock jazz drummer who thinks he Bonham (It smells VCU nn ?). It's easy, since I look at my pedals with more interest than I look at the girls, and my age is serious.
APRS is capricious as good pedals, you will have the breath and it's going to cut you a lot of serious, but there is always the rcperer gambling agreements
it's going to be 4 months ^ ^


Analog Fuzz, you'll eat Treble of breath, a warm and dirty. Ideal for noise, psych. Do not bother trying to play the mtal, others have tried before you, someone Arussi
basically you have the most powerful of the world on your bass: volume gain, its bold, dynamic standard (even with the gain 3 hours, depending on the attack you can get a clear sound.
She remains on the tps tt, single, ca Global Warming sound, ca drool, spit ca, your amp has just the gypsy ttre without filter / J & B, do the same and you will understand ^ ^
We have yet to find better way to spend the sound, and versatility in place ahead of the big muff pi, which it has a knob of his tonal avantagemais's another story.
With other analog pedals (The worm of the same manufacturer) the sound is amazing. Avoid the cons by numrique, you will lose heat and sound of all the fawns numrique may resent the grain, it will get sloppy and boring, and you will coper large feedback. Note that q PDAL larsne trs well on its own without it is aggressive, and with a modulation derrire you can get the noise without stain.


Meileure the fuzz in the world? I expect a further test of the Big Muff Pi for our answer, and if I got my arparer bassball russian ca would be even better but hey I APRS can also try to make me endorser for EHX: p ca but I expect my three years of college to see if we can still do things the original music without finishing mconnu poor.
Besides that I invest in will have a noise gate at EHX becaufe the breath is a bit of trademark: D
With EHX say no to this shit numrique> <(I have a big rncoeur with numrique since my pedals Premire dropped a great big screeching feedback to my first concert 2 years ago Xo fucking me ** e)!
bn is the short fuzz, eat it.

Edit a quick rponse abdotrainer: a disto hot and dirty, and noisy, it's not a fuzz: p?